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The dedicated container (VPS) is isolated hosting environment with dedicated and guaranteed server resources, this hosting solution is great for webmasters who need full control over their web server, here is a list of dedicated containers benefits:
Flexibility: With (optional) root access, you have full control of every aspect of your Web hosting environment. You can fully  configure every service and application, such as MySQL caching, allowed PHP functions, shell access, Perl modules, firewall settings and much more.
Scalability: You can instantly scale up or down your Dedicated Container with more (or less) resources, including CPU, RAM, and disk space. Save money and only pay for what you need!
Guaranteed Resources: Unlike shared hosting, where many Web sites compete for the same server resources, Dedicated Container Hosting guarantees your site the resources it needs to perform. With Dedicated Container Hosting, your Web site has access to dedicated RAM, CPU, and even hard disk I/O usage.
Powerful: Each Dedicated Container provides more robust performance and scalability than even low-cost dedicated servers.
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