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Disk Usage Reached Quota Added On: January 27th, 2018
Posted By: Azlina Website: Mizna Online Shop IP:

Thanks technical team for always give a fast prompt when needed.

Superb company Added On: December 29th, 2017
Posted By: Andrey Website: IP:

I was pleased and surprised with the level of support provided by this company. Unlike other domain registers, they were very quick, detailed and very productive. Their sales guy Ashikin has helped me a lot to get my domain up and running. This type of service never happens with other domain registers.

Helpful Assistance Added On: December 29th, 2017
Posted By: Ken Website: Exhibition Site IP:

Helpful assistance and knowledgeable staff. They provide great services and we will surely award them all of our hosting related job.

Domain Transfer Added On: November 22nd, 2017
Posted By: Mohd Arizan Hashim Website: Saje-Saje Online Store IP:

Fast and informative reply on domain transfer and fee. Thank you for the assistant. Keep it up!

Thank you to En Shakir Isa Added On: November 11th, 2017
Posted By: Helen Website: AmanCeria IP:

I would like to thank En M Shakir Isa for going the extra mile to help me solve my problem with regards to verifying my website. Now I have more confidence with the company knowing that what you promise '100% customer satisfaction' is true to your promise. Thanks to all the staff and the management for your good service given to your customers Gratefully, Mrs. Law

Technical assistance Added On: October 9th, 2017
Posted By: Elly Suliana Website: How To Open Your Restaurant in 8 Weeks IP:

I had been happily using Internet Webhosting since 2012. It was always stable without any downtime. Whenever I needed help, the response was always fast, efficient and friendly. Most of my problems were solved within 24 hours. Great service..!! Highly recommended.

Best service ever Added On: September 30th, 2017
Posted By: Mohd Arizan Hashim Website: Saje-Saje Online Store IP:

I have been a customer since 23-05-2009 with a few domain. With minimal knowledge in computer and MCE/SPM education, I manage to build a few website with the help of the technical team. No matter working hours or not. No matter working or not, the technical personnel always by my side when I hit a blunder (stupid of me trying to be smart). Thanks to everyone in Internet-Webhosting.

Masalah Teknikal Added On: September 29th, 2017
Posted By: Sulaiman Website: Kelas Design IP:

Saya ada masalah yang melibatkan teknikal website, yang saya cuba berkali2 tapi takboleh selesai. Lepas saya email ke admin internet webhosting, staff mereka dapat selesaikan dengan sangat cepat! Amazing. Kipidap. His name is Hanafiah

domain renewal issue Added On: September 21st, 2017
Posted By: alianadia Website: questra IP:

Thanks for a prompt service. Issue resolved and website is up and running within 3 hours.

Hosting Terbaik Added On: September 10th, 2017
Posted By: Hakim Mahmud Website: Hakim Mahmud IP:

Very fast response! Highly recommended.

testimonial Added On: August 22nd, 2017
Posted By: Radzi Website: orga mountainworks IP:

Sy open ticket pd pkl 4:46 pagi. Support team dr internet-webhosting selesaikan prob sy dlm masa 17 min. Sy pernah langgan server2 di luarnegara sblm ni tp tak pernah dpt support sebegini pantas. Lebih2 lg pd waktu yg ramai sedang tidur. Tahniah !

Fast Customer Service Added On: August 16th, 2017
Posted By: William Martyn Website: Gambiremas IP:

I am really pleased on the customer service experience. They are really helpful and really makes my problem solved in a minute.

Testimonial Added On: August 10th, 2017
Posted By: Chim Website: School Management System IP:

I would like to specially express appreciation to Mr.Muhd Amin, Mohd Rizal, Muhd Amin,& Hafiz H who have tried their best to help me install one script into cpanel. The promise of 100% customer satisfaction had always been fulfilled.

Very fast response! Problem solved. Added On: June 6th, 2017
Posted By: Saif Khalid Website: UmmuKhadijah - Parenting Site IP:

Very fast response! Highly recommended.

Hosting pilihan Added On: March 13th, 2017
Posted By: Hafiz Website: Agen bisnes topup IP:

Saya pernah menggunakan Memang terbaik dan antara hosting yang terlaju. Cuma harga mahal sedikit bagi saya memandangkan bisnes saya kecil sahaja.

12 tahun bersama SKSA dan terus padu! Added On: March 8th, 2017
Posted By: Haji Karim Daud Ibnu Badi Website: ASEAN Football Federation IP:

12 tahun secara rasmi saya menggunakan pelbagai servis dari SKSA. Tiada kompeni perkhidmatan lain yang mampu menandingi SKSA. Bantuan sokongan semaksimum terbaik diberikan. Bantuan sokongan SKSA tidak hanya selaku "penjual". Malah tiada kompeni lain, lebih spesifik tiada kompeni bumiputera lain yang mampu untuk memberi sokongan bantuan sama ada melalui email mahupun telefon di malam hari raya. TERBAIK! Semoga Allah memurahkan rezeki semua warga SKSA. Amin..

Amazing Support! Added On: February 14th, 2017
Posted By: Cyrus Website: 7daysincomebook IP:

Amazing 24 Hours Support where I can reach out any time. Professional problem solving and explanation to client. Love Your Service!

Good service from Internet-Webhosting Added On: January 12th, 2017
Posted By: Ang G.K. Website: Online Media Player IP:

I would like to recommend this web hosting company to those who need hosting services. They provide fast and reliable server. Their technical team also respond to your request very fast. I have been with them for 2 years, so far the breakdown raid can say very minimal, 99% of the time the server was up and running I can say. Thanks Internet-Webhosting company for their reliable and fast respond service. Regards. Ang G.K. Admin for, and

Great Service Added On: December 28th, 2016
Posted By: Thomas Schwarz Website: JOIOM IP:

internet-webhosting does a great job for me and not only help to transfer my domain, also they have quick answers when it comes to hosting problems.

GOOD SERVICE Added On: November 29th, 2016
Posted By: Ben Website: Ben IP:

Thank you to Nazarina for assist me today, glad to deal with her =), whatsapp ade?

Prompt Service Added On: November 24th, 2016
Posted By: Azlina Website: Mizna Online Shop IP:

Thanks for the prompt support service & such a helpful & informative support team had given.. Always gave the very best service for every hosting problem that i had for this 4 years ;) Keep up the good service ;)

Send mail problem Added On: November 13th, 2016
Posted By: CES Website: Smart Child Dotmy IP:

The support teams member are really good in their knowledge, provide promptly and helpful information for the problem facing on hosting, script writing.

Awesome Service & Support Added On: October 21st, 2016
Posted By: Sham Website: DGEEK SOLUTION IP:

This is the hosting service provider that I satisfied the most at this moment. They really try to solve your problem no matter what size your company is and which plan you have subscribed to. Fast response and helpful assistant! Thanks!

Awesome support Added On: October 15th, 2016
Posted By: Daren Ong Website: Regional Synergy Logistic IP:

Never ending fantastic on the spot support from team at since I first started using their service from 2009. Amazes me everything I have a problem with my little knowledge of websites and hostings. Keep on the great works guys by being the true pioneer of Malaysia hosting provider and internet solutions. 5 Stars standard !!! 2 thumbs up !!! M Hanafiah Technical Support Executive Hafiz.H Senior Technical Support Mohd Rizal Technical Support Executive M.Nadzri Junior Technical Support Please keep up the "high" standard. Cheers Daren

Excellent support Added On: October 14th, 2016
Posted By: Siti Nurbaya binti Shahri Website: Klinik Bistari IP:

Internet Webhosting response quickly to my website problems and always provide solutions for them. Good job!

Great Support Staff! Added On: October 14th, 2016
Posted By: Clarentino Website: Gambir Emas Gel IP:

I've been with SKSA since 2010 and all I can say is, their customer service is top notch. They are so much better than most Malaysian and US based web hosting providers. Keep up the good work guys!

Support Memang Super!! Added On: October 7th, 2016
Posted By: Mohd Hairul Nizal bin Joa Website: CSST IP:

Sejak menjadi pelanggan Internet-Webhosting sejak 2004, saya amat berpuas hati dan berbangga dgn prestasi dan khidmat support yg sy terima dari sykt ini. Mereka sgt responsive! dan cepat bertindak! Walaupon sy mengalami masalah pd pkl 3-4 pagi, mereka masih membantu menyelesaikan masalah sy dgn penuh komited dan jayanya. Sy mendoakan agar Internet-Webhosting terus maju dan membina nama dipersada IT suatu hari nanti.Aminn...

Domain Added On: September 29th, 2016
Posted By: Lim Peck Suan Website: Lingo Edu IP:

Fastest email reply ever seen.Very good.

Thank you with utmost appreciation Added On: September 25th, 2016
Posted By: Helen Law Website: Aman Ceria IP:

I have high praises for the staff who have been very patience in guiding me how to work on my website. I had very bad experience with the former website provider. So I am very happy to find a good reliable company like yours. Thank everyone for guiding me Aman Ceria Principal

Excellent Knowledge in Windows and LINUX Added On: September 23rd, 2016
Posted By: Jamain Johari Website: ARAKEN IP:

Internet Webhosting staff have an excellent knowledge in windows and Linux related to web server and database.

Best Service Added On: September 20th, 2016
Posted By: nazri mohamed noh Website: pengeluar & pembekal baju muslimah IP:

Most Trusted and Best Web Hosting Service Providers Recomended

Berpuas hati Added On: September 20th, 2016
Posted By: shuhazmir selamat Website: Download free brands vector logo IP:

Jika ada masalah web, pihak teknikal akan membantu dengan pantas. Sudah 10 tahun bersama syarikat ini..teruskan memberi perkhidmatan berkualiti

Perkhidmatan yang Efisien Added On: December 4th, 2015
Posted By: MOKTAR Website: PBMITT IP:

Kami ingin merakamkan jutaan terima kasih kepada pihak tuan atas kecekapan menangani masalah teknikal yang dihadapi. Kami menghargai segala tindakan pihak tuan yang sangat efisien dan pantas dalam memberi perkhidmatan terbaik kepada pihak pelanggan.

Very well hosting company Added On: November 19th, 2015
Posted By: NG Website: Gardensville Forum IP:

I have been using this company hosting service since 2012 and very impress about their customer service, superb. Thanks.

Installation help Added On: April 16th, 2015
Posted By: Dr.Mohan Website: Ebooks Online. IP:

I installed a script and had problem with it. En.Rizal and the technical team helped me out of this difficult situation with dedication untill it was resolved. I would like like to thank them very much. I have 3 other domains and website with Throughout the years have helped me greatly. I would reccomend them very strongly. Thank you team, warm Regards, Dr.Mohan

terbaik Added On: April 3rd, 2015
Posted By: zulhifdzi Website: zulfa johor car rental IP:

Team SKSA memang terbaik!! mereka cepat, mesra dan boleh selesaikan masalah dan juga mengajar saya bagaimana untuk mengesan problem dalam website sekarang sy boleh tengok sendiri kalau ada spammer masuk dlam web saya. tq zul

terbaik!! penyelesaian yang pantas Added On: April 2nd, 2015
Posted By: mohd zul hifdzi Website: zulfa johor bahru car rental IP:

Terbaik dari team SKSA.
sy selalu menghadapi masalah dengan web. mereka menyelesaikan masalah dengan pantas dan juga sanggup mengajar sy mcm mana untuk mengelakkan dan mengenalpasti masalah tersebut..

semoga maju jaya utk team SKSA..
zulfa johor car rental

Congratulation! Added On: March 31st, 2015
Posted By: Muhammad Ashraf bin Misra Website: Asrar Art Studio IP:

Thanks for giving a good and nice customer services to me. I am very glad and would like to congratulate you for having such a good service. I'll promote you to my friends.

Email changed Added On: February 28th, 2015
Posted By: Andrew Law Website: Not yet published IP:

The customer service is quick and prompt. The technician is knowledgeable and attentive. Thanks for 5 stars customer service!

5 star Added On: February 19th, 2015
Posted By: hakim Website: . IP:

Dear malaysian, if you want to optimize your website and make your business to the next level, you can count on this company...they serve you not better, but the best. Honestly, most of my technical problems can be solved immediately by their great support.

Great !!! Added On: February 5th, 2015
Posted By: Joe Website: MyTed2u IP:

Thanks ... for your exellent service and support, we have relied on your company since 5 years ago. keep it  up the good job !

Hosting Dan Support Yang Terbaik! Added On: January 15th, 2015
Posted By: Muhammad Fuaad Website: IP:

Saya langgan perkhidmatan diorang ni sejak 2008 hingga kini.. memang terbaik di pasaran! sever yang terkini dan tiada masalah nak guna apa jenis script pun boleh. Dan support mereka memang no 1. Sangat mesra dan cepat selesaikan masalah anda!

Best Regards,

The Best Service Added On: January 9th, 2015
Posted By: mySepadu Sdn. Bhd. Website: IP:

Thank you for your fastest service to solve our problem. We satisfied your helpdesk system and team members.

Service yang tiptop Added On: January 8th, 2015
Posted By: Areej Website: areej IP:

Thanks to M. Hanafiah! Excellent service

Great Service! Added On: January 3rd, 2015
Posted By: Aaron Nah Website: Chang Xin Enterprise Sdn Bhd IP:

Internet Webhosting provide the excellent service! I had been in business with them for more than a year with my 3 companies now. They always provide the excellent service, prompt and professional response that resolve my issues immediately. I am kind of surprise of the excellent service they provided. They provide the service beyond my expectation! Not only that, their price is very competitive, too. I would recommend any of my friends, customers or suppliers to use their service with no doubt.

the best support team Added On: January 2nd, 2015
Posted By: mohd zul hifdzi Website: laman motivasi dan teambuilding IP:

internet-webhosting has the great support team. good work!! Reccomended to others!!

Hosting Suppor Added On: January 2nd, 2015
Posted By: Aida Website: IP:

Hi, been using your hosting for 3-4 years. Response are superbly fast. Despite few hick ups (last year had trouble accessing webmail - confusion over methods to resolve it - frustrated replies - harsh comments from me), overall your services are still GREAT. Keep up the good work ;-)

Unable to open website Added On: January 2nd, 2015
Posted By: Elan Website: AB IP:

i would like to thank your team on the fast response. Keep continuing your support to the customer.

Well done Added On: December 20th, 2014
Posted By: Suhazeli Website: Hidup Bermanfaat IP:

Well done

the best malaysia web hosting I have encountered Added On: December 9th, 2014
Posted By: iwan Website: my2information IP:

I been using their service for many years with.. never bother to use others because I am very satisfied not only its hosting which reliable and fast but their service I can say excellent. Whenever I emailing them, they just answer and resolve my problem with very fast response. The important thing the they have favourite cms.

testimonial Added On: December 9th, 2014
Posted By: zamer Website: eh eh bazaar IP:

internet webhosting service is good! 5 star!!

Sangat cepat dan mesra Added On: November 27th, 2014
Posted By: Fatimah Website: Tadika Teguh Intelek IP:

Support sangat bagus dan cepat. Staff SKSA sangat mesra! Tahniah!

Good support and stable hosting Added On: November 27th, 2014
Posted By: Mohd Solahuddin Abdullah Website: MATTA Portal IP:

Recommended for their GOOD and STABLE Hosting... Thumbs up for Excellent and FAST Technical Support... Keep it up!

[#YXP-411-49803]: Website problem Added On: November 26th, 2014
Posted By: HAAFIZAH Website: IP:

thanks for the help. I really appreciate it. The technical team is helpful. keep it up


wordpress problem solved Added On: November 21st, 2014
Posted By: Elly Suliana Website: How To Open Your Restaurant in Malaysia IP:

I am pleasantly surprised on how helpful the staff at internet-webhosting is trying to solve my problem. I had problems updating my website and blog for months. I tried searching some solutions on google and wordpress forums but to no avail. I just tried my luck in getting help from the webhosting, just in case they can help me. I am not sure whether the problem is with my wordpress limited knowledge or with the webhosting but it was solved..!! The response time has been fast. Thank you Ammar for all your help, you've been great..!

SKSA team rock! Added On: November 13th, 2014
Posted By: Mohamad Izwan Website: FLAVA PICTURES IP:

This is not the first time i'm using service from SKSA. Previously i have 5-6 website under SKSA. The reason i'm still with SKSA is because of the support service. Super fast reply in 24/7. Eventhough you send an email to technical support at 0100 AM they will work on it. Recommended hosting provider in Malaysia. Good Job!

DNS Server Misconfigured Added On: November 7th, 2014
Posted By: Zamri Yusoff Website: Zamri YUsoff IP:

Somehow the DNS Server that hosted my client website became un accessible. Luckily the support team were easy to contact and communicate. The problem has been resolved in short time. The support team was great. The actions were fast. Please keep up the good work.

Good Service Added On: October 22nd, 2014
Posted By: Zaril Website: ZNZ Renovation Service IP:

For me, very good service. Thank a lot for your help.

Great Support Added On: October 8th, 2014
Posted By: MHusaini Ibrahim Website: Intis Consultant IP:

SKSA have very great support team. They are always helpful whenever I asked them any technical problem. I have been hosted with them about 5 years. thanks!

5 Stars Added On: October 8th, 2014
Posted By: FH Global Website: FH Global IP:

Support services are very good, fast and efficient!

Very Helpful Technical Support Added On: October 3rd, 2014
Posted By: Jocelyn Bfei Website: One Stop Online Shop IP:

Thanks internet webhosting technical support, Mr Ammar S. and others. Finally my website problem solve. Appreciate very much.

service Added On: September 28th, 2014
Posted By: shanmuganandan Website: Website Ipoh IP:

Very fast and reliable response from customer service. Keep up the good job.

Efficient & helpful staff Added On: September 24th, 2014
Posted By: Travis Website: Email Marketing Malaysia IP:

Have been using your service for quite some years, sign up a dedicated server & few hosting plan from you... Never disappointed with your service, great work!

Great helping hands ! Added On: September 17th, 2014
Posted By: Edwin Sng Website: Lek Sun Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd. IP:

Mr Zali been very helpful in resolving our matter. Pro, fast and accurate. Many many many thanks, Mr Zali. Cheers !!

technical support Added On: September 14th, 2014
Posted By: razi Website: IP:

prompt and friendly support service

Testimonial Added On: September 9th, 2014
Posted By: Muzzafar Zabidin Website: Malaysia UFO Network IP:

If all the around the world is as swift as the guys at Internet-Webhosting I would say that we will live in a world without a problem because their swiftness in helping to rectifying problems would make you think that they are God sent creatures to help you out ... Excellent!!

Best Service Added On: July 21st, 2014
Posted By: Mohamad Salleh Bin Sidek Website: Asia Rich Group IP:

Good service after sales! I recomended it. Always alert about client request or problem. Good job!

Cancellation of Domain Renewal Added On: July 18th, 2014
Posted By: CHIM Website: Billion Beans IP:

In 2014, I would like to cancel the auto renewal of this domain as I dont want continue to use this domain already. So your sales assistance help me solve the issue. Thanks!

Best support ever Added On: July 6th, 2014
Posted By: Khairul Anuar Website: Alaf Cekal Sdn Bhd IP:

Fast support, always best performance, and there is solutions no matter the problem happen. Most recommended web hosting service to all.

Very Supportive Added On: June 18th, 2014
Posted By: MHusaini Ibrahim Website: A lot of websites IP:

SKSA Technology has been very helpful in solving all the problems whenever I faced. The support from the company is very much make me happy and stay with the company. So far I've been with them for about 6 hosting server and several domain and going to continue with them

Manage Domain Login Issue Added On: June 12th, 2014
Posted By: Wilson Tay Website: IP:

I would like to say their support team has done a great job, my issue was not able to resolved by own due to some technical understanding. However, agent Ammar S done a great job by showing me how to get those information I need in order to get access back. Thank you once again, Ammar deserved a kudos.

Friendly people with great attitude ... Added On: May 30th, 2014
Posted By: Asman Sulaiman Website: asman sulaiman photography IP:

I've been using this service for many years and i'm always happy to work with them ... my other website has been hosted by them since 2008

Good Response & Feedback Added On: May 30th, 2014
Posted By: Ida Website: IP:

Fast feedback with good explaination to customer. Good job!

support for domain redirect Added On: May 24th, 2014
Posted By: Aliff Wahab Website: Farla Fragrance IP:

As salam, saya Aliff Wahab, CEO mepada Farla Fragrance, saya ingin ucapkan setinggi-tinggi tahniah kepada pengurusan Internet-webhosting kerana telah berjaya menyediakan laman web hosting yg benar-benar stabil serta memberikan sokongan nasihat dan teknikal yang pantas lago efisien. Terima kasih banyak! ~pelanggan yg gembira ^_^

great service Added On: May 8th, 2014
Posted By: remie Website: hr city travel IP:

we are glad n very happy with you side support. fast reply. thanks for always 24/7 support.

Service Terbaekk! Added On: May 7th, 2014
Posted By: Eton Lin Website: Eton Lin IP:

Great service from the sales & support staff. Urusan pembelian mudah dan lancar dari sales staff. Support team yang sangat-sangat membantu dalam menyelesaikan isu web saya. Setiap panggilan & emel saya dijawab dengan baik dan beradab walaupun ada tu sekadar nak mintak pendapat je. Bagus la korang ni!! , two thumbs up!

Testi Added On: April 14th, 2014
Posted By: Nik safri Website: IP:

Very helpful and reliable to custormer. Keep it up.

Best Support ever in Malaysia Added On: April 13th, 2014
Posted By: Jep Wan Website: Teknoderas | Blog IT Bahasa Melayu IP:

Look no further if u looking for the best hosting in Malaysia. Internet-webhosting is the only one!

Not only they offer the most competitive price, but also the support given. I would like to use this opportunity to express my gratitude to IWH support team especially, Ammar, Nadzri, Hanafiah and few more i could not remember for being supportive and without fail entertaining every bit of problem i encounter with my website. Kudos to the them!

Ticket ID: PUV-839-23612 Added On: April 10th, 2014
Posted By: Paul Timmons Website: IP:

I was disappointed that my site was down for almost one day but once I informed Internet-Webhosting of the problem it was resolved very quickly. Paul Timmons

Testimonial Added On: March 20th, 2014
Posted By: Lee Richfield Website: Lee Richfield IP:

Well done, guys. Very fast and efficient response.

Resolved for hacked issue Added On: March 8th, 2014
Posted By: jumail Website: Buy Sembako Easy and Efficient IP:

A view days ago, my site was hacked. Support team of Internet Web-hosting has fast followed the issue and resolved it soon. I satisfy with the service. Thanks for support and fast respond, Now I can access my account back.

Good Job! Added On: January 7th, 2014
Posted By: Ms. Nora Website: Dermaga Energy Sdn Bhd IP:

Highly recommended for webhosting. Fast service and friendly people.Thumbs up for excellent customer service.Keep it up guys!

Big thank you Added On: January 6th, 2014
Posted By: Arieon Website: Sabah Wedding IP:

Very good support and fast response.

Perkhidmatan Terbaik Added On: December 31st, 2013
Posted By: Ayub Bin Daud Website: Jualan Tudung Online IP:

Saya amat berpuashati dengan perkhidmatan yang diberikan sejak mula menggunakan khidmat sewaan hosting dan domain pada tahun 2007 hingga sekarang. Perkhidmatan yang cekap dan sangat baik. Setiap aduan diambil tindakan segera dan respon yang pantas. Teruskan khidmat kualiti terbaik ini.

WORLD NO#1 WEB HOSTING Added On: December 5th, 2013
Posted By: RAZAX Website: Dewan Perkahwinan IP:

Problem solved at 3.35AM after report to support at 2.40AM. Compatability problem with Joomla 1.5 running on PHP 5.4 server. Very much appreciate your skill Mr Mior .A. Thanks and best regards

The Best Added On: November 20th, 2013
Posted By: Rashdan Abd. Razak Website: Laman Web SKSBS IP:

A BIG THANK YOU for your support team. They're the best.

Superb service Added On: November 13th, 2013
Posted By: Fatimatun Website: sihatanggun IP:

Sangat2 membantu & memudahkan. call tengah malam pun ada orang pick up...superb service.

Very Good Support ! Added On: October 31st, 2013
Posted By: Noor Azlin Mohamad Website: Zailin Business Solutions IP:

One thing that set this company aparts from others is their support! I found no company can compare for this one ! All my clients are happy, I am Happy ! Happy :)

Great support! Added On: October 9th, 2013
Posted By: Ivy Website: Erysweb IP:

These guys are great. I've been hosting with them for several years now and recommend their services to all my clients.

No hosting company is perfect, but having a good support team really makes up for it.

So far, they've managed to fix everything I throw at them over the years, and they reply pretty quickly too - even at wee hours of the day (I emailed them at 3am once and they stayed up all night to help me out).

Once again, thank you very much!

A good helpdesk service! Added On: August 31st, 2013
Posted By: Hendry Website: Beauty World IP:

Great excellent help desk service in resolving all my issues in a responsive manner! keep up the good service! I am sure to recommend internet-webhosting. Thank you!

Best Value Hosting. Added On: August 29th, 2013
Posted By: Khairul Anuar Website: FrameTech Ent IP:

I already have 2 website from Service is very fast, price also effort able with 24/7 support. Even at near mid-night support still alive. 100% recommended.

Excellent service in Malaysia! Added On: August 23rd, 2013
Posted By: Website: A big thank you for this company. The support sta IP:

Excellent service in Malaysia!

Service Yang Superb Added On: August 20th, 2013
Posted By: Seri Iskandar Website: Seri Iskandar IP:

service & support staff memang superb & excellent.memang terbaik power bro!!!

Excellent service Added On: August 10th, 2013
Posted By: Myh Website: Myhyazid IP:

Just now I can't access my website to edit it for the first time.but then it unavailable and i can't access it anymore.Then i contact the Internet Webhosting Live Assistant Operator Hasrul H. then he helped me a lot to unblocked my ip from being blocked by Internet Webhosting firewall.I was happy for SKSA service.Keep it up.

Excellent Support Added On: August 3rd, 2013
Posted By: zulkarnain Website: IP:

Good Job for support, respond and solution deliver very fast and very much appreciated.

Zul - Batam, Indonesia

So fast, So quick Added On: July 29th, 2013
Posted By: Nader Ale Ebrahim Website: Nader Ale Ebrahim,s Academic Activities IP:

I should take this opportunity to thank all support staff who responds so quickly and wisely to our inquiries.

Domain could receive but not send emails Added On: July 4th, 2013
Posted By: Nur Fiza Harun Website: IP:

Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh, Kudos to your support team namely M. Nadzri, Hanafiah, Ammar S. and others for their prompt reply on rectifying our email problem. May Allah bless your team. Salam Ramadhan. Thank you and best regards, Nur Fiza Harun Administrative Assistant Zenith Impex (M) Sdn Bhd No 2 Jalan Solaris Block K-5-13A Solaris Mont' Kiara 50480 Kuala Lumpur +603 6203 9125 (T) +603 6203 9225 (F)

Posted By: MOHD ARIF Website: Kereta.Info IP:

I have a very good experience with a few successful server migration of our huge web database of The dedicated server team managed to get our web backup data which is more than 5GB transfered to new bigger server spec. Whenever we have problems with our server, the technical team response quickly to our support ticket. Good job and effort done by the internet webhosting team. Thank you for your continuous support.

Server laju Added On: June 21st, 2013
Posted By: farid Website: Download2u IP:

Server laju

Fast reply & fast problem solving. Two thumbs up f Added On: June 20th, 2013
Posted By: En.Wan Website: Travel Deals Around the World IP:

Thank you for the technical team for the fast reply & fast problem solving. It worth my RM as their customer since early 2000 since now. Keep it up guys. Good after sales services.

Quick respond Added On: June 15th, 2013
Posted By: Muhammad Website: Promosi 4 All IP:

Thank you very much for support us. Quick respond. So far so good!

Great support Added On: June 13th, 2013
Posted By: Raymond Neo Website: Retail & Drop Ship Electronics Store IP: understands the meaning of "prompt response". They always put their customer first comes to "response". Keep up the good job.

Excellent Support Added On: June 11th, 2013
Posted By: Alif Website: Alif IP:

The best customer support so far. I would recommend to anybody who needs an excellent hosting support.

Support Yang Bagus Added On: June 5th, 2013
Posted By: Kodinz Website: Nota Perniagaan Internet IP:

Support yang bagus. Tak kira apa masalah, staf hosting sentiasa membantu. Servis terbaik

Good support by Rizal.M Added On: June 4th, 2013
Posted By: Angie Website: Tech Monkey Solutions IP:

I had issues with loading my site on the hosted server and since it was of great urgency, your staff Rizal.M helped me resolve the issue in a timely manner and I really appreciate his help. Keep up the good response time.

Email Troubleshooting Added On: June 2nd, 2013
Posted By: Simon Yap Website: Minds & Senses IP:

To Hafiz and your team, thank you for your prompt and professional service rendered. Though it is a rest day, you guys did your best troubleshooting my problem promptly. Really appreciate your service professionalism attitude.

Awesome service! Added On: May 31st, 2013
Posted By: John Website: IP:

I have been with SKSA for ...4 years. They never disappoint! Keep up the good work guys!

Great help Added On: May 29th, 2013
Posted By: Naslinda Website: House of Healin IP:

This is my second web hosting company after being frustrated with a web hosting company that can't even be bothered to answer your email. I decided to move the hosting service to internet-webhosting after seeing the competitive price and package they offered and also the helpful people from support. After almost 3 years with them. I'm still happy as they always manage to answer my question and solve my issues in a short time. I'm happy to recommend my friends to their company as I know how capable they are.

Malware notification regarding our website Added On: May 9th, 2013
Posted By: rubel aswaadi abu bakar Website: IP:

assalamualaikum n hi to all
good service and fast, big thanks to hafiz for his helping hands.

A good service rendered Added On: May 6th, 2013
Posted By: Hashimee B. Hashim Website: Hashimee Homeopaty IP:

I have been a client of this company for quite a number of years. Their service is excellent and prompt and their staff s very helpful whenever I have any problem. I like to thank them very much for the good service that they had rendered me and I surely continue to be their customer. Thank you.

Laman web Added On: May 6th, 2013
Posted By: hakim majid Website: Laman rasmi IP:

sangat baik, membantu setiap masa dan 100% dapat menyelesaikan masalah kami. Servis terbaik.

Excellent service in Malaysia! Added On: May 6th, 2013
Posted By: Mohd Juzaili Hasrul Fitri Website: Rancangan Perniagaan IP:

Hai, I'm Mohd Juzaili, thank 4 yr GOOD SERVICES after sales. Very fast email respond and resolving problem on operate 24hrs. I support your business! Thank you for support our website: and more... Mohd Juzaili Hasrul Fitri

Fantastic Support Added On: May 5th, 2013
Posted By: Paul Website: House Bound IP:

I would like to pass a BIG THANK YOU to the support staff that assisted with my access issue over the past week. I'm sure it was as trying/annoying for them as it was for me.

:) Added On: May 4th, 2013
Posted By: Aleksey Website: . IP:

Has long been a client. Tools happy :)

#PEK-162066 Added On: April 29th, 2013
Posted By: Hong Website: Atoz Computer Media IP:

Thanks for your swift response guys!

Fast respond! Added On: April 28th, 2013
Posted By: Khairul Azmir Website: Ceria.My IP:

I was choosing internet-webhosting for past 5 years already. Support is fast, effective and cost effective. Highly recommended for hosting...

Terima kasih Added On: April 23rd, 2013
Posted By: mysepadu Website: mySepadu - The System,s People IP:

Terima kasih kerana menyelesaikan masalah dengan berhemah dan adalah lebih bagus jika ada knowledge base untuk berkongsi ilmu.

Live Assistant Added On: April 12th, 2013
Posted By: SYAHMI AKMAL MUAHMMAD NOR Website: SAMN Photography IP:

Sumpah memang terbaik gila servis ni! Lebih2 lagi bila customer ada masalah, LIVE ASSISTANT dia memang membantu! Aku ada masalah nk renew domain tadi, then chatting dgn Live Assistant dia..tup..tup..SETTLE problem! Memang cepat, servis memuaskan, memang terbaikkk lahh! Nanti aku nk cadangkan ni kt semua member2 aku!! :)

Quick respond and issue solved Added On: April 9th, 2013
Posted By: Akusempoi Website: IEEE Malaysia ComSoc/VTS Jpint Chapter IP:

I'm really happy with the support given by internet-webhosting. My issue was detected quickly and solved in a very short time. They are also polite in dealing with customer like me. Thank you.

Thank You Added On: April 5th, 2013
Posted By: Norhisham Mohamed Halim Website: vitamin4kesihatan IP:

Thank you for your help. You guys really know how to take care your customer. Your  reponse to my problem  is very fast. 2 thumbs up... Thank...

Ada ummpphhh! Added On: April 5th, 2013
Posted By: Haziq Website: Kedai Kad Kahwin IP:

fast respons and good services. i lap you lahh

Problem With Web Database Added On: April 1st, 2013
Posted By: M. Syafiq Website: Elearn@MSyafiq IP:

Was having some problem with the Web Server over the weekend. Email the technical support last night and problem was solved within few minutes. The best thing was it could be solved even during the weekends and any time of the day.

Domain Name Transfer Added On: March 26th, 2013
Posted By: Azman Website: Classified Portal IP:

Internet Webhosting has done a great job! I have recently requested to transfer 1 of my domain into internet-webhosting hosting service and it was done only within 1 hour. Great job team!


Posted By: Sutera Website: Nur Sutera and Perancangan Kewangan IP:

Hi, I've been using internet-webhosting since few months ago. As I'm a newbie in building a website, using hosting and not so familiar with domain matters, I always submit ticket to the support team to get their assistance. I'm glad to share my experience with which I always receive a prompt response and great support from the team of each time my ticket been submitted. I'm really satisfied with their support, thanks a lot :-)

Testimonial Added On: March 18th, 2013
Posted By: Rudy Lee Website: Training Bridge IP:

Very prompt reply. Very efficient in solving problems.

Testimoni Added On: March 13th, 2013
Posted By: Zulhairi Seman Website: Ekselen IP:


Really fast response Added On: March 5th, 2013
Posted By: Jasri Website: WeCare IP:

My Database has just gone down for a few minutes, and 5 minutes after i reported the issue, i already got response from the technical team, and the issue is immediately resolved. Thanks

Great Hosting Service! Added On: February 28th, 2013
Posted By: Yong Website: Crux Hobby Web Store IP:

Has been using the hosting service many years ago, since my studies in college, and until today when I run my first web store. Firstly, the prices are unbeatable cheap! At this cheaper price, the performance is still above average comparing to the other hosting site throughout my experience. Besides that, you can always expect a 5 stars support at Internet-webhosting, replies are so swift and good. We usually get many issues fixed immediately. Finally, overall I am very satisfied with my experience here, and will continue to host my sites here.

Servis yang pantas! Added On: February 27th, 2013
Posted By: Abdul Rahman Mohamed Website: Quranpen IP:

Terima kasih buat team internet-webhosting. Ticket saya diselesaikan dengan segera. pantass.

Fast response, reliable support Added On: February 27th, 2013
Posted By: Ryan Website: TamuGround - Borneo Online Marketplace IP:

Fast response, reliable support

FAST RESPONSE Added On: February 27th, 2013
Posted By: Aini Haslina Website: PANDUAN HAJI,UMRAH DAN ZIARAH IP:

I am happy with the response to my problem.  My ticket was replied immediately and fast rectification to my problem.  The support team also explained the problem clearly, what went wrong to the system.  With internet-webhosting, there is no worry.

Speedy support, excellent guidance Added On: February 23rd, 2013
Posted By: Ramanathan Narayanan Website: Astrology Global IP:

Whenever I send a query to, I know for sure that someone will send a speedy solution to my problem.  I am quite a novice on this tech stuff ... all self-learning only.  Your support team are able to understand exactly what I say in my email, and give me straight-to-point guidance which resolves my problem speedily.  Even if it is in the middle of the night!  I would surely recommend just for this aspect, among others.

Syabas SKSA Added On: February 23rd, 2013
Posted By: Mastadevil Website: HeyMasta.ep IP:

Saya adalah pelanggan setia SKSA sejak 2010. Saya mempunyai lebih daripada 10 domain dan hosting berdaftar berdaftar di SKSA. Saya amat berterima kasih atas semua respon dan layanan segera yang diberikan oleh staf SKSA semasa mendaftar dan semasa menghadapi masalah teknikal. Semua masalah ditangani dengan profesional dan sempurna. Syabas diucapkan. Semoga kalian terus memberi khidmat yang cemerlang kepada semua dan saya akan terus setia menggunakan perkhidmatan anda selagi anda masih setia memberi khidmat terbaik.

Best Services & Products Added On: February 3rd, 2013
Posted By: Arib Website: shazlina resources IP:

Best services provided with good and efficient from the support line from the online and offline support. I'd used to only buying domain and hosting from this provider as far as i can get best services in town.

Fast Action Added On: February 1st, 2013
Posted By: Tajul Website: HH Tech Engineering Sdn. Bhd IP:

fast action. the problem solved within 10 minutes after report sent. good job and well done.

Quick response Added On: February 1st, 2013
Posted By: Maszuari Website: IP:

Good job to Internet Webhosting technical support.

Good Job :) Added On: February 1st, 2013
Posted By: Ida Website: Seabay Trading SB | Energy Saving Solution IP:

Good team, always here when I have problem even in midnight. 6 STAR for both of you xoxoxo

Well done! Added On: January 30th, 2013
Posted By: Mohd Amri Ishak Website: Emeens Online Marketing IP:

Technical Support: Good Registration Services: Good Well done! Thank you

Website Builder, Pemasangan Joomla, Set Joomla Added On: January 18th, 2013
Posted By: Muhammad Sani Website: Portal Komuniti IP:

Jika perlu saya berikan bintang kepada mereka, jika tersedia lebih 5 bintang saya akan berikan !!! Segala masalah yang saya hadapi, diselesaikan dengan sugguh cekap dan efisyen !!! TAHNIAH !!!

Teruskan melanggan Added On: January 17th, 2013
Posted By: roslankasim Website: Homestay di Pulau Langkawi IP:

Saya rasa telah menggunakan khidmat syarikat hosting ini ( ) dan hampir 8 tahun . Dan lebih dari 15 website saya menggunakan hosting syarikat ini .. walaupun saya kurang arif menggunakan - tapi kepantasan yg di tunjukkan oleh staf di sini membuatkan saya sangat2 berpuashati  - saya akan terus menggunakan khidmat syarikat ini  di masa hadapan - just jangan malu nak tanya jer  ... terima kasih .

Good job! Added On: January 13th, 2013
Posted By: Muaz Ramli (MR) Website: MR IP:

seriuosly sy sangat2 berpuas haati dengan support team quick respon walaupun sy minta bantuan pada pukul12-3am..all the best.!

Good Support for freelance web designer Added On: January 7th, 2013
Posted By: fido Website: Malaysia Freelance Web Designer IP:

As a web designer, i handle quite a lot of website. Sometimes i get lost in coding and on the server side config. But Internet Webhosting always help me to solve any problem tht i hav submitted. Sangat bersyukur sebab selalunya client nak kan segala masalah diselesaikan asap. Dgn bantuan Internet Webhosting, saya xperlu banyak fkir on server side problem. Thanks for all ur help and support.

support mysql for visual basic Added On: January 4th, 2013
Posted By: naspro Website: naspro advanced solutions IP:

salam... Saya adalah programer yg membangunkan sistem online menggunakan mysql dan aplikasi (.exe) dan bukannya webbase...internet webhosting menyediakan server webhosting berasaskan windows dan mysql yg terbaik tanpa perlu menggunakan ODBC yg tentunya lembab berbanding menggunakan active-x vb-mysql direct connected..saya telah mencuba bebarapa webhost yg lain namun gagal.. trima kash diatas khidmat cemerlang anda.

Hosting Terbaik Added On: January 3rd, 2013
Posted By: Zahisham Website: Belajar PHP IP:

Saya telah menggunakan perkhidmatan hosting bersama internet-webhosting (SKSA) sejak 2006. Sehingga hari ini saya amat berpuas hati dengan servis dan kerjasama cekap yang diberikan. Kepada semua yang inginkan provider hosting yang baik, saya amat recommend internet-webhosting ini.

Great Service Added On: December 27th, 2012
Posted By: Mohan Website: IP:

To Shakir and gang at Internet-Webhosting...Great show guys. Your prompt response to my inquiries and your help for resolving my problem was really great. You guys have always responded fast and efficiently. I have been your customer for many years and you all have been there for me. Keep up the good work guys. Regards, Mohan

Power ah service Added On: December 16th, 2012
Posted By: riz Website: IP website IP:

Their services are power and good but certain areas need to be improved especially for the loyalty customers. Thanks.

Service yang paling best.. Added On: November 21st, 2012
Posted By: Syar Website: Jawatan Kosong Terkini IP:

Sejak mula2 try hosting/server dari tahun 2007 hingga kini, saya sangat2 berpuas hati dengan perkhidmatan yang diberikan. Bantuan teknikal juga sangat pantas dan semua penerangan yang diberikan sangat jelas dan mudah difahami. Terima kasih atas perkhidmatan yang terbaik..

Excellent Service!! Added On: November 7th, 2012
Posted By: Jeremy Website: Jeremy L. Photography IP:

Just want to commend on the excellent sales and technical service! Prior to this, I have no knowledge on setting up or maintaining a website. A big thank you to your team for assisting me right from the start. It has created a very memorable experience. Recently my website was down and email server not working. I am so glad to have you guys assisting me all the way and made my request a priority. It has been a pleasant experience with you and I would no doubt recommend your services to anyone! Congrats and keep up the good work!

I got excellent support from this hosting provider Added On: October 25th, 2012
Posted By: Azrul Samad Website: RevolutionxRan IP:

Support terbaik!! peramah

Need to take up more responsibility. Added On: October 19th, 2012
Posted By: Jim Website: Jinomu IP:

Quick and friend customer service. But need to be more user-oriented\customer-oriented and be more responsible.

mantab Added On: October 11th, 2012
Posted By: entong Website: itkomp IP:

Support yang pantas & mantap . Segala permasalahan di selesaikan dengan cepat & penuh kesabaran. mantab....

Good job Added On: October 11th, 2012
Posted By: Sayyid Al-hafidz Website: itkomputer IP:

After tried few other webhoster i found that they can't beat IW support team... Good job..:)

5 Stars Support ! Added On: October 10th, 2012
Posted By: Putera Website: Personal Blog IP:

I lots of problem regarding my student websites and all the stuff. Everytime I got stuck, I will refer to your technical support staff. They are very helpful, friendly and very professional on handling all my issues. Im very satisfied and without hesitate I give 5 stars for you support.

Excellence Added On: October 2nd, 2012
Posted By: Saiful Website: Your Web Solution Provider IP:

Very reliable web hosting and the service is SUPERB.. especially from Technical Team..

Congratulation for being helpful to us.


Best Internet Web Hosting Ever! Added On: October 1st, 2012
Posted By: Luqman Website: - Usahawan Topup/Reload IP:

Nearly 2 years with SKSA Technology and I have about 5 website. Great server uptime & customer service support. Thumbs up for all SKSA Staff! Recommended to all who looking for web hosting.

Fast Server & Fast Support Added On: September 29th, 2012
Posted By: Nizam Website: Coupon Code Station IP:

I am very satisfy as to date after subscribed their hosting account. My problem solved less than an hour. Fast response and the server loaded too fast.

Thank you Internet-Webhotsing

Services Added On: August 28th, 2012
Posted By: Faizal Website: - IP:


Most reliable hosting company Added On: August 19th, 2012
Posted By: Malini Muniandy Website: IP:

Wonderful & excellent support team from this hosting company.

Thank You Added On: August 11th, 2012
Posted By: Shahadan Bin Saad Website: iCAST 2013 IP:

I got excellent support from this hosting provider.

Quick Respond Added On: July 24th, 2012
Posted By: AmirolAhmad Website: Osem Network IP:

Quick Respond

GOOD JOB!!! Added On: July 12th, 2012
Posted By: Mohd Shahhizal Bin Abd Wa Website: Muslimah4u IP:

As a customer, I gladly said that their support team are very good, reliable and efficient in handling all of my complained. Good Job guys!!, Keep it up your good performance.

Great Support From You Guys! Added On: June 28th, 2012
Posted By: Dr.Mohan Website: Expert Personal Success Membership Program Group IP:

To day i had a major problem with one of my uploaded script. I asked for help and you guys were there for me although it had nothing to do with the hosting. It was very concerned of your team to work with me throughout the day, untill the problem was solved! Great support! I would especially like to thank and commend E. Ammar for his dedication! I wish him and all at Internet-Webhosting all the very best! Warm Regards, Mohan

World Class Support Added On: June 23rd, 2012
Posted By: Bernard Website: PinkyBears Fashion Boutique IP:

I can't recommend highly enough for the world class services and support these guys deliver. There have been numerous occasions when I had to check with support on a number of issues and they responded quickly even at 2AM in the morning! I recently purchased an ssl cert which requires installation assistance, Mr Irwan has been very patience with me and guided me through the entire process with a good turnaround time. Kudos Mr Irwan.

Support given beyond job scope. Added On: June 20th, 2012
Posted By: Nizar Sham Website: Asean Cycling Association IP:

Very helpful support team. Very responsive. Highly recommended. Hosting my sites with them since January 2007.

Fast Server Added On: June 20th, 2012
Posted By: AmirolAhmad Website: Osem Network IP:

Fast Server

The Best Webhosting Added On: June 14th, 2012
Posted By: LensaDigital Website: Photography Social Networking IP:

The best webhosting so far, low price, high uptime and excellent services. Read my review at my blog,

Excellent Technical Support Service Added On: June 3rd, 2012
Posted By: Peter Website: Sound 2 Sleep IP:

Excellent Technical Support service, responsive and promptly , even during weekend.
Good job. keep it up.

Domain Transfer Added On: June 2nd, 2012
Posted By: Azemy Dulhani Website: Laman Rasmi Kor Armor Diraja IP:

perkhimatan yg cepat. baru register untuk transfer domain semalam jam 10 mlm. hari ini jam 12.30 ptg (Sabtu) semuanya selesai. welldone,.. 24/7 talian bantuan.

Support Team of Internet Webhosting Added On: June 1st, 2012
Posted By: Mohd Arizan Bin Hashim Website: ECPI Rangkaian PKMB (ECPI dot MY) IP:

It has been more than two years I'm dealing with Internet and it always been an exciting experiences. I am having two domain which are and and always been updated.

As someone with MCE (SPM) qualification with no others certificate, I worked through my day with minimum knowledge and there is always some helping hand coming along. One of them is the Support Team of

Don't you ever sleep? hehehe... 24 hrs service! I can email my problem even at 1.00am and get reply within a few second. Thanks to all of you!

Very helpful and good support Added On: May 26th, 2012
Posted By: Abdul Basith Website: Sft-Technologies IP:

I very happy to host in internet-web hosting.Because they provide lot of support, even small issue also they will help to solve.They guide me when i make mistakes in setting up the sites and etc.....Thank You internet web hosting

Job Well Done Added On: May 14th, 2012
Posted By: Shamsol Bahari Hashim Website: MRQS Consultant IP:

Superb technical assistance. Super quick reponse. Highly recommended.

Uninstalling Joomla2.5 Added On: May 2nd, 2012
Posted By: Abu Hassan Website: IP:

We are very happy to get a very responsive and accurate support on the above project. Thank Fitri

Email Address Help Added On: April 7th, 2012
Posted By: Alex Website: PR Labs IP:

Great job to Fitri, Irwan & Hafiz for helping me solve my problem throughout the weekend. Keep up the good work boys.

a very helpful support i have got from here compa Added On: April 4th, 2012
Posted By: aimira Website: Jawatan kosong kerajaan IP:

a very helpful support i have got from here compared to others hosting..and its 24 hours a day..just emaill.they will reply will stick with this hosting of course..

SUPPORT TERBAIK Added On: March 24th, 2012

Support yang mesra pengguna.  Boleh dibawa berunding dan berbincang.  Satu team yg mantap.  Terima kasih di atas bantuan dan service yang terbaik.

Upload Problem Added On: February 12th, 2012
Posted By: Mike Soo Website: Malaysia My 2nd Home (MM2H) Program IP:

Have some problems with my site in upload data - Prompt service - Problem solve! Many thanks to Hanafiah, Rizal & Ammar.

Superb Service Added On: February 11th, 2012
Posted By: Lisa Website: Hop Up Hobbies IP:

The technical team at are superb as their service to satisfy your needs 24/7 in web hosting are great.

good after sales services Added On: February 8th, 2012
Posted By: Fahmi Website: sabaka IP:

Good after sales services. Very fast email respond and very tolerate on certain matters. Not too calculate. i support your hosting.

Testimonial Added On: January 30th, 2012
Posted By: Scott Adam Website: Free Web Programming Training IP:

Very exelence service.... latest system requirement...  so I can deploy any software without having any problem... and the technical support team always give a quick response, resolving and operate 24 hrs. + it's cheap! good job!

Support Terbaik Added On: January 29th, 2012
Posted By: Nasir Website: ONLINE SHOPPING STORES IP:

Support yang pantas & mantap . Segala permasalahan di selesaikan dengan cepat & penuh kesabaran. Syabas.

Tahniah Added On: January 18th, 2012
Posted By: Eichikatsu Website: suhairidotcom IP:

Tahniah atas kecekapan untuk pendaftaran domain. Memang terbaik!

Swift Service! Added On: January 1st, 2012
Posted By: Mohd Iqtaquffie Mohd Indr Website: Klasiq APV IP:

One day, I just realize that they already update their package which is better than my current (before) subscribtion.

I ask whether they can do anything about upgrading, as it's seem not fair for the old customer. Eventhough the staff promise to call me about my situation, which is in return nobody call, perhaps they are very busy.

Today I check my control panel, and surprise that my hosting has been updated. Thank you for your swift action and service SKSA. To the guy (didnt manage to ask his name) that attend me that nite, I thank you very much for your good service.

Keep up the good work guys, and Happy New Year 2012.

Customer support yang cemerlang Added On: December 23rd, 2011
Posted By: Azrain Website: TumpangLalu IP:

Saya menggunakan hosting ni sejak 3 tahun dan memang berpuas hati dengan customer support diaorg. Walaupun website-website saya mengalami sedikit gangguan tapi disebabkan customer support yang bagus, masalah-masalah semua dapat diatasi dengan cepat. Keep up the great work!

Harga berpatutan, service pula berpanjangan Added On: December 11th, 2011
Posted By: Nik Najayati Website: NajahaMall IP:

Dah hampir 2 tahun melanggan melalui pengalaman tidak pernah mengecewakan, perkhidmatan cemerlang, senang dihubungi, tiada masalah server, perkhidmatan lps jualan amat bagus dan service tambahan diluar jangkaan. TQ kepada anda di Internet web hosting semoga terus berkembang maju.

Best Service Added On: December 9th, 2011
Posted By: Kyo Website: IP:

Congratulation Internet Web hosting. So far I am happy with your service. My first experience with this company, I do have few downtime problems, but then I understand and learn that technical problems do happened. I have try to go to other hosting & domain provider in Malaysia. But the service nothing compare to (SKSA Technology). The best part is especially the Support Team is always there 24/7 hours to handle customer problem. They handle my calls, emails, and all my website technical problem efficiently and professionally. I am happy with the service. Well Done & Thank you very much.

Great Service Added On: November 29th, 2011
Posted By: James Website: Non-Stop Traffic Formula IP:

I would like to give my appreciation to Internet Webhosting for a superb customer service! One of the best in Malaysia.  

Ermmmmmmmmm Added On: November 23rd, 2011
Posted By: Joe Website: Buletin Artis! IP:

Aku guna hosting ini dulu. Nie blog aku: tapi atas masalah tertentu, aku berpindah kepada jadi korang fikir ar sendiri ok... tapi hosting nie terbaik laa yg pernah aku guna.....

Superb support from internet-webhosting team Added On: November 21st, 2011
Posted By: pyejal Website: pyejal's blog IP:

I'm very pleased and happy with the service given by the internet-webhosting team especially the technical team for the super fast respond to solve my problem publishing my weblog []. Keep the great momentum and working environment. Good Job

Very good support when you need it Added On: November 12th, 2011
Posted By: Melvin Wong Website: Melzisme.Com IP:

Very good support when you need it

The Best Hosting Added On: November 12th, 2011
Posted By: TRIGYY Website: TRIGYY IP:

the best hosting i had used.. good job web hosting.. fast respond. nice supporter. live assistant online averytime.. NICE... my blog ( ) always in good condition with Internet WEB Hosting..

Thank you SKSA Technology Added On: November 11th, 2011
Posted By: Suzy Chung Website: Pimande Resources IP:

very very quick response time on my support issue and extremely quick solution.
I have 9 domains maintained by SKSA Technology for at least 5 years, 4 with hosting plan, I used to deal with another 2 companies, even a reputable one can't provide such a good service as SKSA, thumbs up!

Terbaik dari ladang Added On: November 10th, 2011
Posted By: Eliass Website: jutawan asteria IP:

Dari aku mula2 pakai sampai sekarang takde maslaah..diorang pun senang bekerjasama, lagi satu diorg nie paham bahasa melayu, senang la kan ..

You Are The Great Added On: November 7th, 2011
Posted By: Syah Website: Ez IP:

They solve my problem fantastically. Great job.

best support Added On: October 31st, 2011
Posted By: Erfan Website: Melody IP:

i really enjoy when i saw everytime anytime come to ur site online support is avalable
just wanna say tnx to ur supporter team
best regard

I'm letting All My Friends Know Added On: October 21st, 2011
Posted By: Jonathan Website: Lethal Commission IP:


I'm letting my friends know about your excellent service. You are one of the best if not the best hosting providers in Malaysia. I hope you continue like this.

Posted By: Safuan Website: MIND MAPPING SOFTWARES IP:

Terima Kasih, kepada staff internetwebhosting Malaysia dengan Technical Support yang sangat memuaskan dan sangat cepat..insyaallah, saya cadangkan anda pilih webhosting ini sebab servisnya yang baik dan cepat...Sekarang dah masuk tahun ke-7 saya menjadi pelanggan setia

fast service Added On: October 14th, 2011
Posted By: trigyy Website: TRIGYY IP:

internet web hosting give the fast and the best support for my website . they helped our problem very fast and nice staff.

Fast Technical Support Added On: October 10th, 2011
Posted By: Saiful Website: warisanprinting IP:

A very helpful and fast response from Support Team.

File Access Denied & Require Authentication‏ Added On: October 7th, 2011
Posted By: Mohd Naufal Shazwi Mohama Website: MARIM IP:

very fast response and meet my need for problem in hosting. TY and keep your good work !

Made My Day Added On: October 2nd, 2011
Posted By: John Lee Website: Seo Experts Academy IP:

Thank you! The amazing support at Internet Webhosting made my day. I've been a loyal customer with them for nearly 3 years and they never fail me..Thanks

Speedy Support. Added On: September 22nd, 2011
Posted By: A Zulizham Website: Tune Dimension IP:

Thank you very much for your very quick and correct help on my matter. Appreciate it. Very impressive support from Day 1. Will continue recommending you to anyone looking for a reliable and supportive web hoster.

Great Service Added On: September 21st, 2011
Posted By: Jenny Tay Website: IP:

Great service and very efficient and prompt when come to responding to problems. Many Thanks especially to Ammar S and M Rizal

layanan sangat bagus Added On: September 19th, 2011
Posted By: Radio MalindoFM Website: Radio Malindofm IP:

salam tuk semua penguna hosting dan domain di internet webhosting,
saya sangat puas mengunakan layanan di internet webhosting layanan sangat2 mesra dan CS siap membantu saya kapan saja walaupun dijam2 orang pada tidur, jujur saya orang indonesia saya lebih suka memilih layanan disini,

Glad for having SKSA Technologies Added On: September 13th, 2011
Posted By: Shah Website: Advertising & Printing IP:

Today i really felt that i have no problems anymore specially in domain & hosting. I appreciate the whole team whoever assisted me for my inappropriate questions with their professional skills. Specially thanks to Zali S., M. Nazri. & Shakir M regards

Great Support! Added On: September 7th, 2011
Posted By: Rowell Website: Email Marketing Malaysia IP:

Internet Webhosting has the best customer service ever. Great job!  

Website Hacked Solved Quickly Added On: September 6th, 2011
Posted By: Liyana Anaqi Website: Mom & baby boutique IP:

My website got hacked. The hackers even put their names with a "hahahaha". I mentioned about this to the support team. And within 11 minutes after I emailed them, I received an email saying that my web has been fixed. Wow. That was fast!

Service Added On: August 31st, 2011
Posted By: Harry Sutrisno Website: IP:

Awal saya ada problem dengan username dan password saya tak bisa masuk utk sitebuilder untuk buat website pribadi saya.Sempat frustasi juga sebab banyak orang skrg menawarkan jasa dan banyak juga yang tipu.
Tapi dengan kesabaran,dan service yang baik mereka tunjuk ajar saya untuk membuka sitebuilder website.Akhirnya boleh juga masuk.....

Syukur saya bertemu Fitri yang membantu dengan sabar dan boleh tunjuk ajar saya,sehingga boleh jalan semuanya.Thanks SKSA memang best...Bravo


Bagus dan Best Added On: August 28th, 2011
Posted By: mohd yaser Website: Malaysia Umrah Online IP:

Terima Kasih, kepada staff internetwebhosting Malaysia dengan kerjasama yang sangat memuaskan..insyaallah, saya cadangkan anda pilih webhosting ini sebab servisnya yang baik dan cepat...takpercaya cubalah...terima kasih..

abuse report Added On: August 26th, 2011
Posted By: Laura Smith-Trenton Website: fraudulent site IP:

You guys are fast!  This fraudulent site was suspended by you with a confirmation email to me within 30 minutes of receiving my report.  Thank you!

Return back to IW Added On: August 25th, 2011
Posted By: Mohd Razy Website: Discuz! Malaysia IP:

After tried few other webhoster i found that they can't beat IW support team... Good job..

A Great Team Added On: August 21st, 2011
Posted By: Mark Website: Forex Malaysia IP:


Just want to give a testimonial. I have nearly 17 websites with Internet Webhosting and I don't think I would use any other web hosting service in Malaysia besides them.

Keep up the good work!

Puas hati sesangat!! Added On: August 18th, 2011
Posted By: Muhammad Faizul Amri Bin Website: IP:

Salam korang yang sedang cari webhosting tu.. Aku cadangkan sesangat korang pilih webhosting nie.. Tak pernah lagi aku jumpa staff webhosting yg begitu baik, mesra gitu.. Aku yg buta IT nie sanggup mintak tolong installkan wordpress sebab yg lama xelok (panjang ceritanya).. Memang webhosting nie terbaik!!!!! Ingat nak sambung lagi bila nak expired.. hehehe.. Ikhlas, faizul..

Perfect Services Added On: August 17th, 2011
Posted By: Ayinnur Website: Litchin Debella Trader IP:

This is my second testimonial. I have 3 website that been hacked my stupid indonesian. I raised a ticket and within 5 min, the support team restore my site. Thank you for all your great support. You save my business.

Tindakan Pantas Added On: August 14th, 2011
Posted By: Mark Website: Instaforex Malaysia IP:

Baru-baru ni saya ada masalah dengan platform Wordpress. Lepas report dengan SKSA, sejam kemudian, masalah selesai.

Terima kasih kerana customer support yang pantas dan memuaskan!

Excellent sales and technical support teams Added On: August 13th, 2011
Posted By: izwannizam Website: izwannizam ruslim IP:

its my first time doing the domain and hosting transfer after facing some problem with my previous one.your sales and technical divisons did a very good job helping me from A to Z about the transfer process. keep it up!

support team yg cepat dan pantas Added On: August 11th, 2011
Posted By: nuyun Website: nuyunbiz IP:

saya pelanggan webhosting sksa technology,sgt bpuas hati dgn support team yg brtindak pantas menyelesaikn mslah wbsite sy yg tkena hacked malware..tidak sampai 24jam,masalah sy dah diselesaikn. terima kasih banyak2,berbaloi sy membeli hosting ngan sksa technology.

Great support Added On: August 4th, 2011
Posted By: Max Website: Dream world kundasang resort IP:

Great support from technical support, they really help me from beginning to the end. Thank you guys

Superb Support!!!! Added On: July 27th, 2011
Posted By: Tajul Website: HH Engineering (M) Sdn. Bhd. IP:

Saya mempunyai masalah dengan platform. Namun dengan bantuan teknikal dari SKSA saya dapat mengatasinya.  Terima kasih kepada para teknikal support.

You Guys Rock! Added On: July 24th, 2011
Posted By: Shahrul Website: Easy Forex IP:

I would like to say a few words about SKSA.

You guys rock!

Keep up the good work.

Message Delivery Failure Added On: July 22nd, 2011
Posted By: Raeis Website: sori da IP:

I was unable to send email to PETRONAS and its subsidiries due to Trend Micro RBL+. SKSA has solved my problem in less than 1 hour! Excellent!!

Bantuan segera dan khidmat sokongan terbaik Added On: July 21st, 2011
Posted By: Noordin Website: IP:

Saya amat berpuas hati dengan bantuan segera dan pada bila-bila masa (malah pada dinihari juga) oleh staf sokongan SKSA Tech Sdn Bhd. Teruskan khidmat terbaik tuan-tuan. Saya syorkan SKSA Tech kepada sesiapa juga!

Webhosting yang pantas! Added On: July 21st, 2011
Posted By: ahmad Website: Rasa Asli IP:

Pagi-pagi buta pukul 3 lebih pun dorang sanggup tolong saya semata-mata nak selesaikan masalah coding php untuk saya! Sebab itulah saya suka webhosting ni.

Fast customer support Added On: July 15th, 2011
Posted By: Greenene Website: Green Energy Blog IP:

Excellent response from the helpdesk. Great support. Fast and efficient! They are give quick in response with satisfying answer.

Web & blog problem Added On: July 14th, 2011
Posted By: rahimah Website: IP:

Always great service.!!!

File Manager Access Denied Added On: July 14th, 2011
Posted By: Mohd Naufal Shazwi Mohama Website: IP:

A very good service provided to customer, fast and follow the customer need.

Uploading to IW Server Added On: July 13th, 2011
Posted By: Mike Soo Website: Malaysia My 2nd Home Program IP:

I have problem uploading one of my site to IW Server, after 5 times help & guideline by Mr Ammar S it was up & working well - Thank you Ammar & all at MALAYSIA BOLEH !

Awesome Service Added On: July 7th, 2011
Posted By: Sharina Website: Nana Biggs Management IP:

Outstanding customer service and always there to assist 24/7 regardless of the issue; the technical team is always able to solve the matter. Keep up the good work and we are behind you all the way! special thanks to M. Fitri, Ammar, Rizal & Shakir! Job well done :)

Very Fast & Friendly Support Added On: July 5th, 2011
Posted By: Eichikatsu Website: Eichikatsu IP:

Very best user support because the team provide superb responses to my questions & problems. Very satisfied with the speed of the server, uptime and support team! GREAT JOB SKSA!!!

quick response Added On: July 4th, 2011
Posted By: Jeff Chin Website: ealarm IP:

thanks for the quick response to my problem. Great technical help!

Superb Support Added On: July 4th, 2011
Posted By: ariff Website: TK IP:

SKSA have given a great services to their clients. I won't hesitate to comeback and subscribe to their service again.

Satisfied customer Added On: July 3rd, 2011
Posted By: Megat Website: Leaf Design Studio IP:

Really friendly technical guys and always there to help whenever in need. Thank you and will always support you guys!

Fast response & help Added On: July 3rd, 2011
Posted By: Fateh Website: IP:

The response after I issue ticket for help is very fast & all of the problems have been solved after receiving their technical support.

Great Customer Service Added On: June 28th, 2011
Posted By: Johan Surani Website: Lezzetto Premium Ice Cream IP:

I have contacted SKSA several times in the last few days regarding technical support and have had a great experience. They had 24/7 service, quick response and always very helpful. Thank you SKSA! Johan

service Added On: June 20th, 2011
Posted By: Norizam Yusuf Website: sk jalan kebun, klang IP:

superb+amazing services, even early in the morning.. keep it up..

Best Service Added On: June 15th, 2011
Posted By: Aziz Website: Indian Muslim Educationl Resource IP:

Everything in Internet Webhosting The Best....

5 /5 For Support team & Sales team.

I will Recommend My Friends Added On: June 8th, 2011
Posted By: Boy Website: Buy Nikon D7000 IP:

I have a lots of friends asking where to find good web hosting, and I always recommend Internet Webhosting.

These guys are good.. 

great technical staff Added On: June 7th, 2011
Posted By: atoqa Website: atoqa IP:

thanks for your great support. problem solved in a very short time.

solve problem within a few minutes Added On: June 3rd, 2011
Posted By: shawn Website: coffee malaysia IP:

great job, your support team solve my problem within less than 30 minutes, even it's in 11.30 pm.

email Added On: May 30th, 2011
Posted By: David Website: Technical Support IP:

thanks to the support team Mr Fitri and Irwan for they quick support on email prob
good job keep it up

IW terbaik hosting dalam malaysia Added On: May 16th, 2011
Posted By: ahmad Website: IP:

terbaik .... servis yang ditawarkan oleh IW ... mudah dan pantas !, server laju .. semoga maju jaya

Terima Kasih Added On: May 15th, 2011
Posted By: izan Website: Laman Web Rasmi SMK Bandar Kota Tinggi IP:

Memang best!... terus usaha anda

Highly Recommended ! Added On: May 10th, 2011
Posted By: Clarentino Website: Deadbeat Millionaire IP:

These guys are highly recommended! I have bought about 8 domain names with SKSA and they never fail. I am a newbie..having lots of questions and challenges. But they are patient to answer my queries and help solve my problems. Don't bother going to other web hosting companies. Stick with SKSA and you'll be ok.

Terima Kasih Added On: May 4th, 2011
Posted By: Anzur Anuar Website: IP:

kesemua produk Anzur Technology dikeluarkan menggunakan domain dan hosting dari SKSA Tech. Memang best! Jujur saya tulis ni, staf dorang memang terbaik. kalau ada masalah, email je. kejap je dorang boleh setteld. macam baru ni,,, dan beberapa lagi website kena hack, staff SKSA Tech yang banyak menolong. korang memang terbaik. before sales, and after sales service korang adalah yang terbaik. 5 bintang! teruskan usaha anda. SKSA Tech best!!

Excellent web hosting Added On: April 21st, 2011
Posted By: Amran Website: IP:

Excellent hosting company. Great service & support. 

Great Hospitality, Best Support Added On: April 3rd, 2011
Posted By: Amalina Sariff Website: Welcome To Oren Kasturi Kids Pages IP:

Been SKSA customer for 6 years now, never have intention to change for another hosting since then... great support, great hospitality... recommended to all friends :)

GREAT TEAM Added On: April 1st, 2011
Posted By: Jaafar Nyan Website: Dotmaxs Technology IP:

Thank you for your affordable web hosting services and quality. I have been very pleased and look forward to doing business with you for a long time to come.

Great Customer Service! Added On: March 28th, 2011
Posted By: Clarentino Website: Vemma Malaysia IP:

I have hosted my websites with them since 2009 and have only good things to say about their service and fast response to the issues that I faced. Their customer service is superb. A rare feat by a Malaysian company. I have no problem recommending my friends to use Internet Webhosting.

Great Choice for Web Hosting Added On: March 25th, 2011
Posted By: Sharifah Nor Irma Website: Mama N Damia IP:

I've been using their service for 5 years. Reasonable price, and what is great is their great service and altitude towards solving my problems. Fast and very helpful from the 1 st year with them till now. For someone who is lack of IT knowledge, I'm glad I've made the right choice for my web hosting.

Sharifah Nor Irma

Good Support Added On: March 23rd, 2011
Posted By: SoonKien Website: Wave@Zephyr IP:

I would like to thanks to internet web-hosting for great support & action upon on all my requests and my problem reports. I did notice that, whena case is being back and forth for twice, there would be a senior being assigned to help out immediately, without being requested. I will definitely recommend internet-webhosting. Thank you once again.

Great support team. Added On: March 22nd, 2011
Posted By: Timmy Yap Website: Penny Auction IP:

Excellent support provided which is beyond my wildest expectation! The staffs really go extra miles. Good jobs continue.... Thumbs Up!

Good Support Added On: March 15th, 2011
Posted By: Saiful Bahri Yusof Website: Your Web Solution Partner IP:

Very Good Service from SKSA. Keep it up and will be the 1st hosting provider in Malaysia.

Very Fast Support Added On: March 15th, 2011
Posted By: Gojira Muda Website: Personnel IP:

The best part of IW and SKSA Technology is they have very FAST team to respond your problem. A+++++++++++++

Honest, excellent and fast services. Added On: March 12th, 2011
Posted By: Timmy Yap Website: Wow Voyage IP:

This is my first year with the hosting and the staffs really really helpful and importantly honest.......The team works hard and smart. Excellent services! All my requests resolved !

Web Pages Upload and Server Notification Added On: March 2nd, 2011
Posted By: AJ Usaha Niaga Website: IP:

Dear Business Partner

I am quite new to this business. As much asssistance is very vital for me to deliver client needs. Your excellent support team and assistance is world class. I could imagine that your team be awarded as an excellent  personnel in Prime Minister Award. Keep up the excellent work.

Ariffin Ali


Thanks IW~ Added On: February 28th, 2011
Posted By: Melvin Website: melzisme IP:

The guys at IW never fail to do wonders each time i require assistance. I've been with them for 5 years. Very fast service indeed. Their services is recommended to everyone.

Fast Support & Result Added On: February 24th, 2011
Posted By: Rahimah Website: Kedai Rahimah .Com IP:

I would like to thanks to internet web-hosting for great support & action upon on all my requests and my problem reports. You are really friendly, helpful and responsive at all times. Your support team did grat job to help me. They really did a great job! All actions were taken promptly. And now I already have 3 domains and 1 hosting with Internet Web-hosting. Keep up the good jobs. Thank you Internet Web-hosting.

Fast & Furious Added On: February 24th, 2011
Posted By: Khairil Website: Ukulele Malaya - First in Malaysia IP:

Almost 3 years back using this SKSA Tech services and until now, they don't disappoint me at their customer services. Two thumbs up bro...!!!

Great Services and Staff Added On: February 20th, 2011
Posted By: Takashi Fujiwara Website: Malaysian Touge Networks IP:

Thanks to Internet-Webhosting for your great supports in this 2 days for migration and help backup-restore my site back. Now our site was smooth and fast. Arigatou!

TAHNIAH!!! Added On: February 16th, 2011
Posted By: Lee Richfield Website: Lee Richfield IP:

Tahniah!!! Always very responsive, helpful and quick to resolve any hosting problems.

Good services Added On: February 16th, 2011
Posted By: Lee Joseph Website: Xinoin IP:

I like their services and they will response you within an hour time and will solve your issue within a short period. Keep it up internet-webhosting.
This is what a consumer looking for.... yes, good service !

Best Customer Service of All Added On: February 16th, 2011
Posted By: Nurazleen Daud Website: Ayinnur Collections IP:

Since last couple of years, I have been purchasing 3 hosting plan and 8 domain names from Internet-Webhosting. Not only it is reasonable price, but their customer support is superb. Every time I submit a ticket, they reply me within minutes. Not only that, they try to resolve my problem until the end. Two most efficient customer support personal is Shakir and Ammar. Thanks guy. You guys are the best. I will continue using their service. My business development time really improve with their fast respond.

Outstanding Services Fast Action Added On: February 15th, 2011
Posted By: Hairul Website: Surau Al Ansor IP:

Sangat bersyukur kerana technical support membantu dengan sebaiknya dalam menyelesaikan masalah teknikal yang saya hadapi. Bantuan yang diterima amat pantas dan saya amat happy kerana website saya tidak bermasalah seperti dahulu. TQVM!

Great Service Added On: February 9th, 2011
Posted By: Ken Looi Website: Tuition Empire IP:

SKSA Tech had provide me great services. I am rest assured that their support is highly professional and 24/7.

Succesfully make cronjob work Added On: February 8th, 2011
Posted By: AJAK Website: Mahawangsa IP:

Very helpfully. After struggle to make my cron job work I decide to seek help from IW. Within one hour the email reply with the instruction. So so great it work successfully. Thanks a lot guy you all do have great technical knowledge.

Excellent service and support! Added On: February 6th, 2011
Posted By: Amir Hamzah bin Amha Website: Hikayat Putera Kemuning IP:

It is very cheap and the service accorded to me was indeed 24/7. They were very hardworking and emailed me even though it was Chinese New Year. Well Done!

FTP problem Added On: February 4th, 2011
Posted By: CL Chew Website: PG8 Network IP:

Great job by M.Fitri. Thanks for the quick response and solution.

3M-my money matter Added On: February 2nd, 2011
Posted By: Hairul Rahim Website: IP:

Tahniah Team Internet-Webhosting!..Semalam saya telah terbuat 2kali bayaran berturut(double pay) utk my hosting..selepas saya report,diaorang terus respond dgn tindakan yang wajar..i love u all

Professional technical support Added On: January 30th, 2011
Posted By: Jeff Website: cOOblue IP:

INTERNET WEBHOSTING not only provide services at reasonable prices. In technical support, has also done very perfect. They give quick response when I need their help.
I've used countless hosting provider, no one comparable to INTERNET WEBHOSTING's efficiency.

It makes me worry-free, I am willing to introduced  INTERNET WEBHOSTING to my customers and friends.

Superb customer service Added On: January 26th, 2011
Posted By: Adaha Schoeffel Website: savethedate IP:

Internet web hosting have been superb. Their customer service is really great. They are friendly, accommodating and responsive at all times. Their support team is absolutely fantastic to work with, highly technical, professional and go beyond above to help me. They did a great job!

Prompt and professional service Added On: January 21st, 2011
Posted By: Mior Azhar Website: Squidoo Mom IP:

Being a rather clueless person when it comes to uploading my website (yes, even after all these years), I did the unthinkable last night when I accidentally disabled my domain names while tweaking the cpanel. Fortunately, I emailed my predicament and within minutes one of your technical support engineer Ammar came back with tips to undo what I've done. I must commend you for the prompt and professional services and now all my websites are back on up. Thanks and keep up the amazing job.

loyal customer since 2006 Added On: January 21st, 2011
Posted By: fatihah Website: Fnet IP:

Ultimately satisfied with your service and support. Instant reply and very helpful. Thanks~ Especially to M.Fitri! Tak tukar webhost dah. Long live Internet-Webhosting! .. w(_ _)w ..

error (0x80042108) Added On: January 17th, 2011
Posted By: Norifah Ahmad Website: norifah IP:

Your prompt action in solving our problems are superbs. Thank you.

Making Difficult Added On: January 13th, 2011
Posted By: Customer Website: Nil IP:

It seems that the sales side to make things difficult for us to purchase the webhosting after subscribing few accounts with them

servis terbaik dari internet-webhostng Added On: January 12th, 2011
Posted By: Azman Website: blog gurucyber IP:

Terima kasih , support team dari Internet webhosting  ( Mr Rizal ) .. saya fikir ini adalah servis terbaik pernah saya terima .. tak sampai 20 minit setelah report .. masalah selesai ..

Terima kasih sekali lagi ..

Cannot access new domain using my broadband Added On: January 10th, 2011
Posted By: Nor Hafizan Ramli Website: Network Marketing, SecretLeaf Produk IP:

I have received a very good support from your team. last 2 days i was so frustrated due access problem through my broadband and cannot proceed with my new website development. Now i can continue my new website project. Thanks to your technical team.

Thumbs up for your continues support Added On: January 8th, 2011
Posted By: ariffshah Website: Malaysia Online Shopping Directory IP:

Thumbs up for your continues support. Within less than one hour, my website is up again.

Appreciation Added On: January 4th, 2011
Posted By: Melvin Website: Urban Reality IP:

Kudos to Nadzri! I've accidently deleted few database for my sites and i couldn't get it back. Luckily Nadzri responded to by ticket promptly and got back all my database in a jifty! Thank you very much for your assistance !

Thanks to web-hosting Added On: January 4th, 2011
Posted By: fatim Website: Buy online Gamat Emas & other product here. IP:

I would like to thanks to internet web-hosting for great support & action upon on all my requests and my problem reports. All actions were taken promptly. First domain I bought is The first plan I choose is window plan. However, I would like to change with Linux plan. When I asked support@internet-webhosting, if I can changed Window plan to Linux plan, they told me, I can changed it and it's FOC. Wow!.. I am so glad. Because, this is first time I involved in business online. Buy domain for my own website is very new to me. I am very happy because I choose Internet web-hosting. And now, I already have two domains.

Thank you Internet Web-hosting.

Fast Recovery on Renewal Added On: December 29th, 2010
Posted By: Kans Website: BikeRiders IP:

Thank you to the dedicated staff of the Internet-Webhosting services@SKSA Technology for the QUICK and SPEEDY renew and upload the contain in a fast mode

Although there is a 24-hour promise to settle all problems but they did it in less than a minute ....Congratulations and Thank you.

Web Hosting Paling Mesra Pelanggan! Added On: December 23rd, 2010
Posted By: Wan Zulkarnain Website: | Informasi Cyber | IP:

Pertama sekali, aku nak berterima kasih banyak kepada pihak support yang sangat mesra. Terutama sekali kepada Senior support. Mereka amat pantas dalam melakukan sebarang tindakan. Kebanyakan permasalahan saya, mereka mesti dapat selesaikan walaupun mengambil sedikit masa (10minit gitu).

Pihak support juga amat mesra dan menyokong khidmat sokongan dalam Bahasa Melayu. Tahniah dan syabas kepada semua staff Semoga dapat meneruskan perkhidmatan yang baik ini.

Cannot Access Own Webpage Added On: December 22nd, 2010
Posted By: SMK Sultan Ismail, Johor Website: SMK Sultan Ismail, Johor Bahru IP:

Salam 1Malaysia,

Thank you to the dedicated staff of the Internet-Webhosting services@SKSA Technology for the QUICK and SPEEDY solving of my problem.

Although there is a 24-hour promise to settle all problems but they did it in less than 8 hours.

Congratulations and Thank you.

Google mailware blacklist Added On: December 20th, 2010
Posted By: Website: Master of Principal Leadership IP:

Staff sksa is efficient in helping me complete and provide guidance in resolving the problem mailware. Google tool also helps to master.

Superb 24hrs Added On: December 17th, 2010
Posted By: Ajak Website: Pakej Perkahwinan Dewan IP:

Hi guys.. even at 5.30am they give support very fast reply.. superb. Currently I manage 5 domain under SKA hosting. Great support bro. Regards Joomla upgrading and migration

Transfer domaine Added On: December 17th, 2010
Posted By: Mohd farid awang Website: Cetak baju IP:

The respond is fast and efficient.. I feel so confident and very satisfied

GREAT support team Added On: December 14th, 2010
Posted By: Louis Lee Website: MXBAGGAGE IP:

Their support team is really great and efficient. They can always solve my simple problems / questions within 5 minutes. Besides, the price is very reasonable too! They are the cheapest that I can find so far. Really happy to sign up for their package ;)

Thanks A Lot!! Added On: December 12th, 2010
Posted By: Sufia Website: SK Serkam Darat IP:

They only take 20mins to fix my error. I felt like crying when the script error appeared on my website. I refered my problem to my community but no one replied. I tried to mail them..they helped me even with my silly Q. Right after 2nd problem appeared, I called them. They only take 20mins to fix it. Thanks so much for all SKSA staffs that helped me. Really appreciate it..

An Efficient and Caring Service by internet-webhos Added On: December 12th, 2010

Insert your testimonial

I am only happy to testify that on this day of December 2010, the timely, efficient and caring service of has enabled me to gain access to my long-neglected domain in order to review and upgrade its content.  I am humbled by the spontaneous response it gave to my appeal for assistance.

Malaysia Umrah Site Added On: December 11th, 2010
Posted By: Umrah Website: Pakej Umrah Malaysia Murah dan Mudah IP:

Alhamdulillah..Saya adalah pelanggan setia internet-webhosting, sekiranya memerlukan bantuan dan pertolongan, staf i-webhosting dpt membantu dgn amat baik sekali. tahniah dan tingkatkan usaha anda menjadi sebuah company yg cemerlang di Malaysia.

Only WOW! Added On: December 8th, 2010
Posted By: Abdullah Abbas Website: Doli Blog IP:

i Registered many sites in . I believe that they are valued us, more than what i thought. The support was WOW. I never got support as fast as their support. The pricing is great, and i will consider them again in the future. Not only that, i would high recommend them to many of my clients. Last word : only WOW!

Good Services and support, no kidding Added On: December 6th, 2010
Posted By: Azwan Website: Ezybuzz Community Marketplace IP:

Good services and support, try for yourself... I've been shifted from my old hosting provider to IWH... the price also is very reasonable

Internet-webhosting Added On: December 6th, 2010
Posted By: Jaafar Nyan Website: Internet services IP:

If you are looking for a web host with great support? Internet-webhosting the best. I have been working on my web building skills for the better part of 10 years and have utilized a lot of web hosting companies. I have never been as impressed and excited as I was with both the incredibly good deal SKSA gave me but the affordable hosting service is top shelf all the way. Quick friendly responses to any questions I have. Irwan,Hafiz,Nadzri,Ammar,Zali,Adi and many more technical person, they support has always been prompt (replies always within a few hours, often within minutes!) effective (I always get the right advice first time) and courteous (on top of it all they are friendly, pleasant people not a faceless, mega-corporation with a call centre) I can honestly say I wouldn't have enjoyed the success I have without SKSA backing me up. Extremely affordable, incredible service and reliability, I'll never need to look elsewhere. These guys mean business.

very fast and realiable support team Added On: December 4th, 2010
Posted By: Ahmad Sayuti Website: IP:

The support team was fast and reliable especially Ammar, Adi and RIzal. they patiently answered all my question and finally solve my problems. thanks

My 3rd Year using IW Services Added On: December 4th, 2010
Posted By: Ariffshah Website: Fragrance & Perfume Malaysia IP:

Dear readers,

While writing my testimonial, next February 2011 will be my third year growing my online business with Internet-Webhosting. With good technical support and low price domain & hosting, don't think twice. Use their services.


Great Job Added On: December 3rd, 2010
Posted By: Ibrahim Bin Abdullah Website: IP:

Good support, prompt in solving problem. Met our service level agreement. Well done.

Perkihdmatan Bantuan Yang Cemerlang Added On: December 2nd, 2010
Posted By: Fadzil Mohamed Website: IP:

Dapat memberikan bantuan kepada pelanggan, tidak mengira waktu..walaupun pukul 4 pagi! Syabas...

how many sites can i build Added On: December 2nd, 2010
Posted By: koo Website: NO IP:

Hi, how many sites can i build with Windows hosting package - STANDARD PLAN? Is 5?

Services yang sangat TERBAIK, Added On: December 1st, 2010
Posted By: Kamaruddin Sharip Website: Masalah dapat diselesaikan dengan pantas IP:

Saya betul-betul kagum dengan support yang diberikan.SANGAT PANTAS. Layanan begitu cepat, segala masalah yang saya hadapi dapat diatasi oleh support-support Internet-Webhosting. Staf juga sangat mesra melayan segala persoalan & masalah. Tidak sia-sia saya memilih Internet-webhosting sebagai webhosting pilihan.
Terima Kasih Internet-Webhosting..

great support Added On: November 29th, 2010
Posted By: sollehahn Website: sollehahn [dot] com IP:

internet-webhosting have a great customer service..
i once had problem with my website and it fixed by the helpdesk within 30 minute.
good job guys!

Fully Recommended Kepada Semua Added On: November 25th, 2010
Posted By: Syahir Website: Generate Money IP:

Terima kasih kepada En. Nik kerana membantu saya dalam menyelesaikan masalah yg saya hadapi. Kepada semua yg sedang mencari Hosting, Domain dan Superb Live Support.. Tempat Nya Adalah Disini... 

Permission Problem Added On: November 24th, 2010
Posted By: Ehsan Website: IP:

Thanks to M.Irwan to help me in this issue.

Superb support from the SKSA Added On: November 21st, 2010
Posted By: Frankie Kam Website: Stamford College Malacca MoodleAce E-Learning Port IP:

My name is Frankie and I teach at a college in Melaka. I know tons about Moodle, but when it comes to web hosting a Moodle site, I knew next to nothing. My testimonial is not a spur of the moment thing, but an accumulation of 3 weeks of dealings with SKSA. I am impressed by their support and commitment as they have guided me on my Moodle website hosting. The support team work as a well-oiled unit to solve problems that I have faced during the past 3 weeks. I started a shared hosting site with SKSA, and then upgraded to a VPS. My knowledge of website and server hosting went from almost zero knowledge to knowing about CPanel File Manager, Fantastico, Moodle installation, FTP, DNS flushing, ping, etc. AT EACH STEP OF THE WAY, THE SUPPORT TEAM HELPED ME OUT. You would think that they have a 1,001 other things to solve, but no! The team almost ALWAYS replied my queries, my "stupid" questions and mistakes, and my newbie-ness; as I evolved my site into a VPS. I am glad that I chose SKSA Technology for their COMMITMENT to support a newbie like me. Each time I hit the "Send" button I had that nagging feeling that the support team already had other more important issues to deal with. I thought that they had other more critical tickets to deal with, but somehow, there was always someone in the team, be it a Junior Support Member or a Senior Support Staff who was at hand to reply to my emails. Some stats for you. I started as a customer on 30/10/2010. Today is 21/11/2010. To date I have sent to them 38 emails (ranging from enquiry to help emails about this and that) and I have received 57 emails from the team. To me, SKSA Tech is an EXCELLENT web hosting company because of their committed and fast support they give to me. You can't go wrong with SKSA. I am pleased to recommend them to you.

My server is up again. Thank you. Added On: November 19th, 2010
Posted By: Website: isogawe IP:

M.Rizal & M.Irwan,

Thank you for giving your best support to You guys rocks!!! Personally, thank you so much.

If this post give you points for your salary, I'm glad!

servis terbaik Added On: November 19th, 2010
Posted By: sollehahn Website: Dunia [dot] com IP:

servis yang diberikan berpatutan dengan harga yang ditawarkan...berbaloi-baloi!

Great Service! Added On: November 18th, 2010
Posted By: mixterr Website: Doktor Malaya IP:

Thank you for your great service! I love it! Fast response and the problem solved. Keep it up IW!

CEPAT PANTAS DAN BERPATUTAN Added On: November 18th, 2010
Posted By: Bang Mie Website: Kebijaksanaan Sejagat IP:

Sememangnya perkhidmatan Internet-Webhosting oleh SKSA Technology cepat, pantas dan berpatutan.

Bantuan profesional Added On: November 17th, 2010
Posted By: ErieAdn Website: ErieAdn Pictures IP:

Saya betul-betul kagum dengan support yang diberikan.. Layanan begitu cepat, segala masalah yang saya hadapi dapat diatasi oleh support-support Internet-Webhosting. Staf juga sangat mesra melayan segala persoalan & masalah. Tidak sia-sia saya memilih Internet-webhosting sebagai webhosting pilihan.
Terima Kasih Internet-Webhosting..

Fantastic Job! Added On: November 13th, 2010
Posted By: Faris Fakri Website: Faris Fakri Photography IP:

Your team is a fantastic team! I can never regret I chose Internet-Webhosting. My website problem settled in just a few minutes. In this particular problem, I would like to thank Nik Zul for solving this issue. Great job people. Keep it up!

layanan memuaskan Added On: November 11th, 2010
Posted By: malindofm Website: Radio Online Malindofm IP:

saya sangat berpuas hati dan berterima kasih di atas layanan yang di berikan setiap kali ada masalah pasti cepat di selesaikan, dan saya tidak salah pilih membeli host disini, terima kasih internet-webhosting

Services yang sangat TERBAIK, Added On: November 11th, 2010
Posted By: Wanz Website: Wanz IP:


Perkhidmatan yang diberikan oleh syarikat internet-webhosting ni memang best.. staf sangat mesra dan membantu saya dalam segala persoalan yang timbul. perkhimatan macam inilah yang kami harapkan. Diharapkan usaha murni ini dapat diteruskan... terima kasih pada semua yang terlibat, semoga dirahmati oleh YANG MAHA ESA> Amin.... Ikhlas dari saya..

Joomla Added On: November 8th, 2010
Posted By: TOMCALL Ltd Website: Apad Gsm Always Cheaper !! IP:

Great Server , pro technical services very fast
Tomcall ltd

Servis Internet Webhosting Terbaik Added On: October 31st, 2010
Posted By: Beyta Website: Beyta IP:

Sangat berpuas hati dengan servis yang diberikan... Setiap masalah yang diajukan pasti akan mendapat jawapan segera termasuk hari Ahad!

Proud to be SKSA Technologies Customer Added On: October 27th, 2010
Posted By: Shah Zamin Sultan Shah Website: Advertisers / Printers IP:

In short words i would appreciate a very sincere help always from the whole team of SKSA Technologies, and my special thanks goes to Ms N. Azira, M. Fitri & Hafiz H. who always bear my different moods about the inquiries and i never felt their response is delayed or in-efficient. Congratulation to all of you, you are the boosters of the company future. Shah

good support Added On: October 27th, 2010
Posted By: pd Website: ilmuan IP:

saya sgt berpuas hari menggunakan domain & hosting di internet-webhosting.
saya pasti rekemenkan pada org lain. nice!

Great Support Added On: October 27th, 2010
Posted By: Jason Teoh Website: Kemuning Utama Community IP:

I would like to take this oppurtunity to special thanks to the support team, they are so great and so far my problems & questions are 100% solved within couple of minutes.

Ticket response immediately Added On: October 27th, 2010
Posted By: Ariffshah Website: The Reject Perfume Online Store IP:

Glad that I found IW as my hosting provider. I've sent 3 ticket today and all response within few minutes only.

Thank you IW for the great customer support and keep it up.

Fastest Respond... Added On: October 24th, 2010
Posted By: Nuzul Website: Log Teknikal Komputer IP:

I have receive the best and fastest 24/7 full support from the Anything like my inquiry and problems, they respond it within minutes through email. I am very satisfied with the service from a year experience using them.

Thanks SKSA Technology Added On: October 22nd, 2010
Posted By: Haja Mohaideen Website: Akademi Wajadiri Malaysia IP:

Saya berterima kasih kepada pehak SKSA Technology kerana masa website & kena hack dari orang tak bertanggung jawap... pehak SKSA Technology secepat kilatan mengambil tindakan dan membaiki website akademi dengan ambil masa yang pantas... Terima kasih SKSA Technology Haja Mohaideen Pengurus Akademi Wajadiri Malaysia

UP & RUNNING IN 30 MIN ! Added On: October 22nd, 2010
Posted By: Mike Soo Website: Malaysia Lifetime Visa - Malaysia My 2nd Home IP:

I sign up with IW,  made payment, directed my domain DNS to IW Server, and got my site upload in 30min... All working well & good - IW Boleh !

Thanks For The Great Support!! Added On: October 20th, 2010
Posted By: Ryan Website: IP:

I would like to thanks all the customer support at especially Mr.Ammar who have solved my problems just now. Thanks

320 Added On: October 20th, 2010
Posted By: Website: IP:

Terimakasih banyak kepada 'support team' kerana kepantasan dan profesionalisme tinggi dalam membantu dan menyelesaikan masalah berbangkit.

Kami amat menghargai bantuan anda! Terima kasih.

IW memang the best Added On: October 20th, 2010
Posted By: hisyam Website: Bisnes biasa-biasa je IP:

Assalamulaikum wbt...
Wahai dunia khususnya malaysia.. marilah pakat2 beli domain dan hosting kat sini..
sememangnya support mereka 24jam, masa saya menulis testimoni ini, jam sudah menunjukkan pukul 3:09 pagi, tetapi support yang diberikan cukup pantas.
saya bagi je dalam 5 minit terus balas.
Saya amat amat amat berpuas hati..

khususnya support dari Mr. Irwan, Mr. Nik zul, Mr. Hafiz sememangnya mereka adalah yang the best. tak pasti apa ilmu mereka pakai tetapi semua masalah saya dengan cepat dan pantas mereka dapat selesaikan..

dan saya berikan mereka kedua dua belah thumbs up.. sememangnya saya amat2 berpuas hati dan merasa senang kerana saya hanya ada masa sebelah malam sahaja untuk buat kerja2 online..

jadi, apa tunggu lagi...
jom serang IW, pakat2 beli domain dan hosting kat sini...

yang berpuas hati,

Thank for a fast and speed support Added On: October 17th, 2010
Posted By: En Zam Website: IP:

Thank you and i like your services.Support team is very-very helpfully.I hope your business became batter and batter..

Thank you.

Superb Customer Support And Respond Added On: October 15th, 2010
Posted By: Mohzar Website: Mohzar IP:

No regret... wish to use their service 5 years back...the respond support absolutely superb and lightning

Good service Added On: October 15th, 2010
Posted By: Muzhafar Website: Khansforge IP:

Fast response. Problem solved.

mantoooooooooooppp Added On: October 12th, 2010
Posted By: Baihaqi Website: RibatLife Islamic Training & Consultancy IP:

perkhidmatan yang mantap dan berkesan...x hairanlah saya dah 10 web bersama internet webhosting

Fast and Responsive support Added On: October 8th, 2010
Posted By: Rahman Bin Kaharuddin Website: csnk IP:

All I can say is they have the best support team. My blog has been hacked. I request to them to restore my database and file the day before. From my email to notify them about my problem until the time my problem solved is only take 21 minutes. Very good and fast response.

I've been using their service for a few years now and all I can say is I am one of their happy client.

Good job and very recommended.

Posted By: Ahmad Safuan Mokhtar Website: Stokis Jus Manggis Shamelin IP: is my first webhost and I have been a loyal customer for more than 5 years now. Their server speed is tip top. What is more important is their online support is always on par. They have 24 hours technical staffs on duty I guess. I was totally amazed when their technical staffs can serve you even at 4.00 AM! Well for me all technical staffs here are highly professional.

Usually they will respond back to my question in less than 5 minutes, very fast and very efficient. I will never look for any other hosting because is simply the best. So far NEVER dissappoint me. Mr Irwan and their team never leave me in the dark until all my technical problems are solved. For a newcomer, I would highly recommend because you will never regret.

Reliable and Fast Work Added On: October 3rd, 2010
Posted By: Derrick Choo Website: D&J SKINS ENT IP:

I'm glad that they respond quickly. Effective and Efficient. That is what all customer want. Appreciate.


Faster Support Team Added On: October 3rd, 2010
Posted By: Nizam Website: IP:

I experience problem server down. After contact support team, my problem resolved less than 5 minutes. Congratulation to team support Web Hosting Internet because really understand customer need.

Fast setup Added On: October 2nd, 2010
Posted By: Website: IP:

I was impressed with the fast setup of the hosting account even it was during weekend. The support team are very supportive and acted promptly to every enquiry. Hope they will mantain the same fast paced  in future services

Fast support Added On: October 2nd, 2010
Posted By: wan Website: Hijrah Jitu IP:

The site and webmain was blocked due to security reason, but the good support team from internet-webhosting help to resolve the problem and now I can log in to my hosting again. Thanks and good works.

tq Added On: September 25th, 2010
Posted By: nizam abd.rahman Website: nizamonline IP:

technical support yg sangat cepat dalam tindak balas, tak kira waktu dan masa menunggu dalam talian untuk bantuan adalah sangat singkat.terima kasih atas bantuan & keep it up.thumbs up for ur team.

lightning response and very reliable Added On: September 25th, 2010
Posted By: ismady bin ismail Website: Sekolah Menengah Teknik Setapak IP:

Getting stuck in doing anything will make you feel annoyed, angry and frustrated--especially when there is no one there to lend a helping hand. Nowadays, most people such as you and me are living in a fast-paced millennium that demands everything to be, well, you've guessed it, fast-paced.
You are reading this because you own a hosting with these people or, you’re still in a quest of looking for the best website hosting that offers everything under the sun with super-fast helpdesk that won’t dent your wallet.
Well, I am no marketing guru and I am not getting paid to write this but, as a fellow netizen, I feel obliged to share my experience in dealing with these guys when I was stuck with a problem regarding, yup, you’ve guessed it right again, hosting.
Having putting many worthwhile hours and dedicating one’s life in creating, building and maintaining one’s website requires a reliable strong-hold to host it. I mean, if you only want to have a blog, feel free to grab those free blog-plus-hosting out there.
Now, I’m no technician but I’m not clueless either in dealing with html, php, ftp and networking but, having creating my own joomla-based website and having it hosted at a free hosting (there are many out there), is, excuse my France--a pain in the arse.
One, there are always and will be a limited time-frame for you to meddle with your website. Don’t believe me? Try this—create sections and categories in joomla, edit them, ftp a few pictures and the free service stops after half an hour or so. You think those free hosters will give you total freedom to edit your website for as how long as you like? Nope. How about if you stumble with any technical glitch?
I’ve had my piece of action with free hosters versus and believe me; you can sit on your laurels having to know that if you ever stumble with any kind of troubles, you’d have a team of experts handling that mind-blowing, hair-raising situation with their unquestionable skills.
Well, this post might be edited by them (to fit the allowed length and word count) or whatever their reason might be but, friends, the main ideas will still exist—leave everything up to them, they’re the expert and, they lived up to their claim of having their customer service to support us 24/7.

Simply the Best Added On: September 25th, 2010
Posted By: Mr Omo. Website: Azabr Seeds & Oil Sdn Bhd. IP:

The way you respond to every matter regarding my website is tremendous, I have never seen such expertize and professionalism in Web-hosting service.

If i had the chance of rating the best web-hosting providers in the world i would pick you as my #1.

You are simply the best and please keep up the good work as we keep enjoy the best web-hosting service provided by the best minds.

Mr Omo.

Tadika/Kindergarden/pre-School Added On: September 25th, 2010
Posted By: Ahmad Lutfi Website: Tadika Tahfiz Al-Munir IP:


Excellent Service! Added On: September 22nd, 2010
Posted By: Ed Chew Website: IP:IP recording not yet implemented

On internet-webhosting's support: And when I say prompt, you guys are just amazing. Even when I’ve written you in the middle of the night, you inevitably get back to me within hours, often within minutes. There’s never that kind of urgency to any issue I’ve had, but you always act as if it’s no big deal to help me out quickly when I’m stuck on a problem, even at 1:00 a.m. That’s why I’ve never ever considered using anyone else to host our web sites. Your services are really inexpensive and comprehensive, but, more importantly, it’s your unparalleled support that makes working with you such a pleasure. Thanks for giving me this opportunity to let you know what a terrific job you’re doing. I’m sure your other existing customers already know how great you are, but please feel free to quote anything I’ve said for use in promoting your services to potential customers. KUDOS!

Fast customer service Added On: September 21st, 2010
Posted By: Wilson Website: WG Pictures IP:

Technical guy M. Fitri has been really efficient. Answers fast, and get my problem resolved without giving me any hassle. Thumbs up! Will definitely continue using their services! So far, no complains!

Prompt Service Added On: September 21st, 2010
Posted By: Andrew Bun Website: lifeimpactministries IP:

Their SERVICE is good and quick. I believe this is what everyone wants.

Great Job! Added On: September 12th, 2010
Posted By: Faris Fakri Website: Faris Fakri Photography IP:

I am very satisfied with Internet-Webhosting customer service team. Good job and efficient response. Keep up the good work guys!

Great Support Team! Added On: September 3rd, 2010
Posted By: Syahida Ramli Website: Butik Akademi Sulaman Sri Classic IP:

Good support team! Hey guys! You really did a good job with your clients! Really satisfied with your service... And you know what, I'm your regular customer since 2005 and your support team is excellent as usual. Regards, Syahida

Fast, great support anytime Added On: September 3rd, 2010
Posted By: Anuar Bakri Website: Adneen IP:

I have two accounts with Internet Webhosting since 2006 and never regret since then. The reason is internet webhosting provides very fast, reliable support each time i had problems. Great job for the team and surely will recommend to anyone who requires hassle free service.

Support Added On: August 29th, 2010
Posted By: Saiful Bahri Yusof Website: DIY Website with Skin Studio IP:

Great job, The most reliable and trusted webhosting company. HELP support just in time. No Delay. Keep It Up. Best Regards Saiful

Great technical support! Added On: August 27th, 2010
Posted By: Suhaimi Sulaiman Website: Suhaimi.NET IP:

While setting up my personal website, I encountered with so many technical problems. Some of my Joomla! website features don't compatible with my Windows platform, bought earlier. However, Internet Webhosting technical team has provide efficient, quick and reliable support to me and now my site is running smoothly! Thank you technical support team! Thumbs up!!!

VERY GOOD SERVICE ~I FEEL SO HAPPY !! Added On: August 22nd, 2010


Domain Transfer Added On: August 19th, 2010
Posted By: azam Website: Sekret Technology IP:

Very fast and reliable service provide by the agent. I use the domain transfer service and it takes only 1 days! Will do more business with you later. Thanks again

Quick Response Added On: August 16th, 2010
Posted By: kahlil Website: fatlossreviewguide IP:

I want to do business online and unfortunately not so good with technical stuffs related to webhosting and domain purchase,a friend introduce me to internet - Not only that it is cheap, their tech support response is lighting fast. just what i needed, a reliable company with excellent support system to help me grow my business.

Best Service! Added On: August 16th, 2010
Posted By: Bala Singam Website: Steam Coal Group IP:

Internet Webhosting is the best hosting company in Malaysia in my humble opinion. I have buying domain and hosting accounts since 2000 from international and Malaysian hosting company but once I found Internet Webhosting in 2006 I stop shopping around. They provide very competitive price yet deliver world class service. Whenever I have issues with my hosting I just send a ticket and the issue will be solved in 30 minutes in most of the cases. I want express my appreciation to the support staffs for their dedication in supporting my web hosting needs! Malaysia Boleh!

The Best webhosting provider Added On: August 14th, 2010
Posted By: Steward John Website: Sabahan Blogger IP:

I'm totally impressed with services offered by, and fast response to any inquiries. Surely I would recommend this provider to the others. As for staffs who have helped me, thank you very much and well done.

Fazil M - Great Assest Added On: August 6th, 2010
Posted By: Ting Website: Sabah Tour IP:

Great working with your support & sales staff - Mr Fazil M.

He is fast, accurate and prompt in responding to SOS. I believe he his a great asset to your IT company and surely will recommend more users to your site which i find it friendly and easy to use. Great work. Loving your services!

Terbaik Added On: August 2nd, 2010
Posted By: anasxz Website: Anasxz IP:

Internet-Webhosting memang terbaik. Support yang bagus. Setia melayani karenah pelanggan. Khidmat selepas jualan yang sangat baik. pakej hosting dan domain dengan harga yang sangat berpatutan. Anda mesti pilih Internet Webhosting.

Fast help Added On: July 29th, 2010
Posted By: mazlan zubair Website: Jaguh Dot Net IP:

Thanks and congrates to you guys for very fast technical support. Cheers!!

Learning Virtual directory and MIME with you Added On: July 23rd, 2010
Posted By: Hong Cham Choon Website: virtual directory and database programs inside IP:

I was free today and Irwan of your office guided me thru various emails for the whole morning till 4pm on setting up virtual directory, put in MIME programs and uploading of the database files for accessing. Really a great learning I have.

While use this as a starting step for me to build up more virtual directory files for accessing later.

Thank you. I really learn a lot with the help of Irwan from SKSA Technology.

Great support service Added On: July 23rd, 2010
Posted By: Beebiees Website: AFIA Collections IP:

Very Best online service support from the staff especially Mr Ammar.S & Mr Shakir.M who guided me most everything. Thank you...

great support Added On: July 19th, 2010
Posted By: chueail Website: Free ads to all IP:

tq for the superb support..

Internet-Webhosting is the best among them Added On: July 17th, 2010
Posted By: Moment Group Website: IP:

We are website development company, our web project has host at different hosting service providers over the year. Internet-Webhosting is the best among them.

Their support team are very fast in react and responsible. They have 24 hours technical support and no hassle procedural.

Now, I have transfer all my hosting and domain under Internet-Webhosting.

I will intro this good service to my friends as well. Keep it up!


I already have a hosting service with your Group. I purchased an additional DOMAIN and wished it to be an ADDONDOMAIN in may existing hosting. When I asked for help from your help-desk..they resolved it in minutes I appreciate your prompt service Thank You Vincent Ukkra

wrong pasword for FTP Added On: July 12th, 2010
Posted By: asyraf hasan Website: company profile IP:

Refer to the issue.

plesk password is not same with the ftp password. maybe have some my previous employee change it before. because of that, i can't FTP  to my company website.

im so glad that your issue has been resolved by internet-webhosting support staff. (especially to M Fitrri, Ammar.S, Fazli M, Nik Z and M Irwan. )

Thank You Very Much.!

~Asyraf Hasan~


syabas internet webhosting Added On: July 12th, 2010
Posted By: baihaqi Website: Diari Membelakangi Masa IP:

servis mantap.. 10 domain dah bersama internet webhosting.. x cari hosting lain dah aku

Great support system Added On: July 12th, 2010
Posted By: Asmaa Hussin Website: Kelhome IP:

I installed a premium theme in a midnight and got a fatal error just after uploading that premium theme. hohoho Helped by Adi.S, my site recover within one hour. Highly recommended for those who are looking for who are looking for their services.

Welcome to ~~ Added On: July 9th, 2010
Posted By: shah Website: halalmart IP:

salam, thanks for quick support and response, appreciated

Good Support Added On: July 6th, 2010
Posted By: Ken Website: UCSI University bizplan Competition IP:

Fast respond from the support team and fixed every problem that i faced. Thumb up

Masalah laman sesawang tak berfungsi Added On: July 6th, 2010
Posted By: Abd. Hamid Othman Website: MEDICRAPID IP:

Saya mengucapkan ribuan terima kasih kepada team teknikal Malaysia Internet Webhosting yang berusaha memulihkan laman sesawang saya yang telah disekat atas sebab-sebab tertentu. Lebih tiga hari laman tersebut tidak boleh dibuka.
Dengan bantuan mereka akhirnya pada pagi Selasa 6 Julai 2010, masalah tersebut selesai.
Terima kasih kerana menghulur bantuan sedemikian rupa. Harapan saya sikap begini harus diteruskan kerana akan mendapat kepercayaan pelanggan.

domain banned Added On: July 6th, 2010
Posted By: Ismandy Ali Website: Planetarium Sultan Iskandar IP:

The suports  are fast, accurate and with the real diagnostic info. I am not trying to be overated but hey that's very true. Thanks :)

Best Service Ever Added On: July 6th, 2010
Posted By: Ahmad Ruhaifi Website: wwwStudio IP:

Thoughts on Internet Webhosting: The best thing is the customer service and the fact that I generally have very little problems with the sites.

Support Team Terbaik Added On: July 3rd, 2010
Posted By: SK Ampangan Website: SK Ampangan - Setia Jaya IP:

Kami baru sahaja ingin membina laman web sekolah kami. Saya sendiri kekurangan pengalaman. Orang kata charge untuk siapkan mesti menggunakan kos yang tinggi...namun bagi saya di internet-Webhosting semua menjadi murah apabila support team mereka yang sangat berdedikasi dan bersemangat untuk membantu. Malah yang sepatutnya kami lakukan sendiri turut dibantu dengan ikhlas oleh mereka. Syabas dan terima kasih kepada team Internet-Webhosting. Kami tidak rugi melanggan pakej anda.

Thank You- Internet-webhosting Team! Added On: June 20th, 2010
Posted By: Dr.Mohan Website: The online ebook store portal! IP:

I would like to thank the team at for a great job done! They arereally commited to help and serve and take action pomptly to solve customers problems.

Their response is quick and efficient and will not hessitate to recomend the hosting company to my friends and business associates.

I specially would like to thank Ammar, Hafiz and Irwan for their responsible response.

Thank you Guys!


367 Never Fail Added On: June 17th, 2010
Posted By: Ahmad Safuan Mokhtar Website: Jus Manggis Shamelin IP:

I have been a loyal customer for shared webhosting with for almost 6 years now. Ever since, the technical staff NEVER FAIL to help me, but the best thing is they will always take action immediately.Thumb up for Mr Ikhwan and his technical team.

Great service support Added On: June 11th, 2010
Posted By: Izham Website: Xenosystem IP:

Hi, Since 2007 until now (2010), i'm very pleased with all great support and fast respond from internet-webhosting team which is fully satisfied my need and requirement on building a good website. It's the first webhosting i subscribe that last long for almost 3 years. As low as RM 80 per year, or you can upgrade anytime later, these people is ready to give all the best they can to assist. Internet-webhosting is fully managed by our local people and the server is also in local site. Rating for their service is 4.7 Star / 5 overall. I will recommend to any of you out there who still in search for good service support with great price offer for webhosting services. You are looking at the right place for best performance / price webhosting provider.

Thank you Added On: June 10th, 2010
Posted By: isaac Website: nil IP:

Thanks for your unconditional assistance. I will not be able to get this type of services if I bought a server on my own. Good Job, Keep it up.

the best staff Added On: June 9th, 2010
Posted By: fid Website: fiD! IP:

Sumpah best staff di syarikat ini. Untuk pengetahuan anda, saya ada juga membeli hosting di sebuah syarikat lain. Tapi bantuan mereka agak LAMBAT! Berbeza dengan syrikat internet-webhosting yang pantas dalam membantu pelanggan mereka.

khas kepada staff:

jujur dari hati saya.

The best web-hosting in town.. Added On: June 8th, 2010
Posted By: Ben Website: Malaysia Discus Forum IP:

Have tried many web hosting companies, no doubt is the best among the rest with their excellent support and best price for web hosting!

Keep up the good work!

Fast troubleshooting support Added On: June 8th, 2010
Posted By: Suhardi Website: Trusted Kedai Online IP:

I have some issue with web system file issue that i accidently modified & delete,that caused my website down.However,i'am so happy & impressed on prompt support sevices provided by internet-webhosting team.They  troubleshooting my problem solved less than an hour although issue lodged in midnight.

Thanks for support Added On: June 7th, 2010
Posted By: Afzulnizam Aris Website: Malaysia Community Forum IP:

Thank you so much to support team. You're the best.

good service Added On: June 5th, 2010
Posted By: nazmie Website: health and fitness info IP:

This is a good service i ever found with the immediate solving problem,step by step solution,fast respond,giving information clearly.Thank you for your support.

Best Hosting and Support Added On: June 5th, 2010
Posted By: MUHAMAD FAHMI BIN MOHD YU Website: top tv series IP:

Thanks for support team for helping me solving my problem...It is very good for other using this hosting provider since they have daily backup..I accidentally delete my domain, however it is all resolved with their fast and excellent support..Really2 thanks to them

Prompt feedback Added On: June 4th, 2010
Posted By: Isroz Website: Rhinicks Rescue Project (M) Sdn Bhd IP:

Thank you for prompt feedback on technical issue!

Perfect!! Added On: June 3rd, 2010
Posted By: Muhamad Aidil Bin Karim Website: Selecta IT Solution IP:

As i have a problem in configuring outlook 2007 as a mail client, support representative give a fast respond and giving a perfect answer. Good job!! 
Hopefully this afford will be continue in solving other customer problem.

Perkhidmatan Tuan Memang Cekap & Pantas Added On: June 1st, 2010
Posted By: Mohd Juneed B Ismail Website: Rawatan Penyakit Dengan Al-Quran IP:

Salam, saya mengucapkan ribuan terima kasih kepada pihak admin internet-webhosting atas tindakan pantas dengan masalah pelanggan. tidak kira masa. Bila-bila masa saja saya ajukan masalah, pasti ada yang menjawab dan menyelesaikan masalah saya. almaklumlah saya ni orang baru dalam bidang domain & hosting ni. TQ admin. Syabas!!!!

good service Added On: June 1st, 2010
Posted By: Ben Website: Rainforest Herbs IP:

Great service from Malaysia Webhosting, it seems they never sleep as I can get a response to my webhosting issues no matter what time of day or night. I recommend them to anyone!

Excellent and Prompt Support Added On: May 25th, 2010
Posted By: Tara Website: tarabliss IP:

I would like to thank M.Fitri of internet webhosting for resolving my technical issue within 10 minutes of logging the problem. Thank you. You saved my day.

Quick Responsive at is best Added On: May 24th, 2010
Posted By: Philip Harold Ragam Website: Daya Asia Marketing IP:

Thank you for your technical staff for being quick help.Your customer service is great just like your product.

Good Job Added On: May 21st, 2010
Posted By: Kabur Ibrahim Website: IP:

I am happy with your services. You are very efficient even after midnite. I had a problem last nite with my dedicated server and after a few communications, it was all sorted out inspite of the time which was after midnite. Excellent job and keep it up.  


Sangat amat sunguh-sunguh berpuas hati Added On: May 19th, 2010
Posted By: hisyam Website: Laman web simple dan advance IP:

Assalamulaikum wbt dan selamat sejahtera..

dan tidak ada apa2 lagi kata2 yang boleh diucapkan, sememangnya iw adalah yang terbaik diantara yang terbaik..

berbekalkan ruangan support yang online 24 jam, ia dapat memudahkan kerja saya dan dengan ilmu kepakaran yang tinggi yang dimiliki oleh saudara nik, saudara fitri, saudara amar.. sememangnya, ia memantapkan lagi internet webhosting (iw)..

ucapan tahniah dan terima kasih..

kerana tak putus2 dan tidak pernah mengeluh dengan kerenah saya.. terima kasih..

yang benar,

Great Help By Site Support Added On: May 15th, 2010
Posted By: Har Khairul Rosdin Website: Freegames2000 IP:

Hi there,

I would love to gift highest appreciation to the support me in uploading my website in the web-hosting. They are helping me efficiently and wholeheartedly. All my email has been respond perfectly and on time. I wish all the best for the company.
Special thanks specifically to M.Fitri and generally to the company itself. I would give 10/10 for the service.

Mailing List Added On: May 14th, 2010
Posted By: Sean Kiong Website: IP:

Your support team has been really helpful for not giving up and concluded with solution and advices. Well done, keep up.

Efficient Service by SKSA Added On: May 13th, 2010
Posted By: Nasruddin mohamed salleh Website: Building Digest Online IP:

I have no knowledge on website design. However I did learnt from the internet on designing web using Kompozer or NVU and File Zille for uploading. I try to design my web site and register my domain and host with SKSA.. After few trials, i cannot detect my website online. Few attempts to modify my mistakes end up to nothing. So i contacted SKSA support department via email and in less than 1 hour, my problem solved. Thank u guys, u are very efficient.

Excellent Added On: May 13th, 2010
Posted By: Mohd Izat B Mohd Fuad Website: smkgerik IP:

Very helpful and kindly

problem login telah selesa ( thank you) Added On: May 13th, 2010
Posted By: abdul rahman Website: MyBlog IP:

terima kasih pada team internet-webhosting kerana sabar dalam melayani kerenah saya..w/pun byk kali saya email..mereka tetap respon dan ambil tindakan dgn pantas bagi mengatasi maslah saya

The support team really great and fast action. Added On: May 12th, 2010
Posted By: Mohd Sadruddin Website: Asiasankyu IP:

The support team really great and fast action.

Support memang mantap Added On: May 9th, 2010
Posted By: Fairuz Sudin Website: Website Autodowline IP:

Support hosting memang mantap. Saya emel sahaja, dalam masa beberapa minit, sudah balas. Saya akan terus menggunakan hosting ini untuk saya dan pelanggan saya.

The support team are so helpfull and fast! Added On: May 7th, 2010
Posted By: Mohd Kasni Website: K-UTECH SDN BHD IP:

I bought the windows server premium package, but then I installed moodle. Moodle requires some advanced setting and support team recommend me migrate to Linux server. Best of all, its free and they do it in minutes. Later, my moodle are running as it should and the support team guide me in detail every time I had problem and replied fast! I definitely recommend internet-webhosting even for intermidiate/beginner user.

TERBAIK DARI U ALL...TQ Added On: May 7th, 2010
Posted By: KMAN Website: Kman Blog - Produktivity &Quality Issue.. IP:

Internet webhosting amat mesra pengguna... support team terbaik.. prompt responce..tak kira waktu walapun jam 3 pagi...teruskan yang terbaik kepada Bro Fitri, Irwan, Ammr and geng lain... kou layan aku yang baru blajer ni dengan sabar..tq bro semua...ada masalah aku tanya lagi..

Very happy with the response time! Added On: April 29th, 2010
Posted By: Yong Chyn Huei Website: mybabypiggy IP:

Internet-Webhostion response customer's support very quickly! Amazingly less than 3 minutes. Thank you M.Irwan

Lima Bintang untuk Internet Webhosting Added On: April 23rd, 2010
Posted By: AFRB Enterprise Website: .:PPD Kota Marudu:. IP:

Para "Technical Supporter" Internet Webhosting saya ucapkan jutaan terima kasih kerana penuh kesabaran dan sangat dedikasi memberi sedaya-upaya bantuan dan tunjuk ajar kepada saya.

Bermula 22 Apr 2010 08:09 PM hinggalah 23 Apr 2010 12:09 AM para "Technical Supporter" terus menerus tanpa henti melayan saya.

M.Irwan (best of the best)
Nik. Z (best of the best)

Terima kasih yang tak terhingga.

sgt2 bersyukur dan terima kasih Added On: April 19th, 2010
Posted By: yati Website: smk seri perak IP:

sy guru br yg xbpe expert dlm build website.apetah lg pasl2 webhosting and nk upload kt host.punya la sush hati sgt2 sb website tu kena launch pd 17hb br2 ni...nsib baik pihak SKSA [support team] cepat-pantas membantu sehinggalah proses upload berjaya..time kasih yg tidak terhingga kepd SKSA exspecially EN.IRWAN  kerana byk membantu; bg input yg berguna berkenaan ngan hosting..:)) vote 4 SKSA :)

They are good and fast Added On: April 18th, 2010
Posted By: Riz Website: Ez-Hub Services IP:

They are good and fast.

im not worry Added On: April 6th, 2010
Posted By: Mohamad Alif Website: grafiquee the blog IP:

im not worry because when i got problem regarding my website i can refers to Technical Division and they will fix my problem very fast and they very2 friendly..thnks a lot!!!

Keep it up! & make it to the best of the best! Added On: April 6th, 2010
Posted By: kento Website: Cre8tiv Graphix Designs IP:

After hours of troubleshooting & fixing,finally our site came back online! Thanks to the fast lightning support from the support staff. TQ & keep it up!  

p.s: maybe you can implement ONLINE support which is by IM or online messaging.TQ

Perkhidmatan Yang Cemerlang Added On: April 5th, 2010
Posted By: Myfuyoo Website: Portal Komuniti Myfuyoo IP:

Perkhidmatan yang sangat baik, cekap dan efisien. Teruskan kecemerlangan kepada semua staff SKSA.

Nice service Added On: April 1st, 2010
Posted By: Sufide Website: An anion of sulfur IP:

Very trustful web hosting. I have been using it for 4 years.
My site is a blog of sulfide information.

A1 Added On: March 25th, 2010
Posted By: EB Website: 3dproperty IP:

Great support and  deliver what they guarantee. My website hosted here more than 3 years with multiple domain.  Never regret.   One forthe best I seen so far.

Good Service Added On: March 13th, 2010
Posted By: M. Najib Website: Ebook IP:

Your feedback very faster and excellent...

Redirection Added On: March 13th, 2010
Posted By: Ooi Website: Gastroenterology IP:

The efficiency and help that i got to redirect my website has been exemplary and it was done with minimal fuss and minimal time. Kudos!

Mudah dan cepat Added On: March 13th, 2010
Posted By: MOHS IDRUS Website: Belian Produk secara online IP:

Internet webhosting memberi perkhidmatan yang baik untuk semua peringkat webmaster. Support yang diberikan cepat dan mesra pengguna. Saya amat berpuas hati dengan layanan dari internet webhosting walaupun saya masih lagi baru dalam mempunyai hosting sendiri. Syabas layari website saya

Great Support Team Added On: March 12th, 2010
Posted By: Wesley Chong Website: Wesley Design Studio IP:

SKSA Technology is a great company and best support for their customer. I cannot login at my website today. I just submit a issue ticket, they immediately solved my problem within 1 minutes. YES! 1 minutes. SKSA Technology is my 1 choose, you must try it.

New Domain and Webhosting Registration Added On: March 4th, 2010
Posted By: Katutu @ Wirno Website: IP:

I am happy with, any problem arise they are there to solve it. If you have anything to ask they will give an immediate answer. Sometimes give them time to think of your problem. Don't be frustrated

Great Services!! Added On: February 25th, 2010
Posted By: Aheys Website: Aheys.Com IP:

I just wanted to tell you how much I love your service. Your support staff has been very helpful to me, which is a big relief as I am not the most technologically inclined person. Today one of your support staff was a big help and replied quickly to a ticket I had placed. I just wanted to say I appreciate the service!

Thanks for your team! Added On: February 17th, 2010
Posted By: Mohd Zaini Website: Science And Instruments Supplier IP:

This is my first website dot com lunched, and my first experience built own domain website.Your support team very fast helped. Good services. I very like to make deal with your team. Thanks at all. Nice group!

thank you so much Added On: February 17th, 2010
Posted By: sufia Website: SK Serkam Darat IP:

Thank you for techinal support team. They are really helpful and easy to understand. They quickly respond to my problem.
Thanks again

thanks! Added On: February 16th, 2010
Posted By: shaifulsafar Website: IP:

I would like to send greetings to all senior & support @ Internet webhosting for their comitment to resolve all the customer problems.

Today i got difficulties to install the shopping cart at my hosting.... thanks to irwan, shakir and technical team because make my shopping cart works.

keep it up the good works!


Posted By: Safuan Mokhtar Website: Jus Manggis ShamelinBiz4u IP:

I have been a loyal customer with for almost 4 years now. So far so good, their technicians NEVER FAILED when I need technical assistance. I salute them because they USUALLY will answer your question INSTANTLY...Let me rephrase again..INSTANTLY

Fast Responding Added On: February 9th, 2010
Posted By: Kelvin Ngo Website: IP:

Cool and awesom services!! You guys fast reponsding and helpful support is really amazed to me. Thanks!

Suppot yang terbaik Added On: February 6th, 2010
Posted By: Sofieyya Cairo Website: Alkiram.Net IP:

Internet Webhosting adalah pilihan kami yang paling terbaik untuk malaysian ! sblm ni telah byk kali melanggan hosting lain tapi support kurang memuaskan berbanding dengan Internet webhosting ini amat terbaik.! tidak perlu menunggu lama utk dpt responden dan kami telah pun refer kepada kawan2 yang nak abik hosting sy terus cadangkan kt sini..kerana apa? support yang mantap dan bagus !!

I'm impressed Added On: February 5th, 2010
Posted By: Shah Website: SLB Services IP:

To appreciate Internet-webhosting crew i don't think so i have suitable words, because of the crew im having easy life in web design world. I would Specially thank to Nik. Z, Fazli M, M. Irwan and Adi.S, who helped me really efficient and punctual, even one of my customer send abit rude comments because their website was down but he got a very positive response and he sorry to me because of his behaviuor. I love KEEP IT UP REGARDS

Very Fast Support Response Added On: February 4th, 2010
Posted By: Alan Tan Website: IP:

What I like is the Fast and Good Support Response.

Keep up the good work

Very Helpful Added On: January 28th, 2010
Posted By: Jamain Johari Website: ARA_Jamain Johari IP:

They are very helpful and resourcesful. Thank you. Especially M. Irwan

Website Services Added On: January 25th, 2010
Posted By: Cardiff Enterprise Website: IP:

"First of all thank you so much for all your priceless services on our website. We don't know how to say but your services very satisfied for us. All the best, always". Thanks

Installing Joomla like 123 Added On: January 22nd, 2010
Posted By: yeeburn Website: mastero IP:

Mendaftar domain baru dan urusan penyewaan hosting dengan SKSA Technology sangat pantas dan memuaskan.  Installing Joomla like 123, it is very easy.  Thank you to SKSA Technology Support Team.

Email Account Error Bouncing. Added On: January 21st, 2010
Posted By: Naveen Kaur Website: . IP:

Insert your testimonial Thanks to En. Shakir.M -support. My problem eas solve very fast. Thank you Veen Kaur

Keep up the Good Work along with the Price Added On: January 16th, 2010
Posted By: Ardmad Website: The Pro Way IP:

Just wanted to say that I am satisfied hosting here. The server is so FAST and the price is very acceptable. You have all u need here such as: PHP at pace, and a surprisingly Windows platform (for at the same price with Linux (for php use). Only that I suggest (just an opinion) that the domain name be set down to RM30. If so, then there will be no reason for everyone: not to host here.

Bagus Added On: January 13th, 2010
Posted By: zamri Website: ZamHero IP:

Saya amat berpuas hati dengan perkhidmatan yang di sediakan oleh internet-webhosting. Nampaknya domain yang saya idamankan tercapai jua akhirnya. Kini blog saya berjalan dengan lancar. Apa-apa pun saya ucapkan terima kasih.

Restoration Added On: January 13th, 2010
Posted By: Faris Fakri Website: Faris Fakri Wedding & Portrait Photographer IP:

Internet Webhosting team is the best team I have acrossed so far in terms of customer service. Their quick response helps me get my job done in a flash. I cannot remember every single name in the department but as for today, thank you to Ammar for being very understanding and helpful. Keep up the good work and you guys rock.

Mega Ultra Super Services!! Added On: January 10th, 2010
Posted By: Salwa Website: IP:

I dunno how to show my deepest thank and gratitude to Mr Irwan, he has saved me from losing my precious blog, all caused by my own mistake.
SKSA staff(especially mr Irwan, and also mr aliff, mr shakir, mr adi and many more) have helped me from day 1 of me woth SKSA untill today(almost 1 year) without fail.Their services are spectacular! I can say they are better than any other local hosting company, trust me, i knew it cause i make money thru online. and i mingle with many other bloggers and websites owners who keep complaining about their hosting provider. If  u wanna world class service for ur website and otehr IT thingy, definitely u have to choose SKSA Technology. They are as good as Hostgator! Keep up ur superb services guys! I am so proud knowing that there are a Malaysian hosting services with world premier class services! two thumbs up!

thank you so much Added On: January 10th, 2010
Posted By: sufia Website: SK Serkam Darat IP:

Thank you so much for the technical support for helping me changing our email provider to google mail apps in less than 1 hour. Great job! Very easy step-to-step guide..

Cheapest, Reliable & Best 24 hours service hosting Added On: January 5th, 2010
Posted By: Samuel Lim Website: Goodigoods Shop IP:

I'm a IT engineer who helps customer set-up and design, I'm using internet-webhosting service almost 2 years. Within these years, I've also try with other hosting but finally transfer back to internet-webhosting. They really provide the 24-hours service, normally I will only have free time to update all my customer website late at night, 12 ~ 2am, and when I get's trouble, try to send email, within 15 min, gets reply. Really fast!! sometimes within 5 min, when you register a new domain or hosting package, within 15 min, your website is up, fantastic!!! Currently, I already register 8 hosting with internet-webhosting and some a using 2 year. What I would say is they are the Cheapest, Fast, and Best 24-hours service that I had never met before.

No connectivity Added On: January 4th, 2010
Posted By: Hossein Website: Admix International IP:

Hope a very good and prosperous life for all of you guys in this new year.

Response time Added On: January 2nd, 2010
Posted By: Siva Prakash Website: Webpage IP:

I purchased my domain name and and webhosting through this site. Two words- Perfect service. I will purchase through this site. Siva

You are the best Added On: December 31st, 2009
Posted By: nailah87 Website: web testing IP:

Assalamu'alaikum. Pertama-tamanya, saya rasa beryukur sangat ditemukan dengan ineternet-webhosting ini. Saya amat berpuas hati dengan service yang diberikan. Perkhidmatan yang mesra, cekap dan pantas. Semoga terus success sirru 'ala barakatillah

great respond Added On: December 31st, 2009
Posted By: CyDin Website: - IP:

1st of all i would like to say happy new year. To Mr Irwan i would like to said thanks you very much for the help and respond, and to all the team in internet-webhosting thanks for the great services. All my problem reply in less then 10min and settle it in the same day. Thanks again to all staff especialy mr irwan :) good job, may GOD bless u all and happy new year 2010

GOOD support! Added On: December 29th, 2009
Posted By: Tim Website: Hup Sheng Hardware Trading Co. IP:

Very Good Support from this company!

Proud to use Malaysian Hosting Added On: December 16th, 2009
Posted By: Shah Website: Funkada Sdn Bhd IP:

I would like to wish best of luck for all the staff, further im really impressed your prompt response of my each enquiry mail. Hopefully you service would attending us like this or more better than this in future, i really don't have any other company to recommend but only INTERNET-WEBHOSTING for my friends & customers. Regards shah

mesra pengguna n cekap Added On: December 14th, 2009
Posted By: Mohd Firdaus Website: Koperasi Warga Pendidikan Terengganu Berhad IP:

Internet webhosting amat mesra pengguna. Terutama dari segi layanan dan jawapan dari pertanyaan yang diajukan, dibalas dengan pantas dan amat menerujakan saya. kerana hosting yang saya sewa sebelum ini tidak mesra pengguna.
sekali lagi terima kasih kepada internet webhosting... terutama kepada induvidu ini
en adi, en irwan, cik azira, en shakir. mereka banyak membantu.
linux premium : RM300.00 (Amat berbaloi....)

Best Added On: December 14th, 2009
Posted By: Mohd Firdaus Website: Koperasi Warga Pendidikan Terengganu Berhad IP:

Bagus dan Laju

Problems to Install Joomla 1.5 Added On: December 5th, 2009
Posted By: nazri Website: Antenna Entertainment Sdn. Bhd. IP:

Saya sangat berterima kasih kerana memudahkan dan menjimatkan masa bekerja saya apabila kumpulan pakar pengendali laman web telah banyak membantu menyelesaikan bermula dengan pendaftaran domain, dan proses instalasi Joomla 1.5 yang saya tidak dapat kesan ralat yang berlaku tetapi kumpulan teknikal syarikat pengendali laman web ini telah menyelesaikan masalah ini dengan proaktif tanpa menunggu saya membuat sendiri untuk install joomla.  Biasanya yang saya kena adalah mereka meminta saya membuat dan menyelesaikan sendiri masalah yang saya hadapi.  Saya ucapkan terima kasih banyak-banyak.  Write in BM to deliver to Orang BM.

perkhidmatan memuaskan Added On: December 3rd, 2009
Posted By: zahari Website: IP:

Perkhidmatan amat memuaskan dan setelah membeli hosting tadi selepas ini saya akan pindahkan website saya ke webhosting baru ini supaya lebih stabil.
pakej sufers plan ini juga banyak membantu saya dalam membuat pilihan yang terbaik..

sekian terima kasih

BAGUSSSSS! Added On: November 28th, 2009
Posted By: Admin Unit Koku SK Serkam Website: e-KOKU IP:

Saya Kagum!!! Saya Bangga!!! Saya Puas Hati!!! dengan tindakan yang penuh efisyen dari pihak SKSA. Terima kasih, Adi, Alif dan "Senior Sales and Support" di atas bantuan terbaik yang diberikan. Selamat Maju jaya. Malaysia Boleh!!!

Thank You! Added On: November 27th, 2009
Posted By: Lee Flower Design Academy Website: IP:

Firstly,  I would like to wish all the Muslims staffs at 
and others a Happy Holidays....

You guys are great...prompt responce ALWAYS
Never fail, Not even ONCE!!!.
I'm glad, I made a right choice to choose are
Prompt, efficient, superb and the best of the best...
As you can see that We have transferred most of
the domains to your company and hosting.
Needless to say more.
Happy Holidays
Don't work too late :-)
My salute!! to Mr. Nik Zul


Thumbs up Added On: November 26th, 2009
Posted By: Ariffshah Website: Perfume Online IP:

Thumbs up... recommended hosting provider to all. And the very important is the friendly customer service

Lightning Speed Support Added On: November 25th, 2009
Posted By: Patrick Teh Website: World Cheap Travel IP:

Irwan, you are fantastic and energetic! With you, I feel as if I don't have to worry of being a novice website owner at all. Keep up the first-class service spirit. I would recommend anyone, new or seasoned, to subscribe to  Many thanks, Patrick. 

Awesome Help Received Added On: November 25th, 2009
Posted By: Patrick Website: World Cheap Travel IP:

I must say that the help I received from your team yesterday (24.11.09) was awesome: exceptionally prompt, technically sound and right-to-the point. For a beginner in website do-it-yourself (DIY), it is very refreshing for me to find some technically-competent persons who are enthusiastic in helping you solve issues that are technical to a beginer. Well done everyone at SKSA Technology a.k.a. and keep your flags flying high! Thank you and good luck.

User Akaunkaun problem Added On: November 13th, 2009
Posted By: Mohd Khairudin (Mercu Asi Website: MagixBox IP:

Pada hari ini, 13 Nov 2009, telah berlaku sesuatu masalah yang menyebabkan akaun saya telah disuspended by mistake. Saya telah mengadu kepada pihak sales mengenai masalah tersebut.

Feedback yang diterima amat memuaskan dimana masalah yang timbul telah diselesaikan dalam masa 10 minit sahaja.

Bravo kepada SKSA Technology  Team, keep on good job man..

Proactive Backup Added On: November 12th, 2009
Posted By: Jamain Johari ARAKEN Website: IP:

Their pro-active backup had saved me! Within minutes they restore it back to normal. This is not happen to other hosting that we are using. Slowly will move all our remaining domain (from other hosting) into this web hosting. 

Keep it UP!

Quick Response On Support & Great Hosting Added On: November 5th, 2009
Posted By: Hakim Fuad Website: Hactech Systems IP:

Fast response on supporting and good for hosting system application development!!

Penyedia Hosting Terbaik Added On: November 5th, 2009
Posted By: MEezwan Website: RezqiDotCom IP:

SKSA Memang bagus! Support dia memang pantas. Ini pertama kali saya beli hosting di SKSA dan memang saya berpuas hati! Saya akan cadangkan sesiapa sahaja untuk menggunakan

I do what i promise Added On: November 3rd, 2009
Posted By: roslan bin kasim Website: Malaysia hotels directory IP:

After your excellent service ..
before this - a month ago ...i'll promise to buy more hosting with your company  if i'm ready ..

Now ..

i was have ..

thank so much for your service ..
surely time ..a want more...

why i said you have a good service ? .. cause ..GOOD RESPON and FASTER TO SUPPORT

Thank again


Customer Oriented Added On: October 26th, 2009
Posted By: Muhammad Shafiq Website: IP:

The best web hosting services so far. I have tried several company but this is far the most cheapest and come with and excellence service. Keep up the good word. I'm spreading the good news for sure!

amat dan teramat bagus.. dah tak tahu nak cakap ca Added On: October 25th, 2009
Posted By: hisyam Website: membina pelbagai laman web - autodownline dsbg IP:

assalamualaikum wbt..

terima kasih di atas bantuan.. saya dah ada berpuluh2 laman web di dalam hosting internet webhosting, dari dulu sampia sekarang. dan insyaAllah saya tak akan tukar lagi hosting lain, walaupun hosting kat tempat lain murah, tapi support dia memang amat2 mengecewakan.. saya tak nak sebut hosting kat sini, tapi faham2 je lah..
dan ada satu ketika tu, pukul 3pagi, client nak urgent, dan saya hubungi support, dan akhirnya saya yang kena marah.. last2 sekali, saya terminate je hosting kat sana, senang cite... dia puas hati saya tak kacau dia, dan saya puas hati sbb tak payah bazirkan duit bertapak hosting kat sana..



Another domain, another great experience Added On: October 24th, 2009
Posted By: Indy Website: Sugar Information Center IP:

No problems, and if there are, they get fixed very quickly.

Good host, Smooth sailing yet again. Added On: October 24th, 2009
Posted By: Indy Website: IP:

Good host, Smooth sailing yet again.

Mail problem Added On: October 22nd, 2009
Posted By: suria-medik sdn bhd Website: shahila IP:

nothing to say just thanks from my company because your staff had tried so hard to solve this problem. keep up a good work next time.
thanks again.

CSR Cepat,Pantas Dan Tepat.... Added On: October 20th, 2009
Posted By: Mohd Nur Website: Celebrity News IP:

Sebelum ini saya adalah pengguna hosting dan domain Google ( Blogspot), mungkin sudah tiba masanya saya mempunyai domain sendiri. Tanpa tunjuk ajar dan bantuan dari pihak SKSA mungkin akan melambatkan lagi proses "Redirect" domain Google ke domain sendiri. Terima kasih sekali lagi dengan bantuan yang bertaraf "5 Star", anda berikan kepada pelanggan. JIka bantuan seperti yang anda berikan kepada saya pastinya suatu hari nanti SKSA akan menjadi menjadi NO 1 di Malaysia...!!! Good Luck all Mohd Nur

Fast services Added On: October 19th, 2009
Posted By: Aizal Arman Website: Rahsia Suami Isteri IP:

Setiap kali ada masalah... dapat diselesaikan dalam masa tak sampai 1 minit... mmg aku puas hati dengan servis kompeni ni....

Salute!!! Added On: October 17th, 2009
Posted By: Along Website: Matlamat IP: page ranking stay no.1..
sangat2 dipercayai..

webhosting change over Added On: October 16th, 2009
Posted By: Mr yaw Website: Edunovice Exam Tips IP:

It has been great working along one of the best hosting company in malaysia.

I would like to place a special thanks to Mr Alif for helping us to resolve our website

Special thanks to the following personal too
M Irwan
Fazli M
Shakir M

I have to say their services are the best and i will not hesitate to seek for their help.

Thanks again in a million. You guys are just great

Excellent Hosting Provider Added On: October 13th, 2009
Posted By: Abdul razak Ibrahim Website: Dewan Prima LJT IP:

I'm hosting 3 domain here and the service is so great. Highly recommended for those who are still looking for hosting provider. RAZAQ.

Quick repsonse from Internet-Webhosting Added On: October 10th, 2009
Posted By: Desmond Patrick Website: Scam Warners IP:

I reported the site as being involved in advanced fee fraud operations and it was down in less than 15 minutes. It's good to see companies that values more decency than a quick buck.
Thank you all for doing the right thing.

Testimonial Added On: October 1st, 2009
Posted By: Indy M Website: Mesothelioma IP:

Registered another site with SKSA. Didn't know how to add-on another domain. Support took care of that quickly and efficiently through the phone. Will definitely shop here again.

Testimonial Added On: September 26th, 2009
Posted By: Amir Website: Annabella House Of Therapy IP:

Its been 3 years using hosting my domain here and I'm glad that I host my domain with this company as their support is very efficient and almost real time for every problem that I encountered. The support team is very supportive and try their very best to help me settle my problem. Thank you!

Excellent services and support Added On: September 25th, 2009
Posted By: fahmi Website: Laser hair removal IP:

The service is totally tip-top..I've just purchased a new hosting under refugee special and the new support and service I get from this company is totally give me full satisfaction. Although I bring together my websites problem that I get from previous hosting provider, the new support give me full cooperation and they just help me solved my problem at no cost and question.

Internet-Webhosting The Best Service. Added On: September 20th, 2009
Posted By: Afzulnizam Aris Website: Malaysia Community Forum IP:

we would like to say thank you very much to the Internet-Webhosting company because you give me the best services in this world. Thanks again and good luck to Internet-Webhosting team.

- Malaysia  Community Team -

Online and Offline Support Added On: September 20th, 2009
Posted By: Indran Manickam Website: Forex Trading - Forex, Stocks, Finance, Mutual Fun IP:

I have to say that i'm very happy with the technical support offered. They have always been prompt and efficient in their attempt to solve my problems. The officers that helped me in the past are Nik.Z and M.Alif.

Technical support services Added On: September 17th, 2009
Posted By: J Lee Website: Printworkz IP:

Normally I do not write testimonials but the technical support from you has been exceptional and has exceeded my expectations; a professional attitude, quick response and resolution times. I wouldn't hestiate to recommend you to anyone looking for a reliable and efficient web hosting service. Well done !!.

Testimony Added On: September 10th, 2009
Posted By: Hossein Tabatabaie Website: Admix international Sdn.Bhd. IP:

I should say thank to all of you at internet-webhosting. Wish you pleasant days and the best.

thanks for the help Added On: September 9th, 2009
Posted By: sharulnazeri Website: jusmate5 IP:

i'm quite happy with the support team that very helpful and give fully support to me to solve my problem and keep follow up with me until the problem solve. Not regret to subscribe your hosting for almost 2 years..thanks

Terima Kasih Added On: September 9th, 2009
Posted By: anomaht Website: Kelas Belajar Forex DDFX IP:

Ini website kedua saya host di sini dan saya amat-amat berpuas hati dengan perkhidmatan yang disediakan Segala masalah yang diutarakan oleh saya kepada pihak teknikal dijawab dan diselesaikan dengan begitu pantas. Syabas saya ucapkan. Web ketiga saya akan muncul dan saya memang bercadang hendak gunakan lagi untuk hosting web saya.  

SUPER BAGUS.... Added On: September 4th, 2009
Posted By: syok Website: Advertisement For EveryOne IP:

Kakitangan berpengalaman dan boleh menyelesaikan masalah. Ini yang kita mahu........

Great Service from Internet-Webhosting Added On: September 4th, 2009
Posted By: Mohd Firdaus Mohd Sani Website: Blog Panduan Ebay IP:

Superb Service from this hosting company. Hope will deal again!!!..Good Job!!!

Very fast service! Added On: September 3rd, 2009
Posted By: Melor Website: Moleygarden Online Store IP:

Have some problem just now with MySQL on my web, within 2-3 min they help me to solve it now my online store back on as usual! Thanks a lot!

Terima Kasih Added On: September 2nd, 2009
Posted By: Wahi Bin Abd Rashid Website: Car Rental Services, Bintulu, Sarawak, Malaysia IP:

Saya tidak pernah membina laman web sendiri. Terima kasih kepada kakitangan yang membantu sepanjang proses membangunkan laman web saya.

Unable to access site builder Added On: September 1st, 2009
Posted By: Ezaideen Ahmad Lokman Website: Frontium Energy IP:

I faced some problems accessing the site builder, but their prompt reply and determination to solve the matter is what I like most! Thanks.

Very Excellent Service Added On: September 1st, 2009
Posted By: Omar Website: IP:

Excellent service and helpful staff made this company is the best company for hosting and domain service. Moreover, price is very cheap. Keep up the good work. You're the BEST in Malaysia.

GRADE A++++++ SERVICE Added On: September 1st, 2009
Posted By: admin Website: smk tanjung pengelih IP:

servis yang terbaik dan segala urusan cepat & pantas.sesungguhnya sangat berpuas hati... saya JAMIN IA TERBAIK!!!

Good support from Added On: August 30th, 2009
Posted By: Faizal Website: Gcloud's Blog IP:

I've been followed for years. But since I already subscribed with other hosting provider, I just stayed with my previous provider. Btw when my subscription period come to end...I registered with and transferred all my files and setting from my previous provider to surprisingly the tranfer process took in a short period and without any problems.
Just rencently I have problem with Fantatisco ...Then I emailed the problem to support staff..the support staff emailed me back and told me the problem has been resolved...
For you info my previous provider also good in Customer support but of course I have to pay more...but with also good in customer support but  cheaper in good value for money...

service tip-top 100%, puas hati. Added On: August 29th, 2009
Posted By: Mohammad Khalil Bin Said Website: 100% halal homemade bumiputera produk, di jamin! IP:

Dapat support yg sgt baik, tip-top 100% dr email reply, memang tak dpt dr hosting lain rasanya. Ni kali ke 3 purchase dr internet-webhsoting ni. Sapa yg tengok ni. X rugi buat site guna service diaorang ni.

Servis Added On: August 28th, 2009
Posted By: Aizal Arman Mohamad Website: Rahsia Suami Isteri IP:

your servis very tip top and fastest.. very recommended :)

Ucapan Tahniah Dan Syabas! Added On: August 27th, 2009
Posted By: Saifful bin Md Salleh Website: IP:

Saya telah membeli web hosting dan segala-galanya terjamin. Dari segi penjagaan rapi data server dan terutama sekali saya mengucapkan syabas kepada technical support kerana tidak jemu-jemu membantu saya ketika dan saat saya memerlukan. Anda diluar sana yang belum ada web sendiri dan ingin memilikinya, belilah dengan provider internet tersebut. Ianya terjamin selamat dan murah!



Cadangan Added On: August 21st, 2009
Posted By: Mohd Website: Sambilan Menghantar Email IP:

Terima Kasih kerana menyediakan perkhidmatan yang terbaik setakat ini.....
saya nak memberi cadangan supaya website ini diadakan dwi bahasa, saya dengar syarikat ini milik orang malaysia jadi gunakanlah bahasa malaysia, dalam masa itu dapat jugak kita pelajari bahasa teknologi ini dalam bahasa malaysia

Super-fast Help Added On: August 20th, 2009
Posted By: Zul Website: Rintis Images IP:

Hi, I'm impressed by the super-fast technical help I'm getting from the Internet-Webhosting Online team. They update almost every 5 minutes and get everything done on time. Appreciate all the time and effort that you guys have put it. Thank you!

Prompt Service Added On: August 17th, 2009
Posted By: Asman Sulaiman Website: AMANA2U IP:

I lost the password of one of the website that i managed that day. Immediately i sent email to the support team and my problem solved within minutes.

What A Prompt!!!!

excellent technical support Added On: August 12th, 2009
Posted By: nasri Website: GFI IP:

i am touched and very impressed by the support and help given by technical support team in resolving our issues.

the response time and the level of support provided by internet-webhosting had been superb.

thanks and regards.

thank you Added On: August 11th, 2009
Posted By: noormarlina Website: xxxx IP:

Thank you to one of your analysts, named mr sak*** (not sure). he was handling my request to apply domain registration. As i faced problems in registring new domain using the same name, he  offered to do it for me. It was a big releif!

The conversation was made on saturday 8th Aug 09 at about 4pm.

thank you to mr nik too who later guide me how to use paypal (sunday 9th aug 10 pm).

Servis Yang Pantas!!! Added On: August 7th, 2009
Posted By: Firdee Firdaus Website: Firdee's Blog IP:

Saya sudah hampir tiga tahun dengan hosting syarikat ini dan apa yang boleh saya katakan servis yang syarikat anda beri sangat bagus. Anda memberi respon yang pantas diatas segala kesulitan yang syaa hadapi selama ini dan tidak pernah satu pun email saya kepada pihak anda yang tidak berbalas. Walaupun masalah terjadi di awal pagi tetapi bahagian teknikal anda tetap membantu sehingga selesai. TAHNIAH untuk SKSA Technology's support team!!!

support yang hebat dan mantap Added On: August 4th, 2009
Posted By: hisyam Website: Perfume menjana pendapatan IP:

Assalamualaikum wbt..

saya amat berterima kasih kepada support yang diberikan oleh internet-webhosting dan saya berikan sejuta bintang di langit, dia punya star sbb sampai pukul 4pagi semalam baru saya tido dan support pun masih setia membantu orang yang tidak tahu berkaitan dengan hosting..

mereka bersabar dengan karenah saya yang tanya soalan yang mungkin mereka pun tidak faham tapi mereka cuba juga membantu saya..

disamping itu juga, hosting dan server mereka juga laju cam jet pejuang.. :))

dan dikesempatan ini, saya nak ucapkan terima kasih..
dan insyaAllah selepas ini, dah tak ada tempat lain dah saya cari nak beli hosting.. dan sebelum tu juga, saya ada langgan kat satu hosting tu
tetapi support yang diberikan amat mengecewakan dan hampeh.. saya bukan nak memperkecilkan merekan, tetapi saya amat kecewa kerana saya bayar untuk beli hosting tersebut, kalau layanan yang diberikan itu dah hampeh, camne saya nak kekal kat hosting tersebut.. betul tak?

walau apa2 pun, saya amat bterimakasih kerana ada lagi kat malaysia ni, hosting dan support yang bagus..

kalau hosting bagus tapi support hampeh tak ada guna juga.. :)

yang benar,

Technical Support Added On: August 4th, 2009
Posted By: Kulanz Salleh Website: Komuniti Utara Sabah IP:

Memang benar seperti apa yang rakan saya beritahu sebelum ini... SKSA Technology's support team memang memberikan bantuan yang cukup pantas... terima kasih banyak2 atas bantuan yang diberikan

Thanks Added On: July 28th, 2009
Posted By: Aleem Website: International Communication Academy IP:

My thanks to: M.Irwan Shakir.M N.Azira Fazli.M and Nik. Z Who have been great help for me to activate my domain and setting up my hosting plan Hope you continue offering same level of service... Thanks

Thank You to support team. Added On: July 23rd, 2009
Posted By: Megat Fakruddin Website: High System Technology IP:

Thanks to SKSA Technology's support team. I'm really satisfied with their tech support team because, they help me to settled my problem about running Java web Application instantly. My problem solve on the day that I open ticket. Thanks so much to Adi.S, Shakir.M and M.Irwan for helping me. I am very impressed with the customer service and tech support from internet-webhosting.The response time and the level of support provided by internet-webhosting had been excellent. Thank you so much. I'm glad because I choose your service.

Fastest Service Ever! Added On: July 22nd, 2009
Posted By: Akmal Adnan Website: IP:

I have many websites with different hosting company. service is the fastest! I just paid for my new domain name and web space and in just split seconds they have already done their job. Well done. Really recommended. Will work with you guys again.

Good Service! Added On: July 9th, 2009
Posted By: Mohd Hairul Nizal Bin Joh Website: IP:

I really love work and host my website with internet-webhosting.Their services and customer support is really profesional, immediate response, helpfull,experianced and understanding.For new customer, i really recommend you to host your website to this company! I love u all!

Thanks Support Team Added On: July 1st, 2009
Posted By: Mr. Wanshah Website: Grid Computing Technology IP:

Thanks to SKSA Technology's support team. i'm really satisfied with their tech support team. It's because, they help me to troubleshoot my email problem instantly. My problem solve on the day that i open ticket. Thanks so much to Adi.S and Nik.Z for helping me.

Good Supporting Team....Well Done! Added On: June 28th, 2009
Posted By: Cfu Website: The Best Malaysian Embroidery IP:

Tahniah....saya mendapat bantuan dari Technical Div dalam masa yang memuaskan bagi mengatasi pelbagai masalah sebelum ini. Keep up the good job to all staff.

Excellent Tech Support and Customer Service! Added On: June 21st, 2009
Posted By: Harideran Website: SeaOrgonite IP:

I am very impressed with the customer service and tech support from internet-webhosting. I had some technical problems with my website that I had when I transferred my site from another webhosting. The response time and the level of support provided by internet-webhosting had been excellent. Thanks!


Thanks M.Irwan and Shakir M. Added On: June 20th, 2009
Posted By: Melanie Website: Melanie Graphics IP:

Very prompt response. Help me much with understanding uploading file method and it is not that expensive. Everybody can afford it !

Tahniah dan Syabas Added On: June 14th, 2009
Posted By: Jaridi Website: IP:

Tahniah kepada pihak syarikat internet Perkhidmatan yang pantas dan cekap. Terima kasih

very fast support service Added On: June 9th, 2009
Posted By: suhaimi Website: IP:

i'm very happy with your fast support team action. please keep the good work.

The Services Added On: May 28th, 2009
Posted By: Hafizuddin Website: Marim IP:IP recording not yet implemented

I was really satisfy with the technical services provided. The replies was much helpful. I think that for fastest solution for the problem is by calling the SKSA Technology hotline no

The Support Crew are Very Efficient Added On: May 16th, 2009
Posted By: Jackster Website: PERUBATAN Mesir IP:IP recording not yet implemented

I am glad having this very helpful kind of support, they are very fast, excellent and efficient.

technical support Added On: May 14th, 2009
Posted By: hairi Website: b4comic IP:IP recording not yet implemented

cepat dan pantas.... terima kasih krana banayk membantu... feedback yang baik

Great And Fast Service Added On: May 12th, 2009
Posted By: Zarin Website: Qilin Football IP:IP recording not yet implemented

im handling one of football club website from china. and there are very happy if their complaint solve fast. and with this hosting. they even happier

The Best Web Hosting Added On: May 11th, 2009
Posted By: Hamizan Website: Drenjis Seri Pengantin IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Terima Kasih... internet-webhosting merupakan web hosting yang terbaik yang memberi technical support pada bila-bila masa sahaja dan saya juga berbangga dengan hasil kerja yang penuh didikasi dalam satu team work... Thank You... internet-webhosting is web hosting superlative which gives technical support at anytime and I also flattered with full work performance within one team work...

Servis Terbaik Added On: May 11th, 2009
Posted By: Kamarul Website: Pencen Tetap IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Syabas dan tahniah... Servis yang pantas. Staff banyak beri tunjuk ajar, walaupun saya tidak tahu menahu mengenai web hosting. Recommended to all buyer.... I have bought from other hosting, but this is the best so far... Bravo

Speedy Help Added On: October 14th, 2009
Posted By: Ziewandy Website: Ocean Delight Tours & Travel IP:IP recording not yet implemented

A very speedy help and assist during problem occur. Keep up the good performance.

Bantuan / Support Added On: May 5th, 2009
Posted By: Noordin Website: dherba online IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Saya dan syarikat puas hati dengan bantuan (support) darpada team - cepat dan tidak banyak karenah. Bangga dan seronok kerana ada syarikat Bumiputera yang komited seperti ini.

technical support Added On: May 4th, 2009
Posted By: Sathya Website: IP:IP recording not yet implemented

I have purchased many hosting & domains plans from SKSA for years now. Reason being of the extremely economic costings of their packages. Not only that, the most important thing is that, they are very prompt to attend to any issues reported, infact almost instantly i get all my technical issues solved. I shall keep staying with SKSA to enjoy all their wonderful services...keep up the good work SKSA!

Khidmat Pelanggan Terbaik Added On: April 22nd, 2009
Posted By: Ananz Website: i-Portal zone76 IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Terima kasih kepada SKSA Team Support kerana sentiasa memberikan khidmat pelanggan yang cemerlang setiap kali saya mempunyai masalah berkaitan domain/server... Dalam masa beberapa minit selepas email teknikal dihantar, balasan dan penyelesaian terus diberikan. SYABAS ~!!!!

Cepat Added On: April 10th, 2009
Posted By: rumputt Website: Komuniti Pitas Online IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Sy da join bbrp hoster brpindah randah utk mencari yg terbaik yg dpt mmbantu komuniti saya....akhirnya sy jumpa yg btl2 komitmen dan faham. Yg paling penting segala masalah dpt diselesaikan dg cepat....tq IW :)

Khidmat Cemerlang Mesra Pelanggan Added On: April 5th, 2009
Posted By: Baihaqi Website: Ribatlife Training and Consultancy IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Saya tidak pernah jumpa khidmat pelanggan yang terbaik seperti ini.Terima kasih kerana membantu

Bravo SKSA Technology!!! Added On: April 4th, 2009
Posted By: Myfuyoo Website: Myfuyoo IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Thumbs up to all guys at SKSA Technology. Keep up the good works and maintain your good services. This is my second year with SKSA Technology. I'm very happy to be part of them. Value for money services!!!. TQ.

Internet Web Hosting - Best in Service & Suppo Added On: March 21st, 2009
Posted By: azli Website: azlicare - program 1 IP:IP recording not yet implemented

I am very happy with your support and services. You guys are really the man .... very quick respond.

Now i love to see my site and people admire the services ... check out


Good job and keep up the good work


Two thumbs up for the support team! Added On: March 14th, 2009
Posted By: Ivy Website: Malaysian Babywearers IP:IP recording not yet implemented

I was having some serious technical problems with my Magento ecommerce installation and submitted a ticket for help. I received a reply within minutes advising me that the issue was under review and was eventually referred to the server administrator. The support team worked through the night to help me resolve the problem and I got everything working again the very next day. I am exceptionally happy with their service and salute their dedication in helping their customers. The support team was very helpful and I will continue to recommend thos hosting service to friends and clients alike. Great job!

The Best Web Hosting Ever!! Added On: March 11th, 2009
Posted By: Phizy Baharudin Website: IP:IP recording not yet implemented

SKSA really delivers! i mean the way they do their job, assisting people on problem is very proficient! within minutes, one of my site were activated and running..kudossss!!!

Quick Response- Weldone! Added On: March 3rd, 2009
Posted By: Steven Chua Website: Your Event and Marketing needs are our brain.. IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Weldoen Team, eep up the good job. I was posting a request to get my cPanel ID and Password at almost 10pm at night and within minutes the response was received to allow me to do what I am suppose to do! Great! My initial thought was the response will come in the next day! Good Job.

Superb Support!!! Added On: February 25th, 2009
Posted By: Zaidi Website: IT Consultant IP:IP recording not yet implemented

This is the best hosting company ever. I run more than 10 websites and they never fail me! Two thumb up guysss!

Great!!! Added On: February 25th, 2009
Posted By: MG Fairos Website: Indian Muslim Community Portal IP:IP recording not yet implemented

The great webhosting provider that you cant get anyway, customer service before and after sales are really using their hosting since 2005, PERFECT!!Although they are no 5, they already beat no 1 malaysia webhosting customer service, seriously!Im using both and are more professional and caring to their customer! I agree with their 110% customer satisfaction! Great Team..keep it up! I will always support you guys :)

Good Job Added On: February 21st, 2009
Posted By: azli Website: azlicare IP:IP recording not yet implemented

when i totaly forgot about my logon information, the support team acted very fast to resolve the issue.

within less than 30 minutes, the issue been resolve

good job ...

Terima Kasih Added On: February 20th, 2009
Posted By: mrozaidi Website: IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Terima Kasih Kerana Membantu Saya yang sentiasa bermasalah dgn web/blog ini..sekian

Great Hosting!!! Added On: October 14th, 2009
Posted By: Masita Website: Tudung Bawal 1, Hardware & Machinery (TRADING) IP:IP recording not yet implemented

I'm happy with the hosting for my web

Keep your services better n better n better alwayz.... :-)

Great Hosting! Added On: October 14th, 2009
Posted By: masita Website: Tudung Bawal 1 & Other Trading Biz... IP:IP recording not yet implemented

I'm really satisfied with hosting services provided for my

TQ so much.


Tq! Pengurusan yang cekap. Added On: October 14th, 2009
Posted By: poksue Website: komuniti & beritaniaga IP:IP recording not yet implemented

T.Kaseh bebanyak, Raspect your support team cepat feedback & dapat guide me dgn cepat utk sebarang masalah. itu baru kualiti namanya. Harap diteruskan pd masa'2 akn datang tanpa gagal :) see ya!


Sekalung Penghargaan & Jutaan Terima Kasih! Added On: October 14th, 2009
Posted By: azman Website: YYNR.ORG IP:IP recording not yet implemented

T.kasih tak terhingga pada team SKSA Technology teknikal team, kalau dulu saya baca testimonial ni mungkin saya kurang percaya apa yang diperkatakan, tapi bila saya alami masaalah dan cara mereka menyelesaikannya, baru saya percaya.

Harap kecemerlangan ini dikekalkan, SYABAS sekali lagi.

Thank you Added On: February 12th, 2009
Posted By: arramy Website: Heartsdate IP:IP recording not yet implemented

You guys are doing a great job,Thank u very much.

Good job by the support team Added On: February 12th, 2009
Posted By: shamsul Website: Dzikry dot com IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Hi I want to put in my good words for a job well done by the support team.
What happened was that during the DNS server transition, my site loss site a year worth of information. I log a report to the support people. 3 of them work together and get my fixed site up and running within few hours. And all the communication are done only through email. Keep up the good job guys - Luqman, Hafiz, M.Alif, and Adi .S.

Great Service, Fast Response Added On: February 12th, 2009
Posted By: Ed Chew Website: Bookster - Malaysia's 1st online book lovers commu IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Great Service, Fast the motto that I would love to credit internet-webhosting its due. Their response is unbelievably fast. Just send them an email and you'll get a reply in less than 5 minutes. Too good to be true? I really don't know but as far as I know...this is what I got from them thus far! Keep up the good work, guys.

Ucapan Terima Kasih Added On: February 6th, 2009
Posted By: Amir.H Website: Sauna Di Rumah IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Jutaan terima kasih diucapkan buat warga kerja internet-webhosting kerana dapat menyelesaikan masalah saya dengan pantas, perkhidmatan yg cemerlang dan profesional. Layanan staff yg begitu berkhemah.

Bagi anda diluar sana yang ingin mencari hosting untuk laman web anda saya syorkan kerana servis mereka Tip Top.

Syabas....teruskan kecemerlangan....


Ucapan Terima Kasih Added On: February 6th, 2009
Posted By: Amir.H Website: Sauna Di Rumah IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Jutaan terima kasih saya ucapkan buat semua warga kerja Internet-webhosting kerana dapat menyelesaikan masalah saya dengan pantas.
Perkhidmatan yang cemerlang dan profesional. Layanan yang begitu berkhemah.
Jika anda sedang mencari hosting untuk laman web anda saya syorkan kerana servis mereka "Tip Top"
Syabas... teruskan kecemerlangan...

Sekalung Penghargaan & Jutaan Terima Kasih! Added On: October 14th, 2009
Posted By: kerengge Website: mengkuangrc IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Sekalung penghargaan & jutaan terima kasih kerana membantu membaiki web saya yang rosak akibat di hacker.. pengurusan & support yang cekap dan amat berhemah..

Thank you so much! Added On: January 23rd, 2009
Posted By: shaiful safar photography Website: Shaiful Safar Photography IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Thank you so much to SKSA tech for you great support, especially to technical team, A. Danish, Hafiz and Fazli.

Very satisfied!.. and highly recommended!

log in Added On: January 19th, 2009
Posted By: zamri ibrahim Website: luqman S IP:IP recording not yet implemented

T.kasih tak terhingga pada team SKSA Technology teknikal team, kalau dulu saya baca testimonial ni mungkin saya kurang percaya apa yang diperkatakan, tapi bila saya alami masaalah dan cara mereka menyelesaikannya, baru saya percaya.

Harap kecemerlangan ini dikekalkan, SYABAS sekali lagi.

terima kasih diucapkan kepada semua staf dan warga Added On: October 14th, 2009
Posted By: TADC Website: Sesuatu Tentang Aku & Dia IP:IP recording not yet implemented

terima kasih diucapkan kepada semua staf dan warga

First class support Added On: January 18th, 2009
Posted By: David Website: Tech Sharing Blog IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Thanks for your prompt response to support to help me to resolve my issue. Hope you can grow and continue to provide the world class service to all of us as your customer.

Hosting Paling Best!! Added On: January 11th, 2009
Posted By: kerengge Website: IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Jutaan terima kasih saya ucapkan kepada warga kerja Pengurusan yang cekap dan professional. Cepat menyelesaikan masalah yang terjadi di web saya...Tahniah!

Your support is really great!!! Added On: January 9th, 2009
Posted By: Mohd Suhaimi Nor Website: Make money with the internet IP:IP recording not yet implemented

I feel lucky when used for my web host. I just newbie in the internet web host.Without any support with the staff,i think i cannot complete my blog.The hosting price is very cheap and a lot of space that have given.I think,web host SKSA shoul go to the 3 top web host in Malaysia than top 5 now.Thank you very much to all staff, especially Fazli and Shakir....

Great services Added On: January 8th, 2009
Posted By: Norazuan Website: IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Special thanks to the A. Danish (technical support) for all the friendly and instant reply to my messages and ultimately fixing my problems. 5/5 start for's services!
Thanks for your great staff  for the great service..
I'm appreciate the help very much although my problem is

Brilliant Support Centre Added On: January 3rd, 2009
Posted By: Mahazi Website: Syscareinternational Sdn Bhd IP:IP recording not yet implemented

The support team had gave me a brilliant assistant since day one in business. With less tech knowledge, i will only say tq. Keep up ur excellent job. Happy new Year 2009

cannot login to cpanel Added On: December 31st, 2008
Posted By: halim Website: Al-Isra Associates Sdn Bhd IP:IP recording not yet implemented


Thank you for your great support to solve my problem on login to my cpanel site.all problem has solve by your technical team.I really has no hope to follow up the problem at the end of the day,since the website are under construction and i'm still doing it right now.Thanks guys..for those efficient job... the last email i'v received from mr.danish on Tue 12/30/2008 11:33 PM  really make me happy..Thanks so much.. 



TESTIMONIAL Added On: December 27th, 2008
Posted By: siti masturah Website: langsing dengan siy slim it yourself IP:IP recording not yet implemented

im so happy with internet-webhosting,because they solve my problem very fast, and help me solve all my problem. im not so good in maintaining my website but internet -webhosting help me to solve even its very small problem.Thank you internet webhosting. I suggest all of you especialy newbee get internet-webhosting now. No regret.

Masalah FTP - tak boleh nak upload Added On: December 25th, 2008
Posted By: roslan Website: Langkawi Island Directory IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Saya mempunyai masalah untuk meng upload kan file saya ke website .Menggunakan FTP ...Tapi sering kali disconnect .Tak boleh nak upload .Jadi saya terus contact  pihak technical dari webhosting untuk mengatasi masalah ini ...saya jadi malu juga sebab dah banyak kali bertanya tapi sentiasa di jawab oleh pihak anda .Walaupun berkali-kali gagal ...anda semua cuba mengatasinya secepat mungkin ..tahniah saya sudah pun selesai masalah tersebut dgn bantuan anda ..terima kasih

A big Thank You to Adi and Fazli Added On: December 24th, 2008
Posted By: Suzy Chung Yien Ding Website: Pimande Resources IP:IP recording not yet implemented

I was designing my "Contact Us" page but having problem sending email to email addresses at another domain of mine. I reported the issue to technical team and my issue was resolved in merely 4 hours.

I would like to thank Adi and Fazli for their fast response and expertise.

The Greatest Ever ! Added On: December 20th, 2008
Posted By: Rizman Rahman Website: Pasaraya Halal Malaysia IP:IP recording not yet implemented

I've try many web hosting and is the BEST ! U got GREAT product. U got OUTSTANDING support ! Surely recommended for all !

Great Team work!!!! Added On: December 20th, 2008
Posted By: smk taman nusajaya Website: SMKTNJ IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Tahniah!!!.. dan Thanks A Lot !!! Akhirnya, laman web sekolah saya berjaya juga di upload... kerjasama yang baik dari pihak anda!!!..Servis yang bagus.... dan SANGAT PROFESIONAL!!!

Thumbs Up!!!! Added On: December 16th, 2008
Posted By: Jenama Malaysia @ Malaysi Website: Malaysia Brand | Where The Grand Brand Stand IP:IP recording not yet implemented

servis bagus..dan hosting yg affordable...maintain ya...

Masalah uploading Saya selesai Added On: December 6th, 2008
Posted By: Roslankasim Website: Langkawi Island Directory IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Terima kasih banyak-banyak sebab membantu menyelesaikan masalah upload dalam website saya ..ini kerana website ini amat penting bagi saya untuk memastikan sentiasa berada di page pertama dalam google dan yahoo jika tidak selalu di upload .... dengan bantuan SKSA mempercepatkan respon utk soalan saya dan membantu menyelesaikan masalah tersebut ...kemungkinan saya akan menambah lagi domain dan hosting pada masa akan datang dengan anda ..terima kasih

good support Added On: December 6th, 2008
Posted By: farlis Website: laman web IP:IP recording not yet implemented

hi... support yang paling bagus dalam rantau dunia ini...
terbaik dan memang terbaik...
good job... Tq..

webhosting paling bagus perkhidmatannya Added On: November 7th, 2008
Posted By: nazley Website: wedding dan honeymoon IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera...thx to internet webhosting sebab menawarkan pakej yang baik dan perkhidmatannya yg cekap lagi effisien..

Superb services Added On: November 3rd, 2008
Posted By: ijansempoi Website: ijansempoi IP:IP recording not yet implemented

On last Sunday my website database was down. Can't access at all. After i report to admin a few hours later my database was fixed. Thanks for such a super fast services.. some more it's on sunday!

Tech Support Added On: November 1st, 2008
Posted By: Dirn Website: Linux or Windows...I don't care because I'm in the IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Tech support is really great. Thanks a lot and keep up the good work.

Servis Yang Cukup Mantap Added On: October 24th, 2008
Posted By: Khaizee Website: Khaizee Blog : Everything Is Fine IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Tak terucap dengan kata-kata. Dah guna baru tau. Memang mantap!

Exccellent Added On: October 23rd, 2008
Posted By: Ruhaifi Website: Web design, e-commerce, portal, blog. IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Your support team really do a great job!Super fast, friendly, efficient, helpful. Keep it up guys..
-Mess with the best, die like the rest-

Good service and response time Added On: October 20th, 2008
Posted By: luqman al hakim Website: MyArtSys:Whe art and System become ONE IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Very fast response, either via email or helpdesk call (even during midnight!). Good company, nice staffs. I love doing business with you guys! keep up the good work

Ucapan Terima Kasih Added On: October 19th, 2008
Posted By: Myfuyoo webmaster Website: Myfuyoo IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Sekali lagi saya teuja dengan keperihatinan pihak SKSA dalam memastikan pelanggan mendapat perkhidmatan yang terbaik. Pihak SKSA telah menghantar email untuk memaklumknan mengenai proses pemindahan server dari yang lama kepada yang baru. Tujuan menggunakan server yang baru ini adalah untuk mengelakkan masalah "downtime" yang sering berlaku di TIME DataCenter. Ini menunjukkan pihak SKSA sangat mementingkan kepuasan pelanggannya untuk jangkamasa panjang dalam situasi yang dipangil "win-win". Saya yang hampir setahun menjadi pelanggan server SKSA cukup berpuas hati dengan pekhidmatan yang diberikan, sangat efisien dan responsif terhadap segala aduan yang diberikan. Kepada semua Staff SKSA terutama yang setia membalas email saya jika ada masalah, saya ucapkan berbanyak terima kasih. Teruskan kecemerlangan anda. Keep up the good work. Bye.

thank u to Adi,Irwan,Hafiz and Aliff for dedicated Added On: October 18th, 2008
Posted By: emma Website: Simply Pixels IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Insert your testimonial

excellent and dedicated support staff Added On: October 18th, 2008
Posted By: emma Website: Simply Pixels IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Insert your testimonial

Fast and friendly service. Added On: October 18th, 2008
Posted By: Pauline Ooi Website: Daiconnews IP:IP recording not yet implemented

I initially subscribed to the Windows server hosting package but after a while, I realized that I was not comfortable with it and had complications while using it. Therefore, I emailed the 24/7 technical support team. I got a reply in less than 20 minutes and less than an hour, my problems are solved and now my domain is hosted under the Linux server. Special thanks to the M. Irwan (technical support) for all the friendly and instant reply to my messages and ultimately fixing my problems. Two thumbs up for's services!

Good support Added On: October 18th, 2008
Posted By: Lamansesawang Website: Lamansesawang IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Their support team are very good. Very fast. Very helpful. Recommended!

support Added On: October 14th, 2008
Posted By: herman Website: kedaibaju IP:IP recording not yet implemented

great support

server support Added On: October 13th, 2008
Posted By: Lancer Website: e Digital Informatin IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Price? you tell me. Server specifications? you tell me. Support? there you go I will tell you. When I having problem with my server setting or anythings related with server configure, I always ask for help using support from the web and what make me like this server is, the support team will reply my ticket in ASAP and help me to solve a problem. I heard there is many servers have good reputations but not like support team. The team not take a day or hour to reply my ticket. Thumb's up to support team

Technical support Added On: September 24th, 2008
Posted By: Iqbal Website: Log Kehidupan 08 IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Cool, fast response!

ecellence service Added On: September 22nd, 2008
Posted By: shanmuganandan Website: Malaysian Indian Business Directory IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Fast and best service regardless of time. keep it up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

highly recommended Added On: September 22nd, 2008
Posted By: joey Website: baru belajar IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Really luv ur service....Anyone who want to buy this product is highly recommended.


Excellence Customer Service Added On: September 21st, 2008
Posted By: Suzy Chung Website: Smart Protection Solution IP:IP recording not yet implemented

I would like to say a big thank you for the following customer service executives:
1. Fazli
2. Adi
3. Nik
Everytime when I submit a ticket, their speed of responding were amazing.  And they really guided me to solve my problem in a very timely and professional way.  Three of them are really an asset to the company and all of them deserve a promotion or salary increment.

Friendly & Fast Added On: October 14th, 2009
Posted By: kento Website: Graphic Design Studio IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Really fast & friendly support service. Keep it up! Good job!

thank u Added On: September 16th, 2008
Posted By: Effy Saiful Website: IP:IP recording not yet implemented

The technical support team is so greattT!!! They were willing to help me solve my problem even at 2am in the morning.. the service is FAST, EASY and CHEAP!! I'd definitely recommend this site to my frens.. thank u guys =)

Instant Support Added On: September 7th, 2008
Posted By: Shukri,H. Website: iTech View Associates Sdn.Bhd. IP:IP recording not yet implemented

I've been using service for quite some time. I can say that this is among the best webhosting I've ever used and if I want to change to other webhosting, I will think thrice instead of twice.  They are very fast in providing solutions once contacted as they never sleep, at all

Staf Yang Hebat Added On: September 7th, 2008
Posted By: Ahmad Hasnal bin Haji Abd Website: Pejabat Pelajaran Daerah Gombak IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Tahniah! Internet-Webhosting memiliki staf yang berkualiti dan mempunyai sifat yang ingin membantu para pelanggan. Respon yang diberikan amat cepat walaupun pada pukul 1.00 pagi, 3.00 pagi malah soalan yang dikemukakan pada 5pagi terus saya memperolehi jawapan. Bukan setakat memperolehi jawapan, permasalahan yang saya hadapi terus dibantu sehingga selesai, walaupun bagi saya ianya satu tugasan yang rumit. Jika dibandingkan dengan hosting saya yang lama, bantuan yang telah diberikan kepada saya oleh internet-webhosting, diibaratkan langit dan bumi. Staf anda memang membantu. Terima kasih terutamanya yang membantu saya Mr.M.Irwan, Mr. Adi, Mr Fazli etc.

Sekalung Tahniah ! Jutaan Terima Kasih Added On: September 6th, 2008
Posted By: Mohd Zamani Hj Ismail Website: zamani IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Hampir setahun saya bersama internet webhosting, apa yang dapat saya katakan adalah cukup mudah iaitu kesetiaan pelanggan adalah kerana perkhidmatan sokongan yang di berikan oleh syarikat yang berkenaan. Sering kali saya menghadapi masalah tidak kira waktu, pihak syarikat Internet Webhosting tetap memberikan bantuan dengan begitu CEMERLANG ! Tahniah semoga perkhidmatan sebegini akan berterusan...

Thanks for your great customer support Added On: September 5th, 2008
Posted By: Fahmi Wan Website: Islamic Gold Dinar IP:IP recording not yet implemented

I have no problems :) I just dropped by to tell you that I am very pleased with your service, it doesn't compare at all with what I had before. The resellers plan is really great, I am totally pleased and happy, its even better than I expected... I found the email service (squirrelmail) on internet really fun... thank you all :) Have a great day, Bye Bye my website team: Fahmi Wan

Prompt Reply Added On: September 4th, 2008
Posted By: Sathan N Website: Hotel 01 IP:IP recording not yet implemented

I'm delighted with your support service. Even when I requested for some help at around 2am, the reply was received within a couple of minutes. This has happened on numerous occasions and I'm certainly convinced that you are serious in this business.

Keep up the good work folks.

Very great support! Added On: August 27th, 2008
Posted By: Shah Website: Myitech Enterprise IP:IP recording not yet implemented

I would like to say thank you so much for your quick support an advice. Your assistance is highly appreciated and I'm absolutely satisfied for your support. Anyway, thank you so much for your support and keep up a good work.

What a superb service ! Added On: August 18th, 2008
Posted By: azimah Website: Ms. Azimah's website IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Thank you so much for the immediate action taken by your staff. Although I am not really new in web development, but i knew just a little bit about web hosting because before this i used only free web hosting. But now not anymore when I found this internet-webhosting...hope to explore more on how to make a fully-used of tools of your services. And thanks for the helps given. Really appreciate it.

site builder Added On: August 18th, 2008
Posted By: Mohd Reza Website: iksniaga IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Saya sangat gembira diatas perkhidmatan anda. Bantuan yang anda berikan sangat jelas dan mudah bagi saya untuk memahami.

Terima kasih diatas perkhidmatan anda.

Great Support Added On: August 11th, 2008
Posted By: Helley Halen Website: My Community IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Well done. This is best hosting ever. Full with support from the admin (good for newbie/beginner). Great respond (less than 15 minutes) from the Team Web-hosting. Outstandings guidline and i appreciete it  Thanks for the support.

Support wORLD cLASS Added On: August 7th, 2008
Posted By: Amirul Website: Terror IT DEpartment IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Kamu Semua Yang TerBAIK!!!! syabas Internet-webhosting.....expcially for En Fadli, En Irwan dan En Nik Zul!!!!!  Hidup anak melayu

A Very Helpful Team Added On: August 5th, 2008
Posted By: Nor Arisham Bakar Website: Feline Society of Malaysia IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Absolutely great support. The technical support team has working until late morning to help me solving my problems and patiently listening and answering all my problems until the problem solved. Thumbs Up!

Assalamualaikum,warahmatullah hiwabarakatuh. Added On: August 1st, 2008
Posted By: Fairuz Shah Website: Tomyam Klasik IP:IP recording not yet implemented

The Best Hosting for everybody in the world.No word can describe about The best of  Internet-Webhosting .Salute all support for ®  Internet-Webhosting ©, and millions Thanks to everybody.

Kedah2U's Best Choice Added On: July 25th, 2008
Posted By: Kedah2U Website: Perubatan Herba - Iklan Percuma - Jawatan Kosong IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Tidak perlu kata-kata yang indah atau panjang lebar untuk menghargai perkhidmatan yang diberikan oleh Internet-Webhosting kerana ianya memang yang terbaik buat Kedah2U.

Kekalkan & sentiasa berusaha meningkatkan lagi Kualiti Perkhidmatan anda & Kedah2U akan sentiasa menyokong Internet-Webhosting 

Muhammad Kedah2U


Support yang cekap walaupun pada pukul 3 pagi. Added On: July 21st, 2008
Posted By: Din Beramboi Website: Panduan Buat Duit Online IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Saya adalah seorang Usahawan Internet yang menerima banyak tempahan membuat blog dan membuat website. Setiap kali saya mendapat tempahan untuk membina blog atau website, saya akan mengesyorkan pelanggan saya supaya memilih Internet-Webhosting untuk domain dan hosting mereka.

Kenapa? Kerana support yang diberikan oleh Team Internet-Webhosting sangat cekap walaupun pada pukul 3 atau 4 pagi. Kadang-kadang, berlaku masalah semasa menyelenggarakan hosting pelanggan dan apabila mengadu kepada bahagian support Internet-Webhosting, mereka membalas email saya tak sampai 15 minit.

Saya tidak akan memilih penyedia domain dan hosting lain lagi selain Internet-Webhosting. Terima kasih Internet-Webhosting.

Customer Support Terbaik Yang Pernah Saya Jumpa Added On: July 10th, 2008
Posted By: Ustaz Melaka Website: Portal Komuniti GPI IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Tahniah dan terima kasih khususnya En. Imran dan Alif kerana khidmat nasihat dan bantuan yang diberikan amat berguna dan profesional.

Bagi saya, kos yang dikeluarkan untuk menggunakan hosting ni mmg cukup berbaloi. Cepat, tepat, hebat..... Tahniah! Inilah hosting yang akan saya syorkan kepada semua rakan dan pengguna lain selepas ini, insya-Allah. Moga Allah merahmati bantuan dan khidmat kalian, Amiin.

SKSA memang hebat Added On: July 9th, 2008
Posted By: Ustaz Melaka Website: Portal Ustaz Melaka IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Tahniah dan terima kasih kepada SKSA Team khususnya Mr. Irwan kerana telah memberikan perkhidmatan yang cukup baik, cepat, tepat dan hebat. memang patut dianugerahkan bintang permata kepada kalian. Tunjuk ajar dan servis yang sangat berbaloi jika dibandingkan dengan kos yang saya keluarkan. Saya doakan agar SKSA akan terus berjaya dan cemerlang, Amiin.

Fast response services Added On: July 8th, 2008
Posted By: Amril Nizam Website: Nuramid Security Solutions IP:IP recording not yet implemented

I've succesfully change my domain name to my new hosting. Your fast response and valuable help is much apprieciated. Im happy to recommend your hosting services to my friends and business contacts. Thank you v v much.

Thank you Very Much En Adi Added On: July 1st, 2008
Posted By: Hasfaris Website: 123456 IP:IP recording not yet implemented

penerangan yang jelas dan padat dari en adi membuatkan saya lebih yakin dengan sksa...... 5 bintang utk en adi......... memang puas hati.. keep up the good work



Suppot dari internet-webhosting mmg superb... Added On: July 1st, 2008
Posted By: Mohd Yusran Ahmad Website: Luna Ilham Creative IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Saya adalah web developer untuk Luna Ilham Creative, ternaya internet webhosting mempunyai tenaga kerja yang berdedikasi untuk menjamin kualiti dalam servis hosting yang memang tip top...

Amat-amat di syorkan kepada sesiapa untuk melanggan service dari Internet Webhosting..


Cheapest & Best Service Ever Added On: October 14th, 2009
Posted By: Noraini Ahmad Website: Lan Rantau Sports IP:IP recording not yet implemented

We at 76 Sports would like to thank all the people at SKSA, especially Mr.Fadzli & Mr.Adi for their help & guidance. They are definately sincere in their jobs & doing far well than other web hosting companies in every ways. SKSA people are truly professionals. Definately the best in country.

Excellent Support Added On: October 14th, 2009
Posted By: Muhammad Hafizuddin Website: walit world & site IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Terima kasih kepada Support Team (Mr.Irwan & Mr. Alif) kerana memberi bantuan yang begitu bagus sekali. Overall 5 star over 5 star... Thanks Again...

Puas Hati...Syabas pada SKSA Team Added On: June 8th, 2008
Posted By: fauzifudzin Website: Usahawan TM IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Syabas kepada anda di SKSA kerana tanpa anda tentu saya tak pandai-pandai lagi buat website. Terima Kasih kerana sanggup melayan soalan-soalan dari saya yang baru belajar ini. Saya dah rekomen kat kwn2 untuk bersama dgn SKSA. Thanks.

100% Recommended Added On: June 6th, 2008
Posted By: Hisham Hashim Website: Aliya Technologies Sdn Bhd IP:IP recording not yet implemented

What ever been said in your website testimonial is 100% true. The most reliable hosting that I come across with. Technical support group is brilliant. Keep it up!

Great hosting services , Great support staff , rel Added On: June 5th, 2008
Posted By: Shafyx Website: xeroXaven IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Im currently using thier service in second year.. If my acc will expired soon.. surely i will renew it.. thier support staff working fast and very kindly helping.. so far this is the best hosting services..


Cepat dan berkesan Added On: June 4th, 2008
Posted By: sinzmanual Website: IP:IP recording not yet implemented

satu² web hosting terbaik dari segi support yang pernah saya jumpa.
cepat dan berkesan.
walaupun hari cuti mereka akan membalas emel kurang dari 5 minit.

Real 24 / 7 support! Added On: June 2nd, 2008
Posted By: Kok mING Website: Kok Ming IP:IP recording not yet implemented

This web hosting is running by the truly supportive team. This is the place where I can get  the real 24 / 7 support not "response"!

Thumbs up for keeping up with this service level. The technical team deserves a credit for this!

Superb 24/7 Support Service Added On: June 1st, 2008
Posted By: Jullian Website: TAC Methodist IP:IP recording not yet implemented

This has been the best 24 hour support service that I have received thus far! They were replying my queries and solving my problems around the clock even on a weekend. They helped me migrate my site to a new plan and setup my blogs. The whole site was up and running within a day.

Keep up the good work guys.


Your technical support response was great!! Added On: May 30th, 2008
Posted By: Amirul Nizar Website: Portal Komuniti Saujana Utama 3 IP:IP recording not yet implemented

I already have 4 or 5 hosting under your company. Recently, i've mistakenly choosing windows hosting platform instead of linux.

the response from your staff was very great and incrediblely fast!!!

special thanks to Nik Zul for his assistant to assist "dunno how" customer like me.

Customer Service Added On: May 30th, 2008
Posted By: Raymond Website: - retail and wholesale electronic IP:IP recording not yet implemented

They understand what is CUSTOMER service !

Keep up the good job.

Domain fair price Added On: May 19th, 2008
Posted By: Noor Ariffshah Website: Branded unbox fragrance IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Fair price of the hosting & domain, recommend this website for people who want to start to own a website. Good customer support and I wish I-W the best.

Fast Response and Helpful Technical Support Added On: May 14th, 2008
Posted By: Loo Wen Ciat Website: Success Singapore Pte Ltd IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Hi Sir/Madam,   I would like express my gratitude to Internet-Webhosting staff for their non-tireless and extremely fast response on handling my website issue. Their attitude, knowledge and working ethic has impressed me on how they handling my problem. I have experience working with others hosting company, by comparing the service, none of them is comparable to this them.   Lastly, to those who work overnight, 1 word for you guys RESPECT and for the others THANKS YOU and keep up the work rate.     Cheers,

Wen Ciat

Sangat berpuashati Added On: May 3rd, 2008
Posted By: Talmizie Website: Alumni MPP UiTM IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Saya sangat berpuashati dengan mengunakan perkhidmatan SKSA kerana pengalaman saya mendaftarkan 3 domain dan webhosting sangat mudah, pantas, dan ONLINE Helpdesk dia pun sangat memuaskan.

Saya sentiasa mewawarkan SKSA kepada rakan-rakan saya yang ingin mempunyai hosting dan domain sendiri. Tahniah...

Truly the best!! Added On: April 27th, 2008
Posted By: saffa Website: My online space IP:IP recording not yet implemented

I'm wordless.. Even at 3.00am, they still there to help me and fix all my problem! I'm glad i were hosted by them! Truly the best!!

Perkhidmatan yang begitu cekap dan baik Added On: April 27th, 2008
Posted By: myfuyoo webmaster Website: myfuyoo IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Saya merasa begitu berbangga dapat melanggan web hosting dengan SKSA Technolgy kerana perkhidmatan cemerlang dalam segala aspek(Rating A++) dan setakat ini perkhidmatan tidak mengecewakan. Kos langganan web hosting juga yang paling murah yang terdapat di Malaysia berdasarkan kepada tinjauan yang saya buat melalui internet. Cuma sayangnya saya terlepas peluang untuk mendapatkan pakej Surfers Standard Hosting Plan yang dipromosikan melalui beberapa surat khabar online, tetapi itu bukan disebabkan kesalahan pihak SKSA Technology, itu kerana ketidakperihatinan pihak saya. Alangkah bertuahnya saya kalau pihak SKSA Technolgy dapat mengupgrade pakej yang saya langgan sekarang kepada pakej Surfers Standard Hosting Plan yang menawarkan ciri-ciri yang lebih baik walaupun kosnya sama.

Walau bagaimanapun teruskan kekalkan kecemerlangan anda semua kakitangan SKSA Techology.


Satisfied Added On: April 25th, 2008
Posted By: Chai Khee Hown Website: Ckhas Intelligent Search IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Dear all,

I would like to share my testimonial which i am found on internet-webhosting, which is the services / feedback is very fast which i am very happy with.

I have  problem experiencing with my web complaints, but the services and support's very excellent and solve my problem within less than 10 minutes time.  And also internet-webhosting staff very friendly.

I also have a very happy with this hosting because, even i request and submit by request by mail on 2 or 3 AM, the support staff  reply is immediately, the latest request is to changing my hosting platform, unfortunately, the migration is done within less than 2 hours and within a day site is stable.

Now i will sharing with my others new  to join here.

Prompt Respond Time Added On: April 16th, 2008
Posted By: Asman Sulaiman Website: Reiki With Sherrie Aljunied IP:IP recording not yet implemented

As a webmaster for a few website, I highly recommend SKSA to others. I never had any problem unsolved and i rated their services and respond time and "PROMPT" .. and I know they are smiling even though I have never seen them in-person ..

tindakan pantas Added On: April 14th, 2008
Posted By: shah Website: skmaklagam IP:IP recording not yet implemented

tindakan yg pastas apabila web saya apabila tiba2 offline....
terima kasih pada en zul dan en nik

2nd year returning customer Added On: April 10th, 2008
Posted By: geegee Website: IP:IP recording not yet implemented

The title is enough to express my satisfaction of your service. Keep up the good work!


maklum balas yang cepat dan mengguntungkan Added On: April 9th, 2008
Posted By: mohd nazley Website: IP:IP recording not yet implemented

saya masih baru dalam bidang perniagaan melibatkan internet. Maklumbalas dari pihak hosting memang baik dan cepat. Ini akan memberi kepuasan pada saya dan pelanggan saya..

great hosting NO 1 In msia Added On: April 8th, 2008
Posted By: Feroz Website: onjuta Solutions IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Best Internet hosting company in malaysia...the solve problem very fast and efficently...i will like to recomend to all my friend or to anyone that had been looking for hosting...its worth the money to start your services with internet webhosting...good job guys...keep up the good work...

Excellent !! Added On: April 6th, 2008
Posted By: Alex Website: IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Thanks for the excellent customer service!!!
Esp;  M.Irwan & Fazli.M

Keep it up!

Best regards,


Perkhidmatan yg cemerlang Added On: April 1st, 2008
Posted By: Ayub Daud Website: Kedai Tudung Fesyen - Online IP:IP recording not yet implemented


Saya telah menggunakan khidmat sewaan hosting dari selama hampir setahun. Sebagai org yg masih baru dalam bidang perniagaan internet, saya dapati sangat mudah digunakan dan technical supportnya juga sangat baik. Semua masalah saya dapat diselesaikan dalam tempoh yg amat singkat. Ini amat-amat membantu saya dalam menjalankan dan mengembangkan perniagaan saya.

Terima kasih

Testimonial Added On: March 31st, 2008
Posted By: Faiz| lafa.pixellutions Website: Lafa Pixellutions IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Fast and efficient technical service. They response in less than 5 minutes to resolve any issues and would go extra miles to lend a technical helping hands.

to create blog Added On: March 24th, 2008
Posted By: rahimah Website: IP:IP recording not yet implemented

I am not sure how to set my own blog as i only know how to use before this.Well, my issues had been resolved within a few minutes with their help to set it for me.

I am glad to be hosted with this company as I always get their help though my question sometimes are nuts.

Thank you so much.

I got my server problem resolved in less than 5 mi Added On: October 14th, 2009
Posted By: shaharoom hashim Website: Kedai Tudung & Brooch Online IP:IP recording not yet implemented

After accidentally deleted my .htpasswds folder, the admin section in my online shop became insecure. Everybody can easily access my admin section. So I  immediately got technical help. To my surprise  again,  my problem has been resolved in less than 5 minutes! Sungguh menakjubkan! Thanks again to Irwan and Nik.

excellent service from the technical staff Added On: March 18th, 2008
Posted By: vtudm Website: Veteran TUDM IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Good job for all the staff.....solves the problem which is occurs on veteran website where accessing the website very slow...

solve the problem in a short period of time.

Very experience staff......good job..

Veteran TUDM


Testimonial Added On: March 17th, 2008
Posted By: Fareeq Website: Stereo Pixels Online IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Fast response on the technical support. Efficient team. Worth the money. Thank you so much!

pantas Added On: March 14th, 2008
Posted By: radzi Website: IP:IP recording not yet implemented

setakat ni, internet webhosting beri respond terpantas, saya boleh expect 5 minit lepas saya hantar email akan dapat balasan. thanks!

excellent support,friendly staff Added On: March 12th, 2008
Posted By: Template Murah Website: Template website murah IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Excellent and friendly hostess...recommended to all...

photos and logo did not appear Added On: March 6th, 2008
Posted By: rahimah Website: IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Fast respond. No regret to subscribe.

Webhost problem Added On: October 14th, 2009
Posted By: Pijey Website: - wedding & event photographer!! IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Many thanks to support staff  - Nik Zul and Irwan for solving my webhost issue. Super fast reply from them... you wont regret if you select as your hosting provider!!! - team

support yang bagus!!! Added On: February 29th, 2008
Posted By: Mohamad Saifudin Website: Laman web Masjid Asy-Syakirin KLCC IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Tahniah kepada internet-webhosting di atas servis yang baik. Terutama kepada staf yang bernama adi dan fazli. Mereka mampu menyelesaikan dan menjawab pertanyaan saya dengan baik.. terima kasih

Very fast respond Added On: February 27th, 2008
Posted By: Ismandy Ali Website: Planetarium Sultan Iskandar IP:IP recording not yet implemented

While I am scratching my head for problems regarding my sites, I sent a short email  helping with my little winnie problem. I was very certain to turn OFF my desktop while my email client prompted me that I got my email. Voila the staff answer my request in less than 2 minutes. This is wonderfully lavish for users like us. :) Thank you.  Btw: The time that I sent the email was 8:40p.m.

Good Technical Support! Added On: February 27th, 2008
Posted By: Wan Zaki Website: Dare to Dream! IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Internet-webhosting got a very good technical support! I really appreciate their effort for fast feedback. They system used is very user friendly and effective. Congratulation! Keep up your good work!

fast n quick respond hosting service Added On: February 21st, 2008
Posted By: loyal customer Website: IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Always satisfied with ur service.. no hassle at all

technical support yang meyakinkan dari internet-we Added On: February 18th, 2008
Posted By: yanti Website: IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Saya tak la pandai sangat tentang web hosting, tapi pihak internet-webhosting banyak membantu bila saya bertanya kan soalan dan menyelesaikan masalah teknikal dengan cepat. Customer service yang baik paling saya senangi dan tak pernah rasa sukar untuk minta bantuan. Terima Kasih kepada staf teknikal yang terlibat. Chayooo!!

Efficient reply Added On: February 17th, 2008
Posted By: Alvin MY Website: Infinatez IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Internet-Webshosting service is reliable. I sent an email regarding my problems and they replied, it was fast too. I hope this kind of service will remain the same if not better. Thank you very much for your help.

Thank You Added On: February 15th, 2008
Posted By: Lawrence JD Ooi Website: Bridal Art IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Thank you so much for your willingness to go the extra mile while my domain was having problems. The unexpected issues have been solved so promptly and efficient, along with the technical supporting team were simply amazing.

I can’t say how much I appreciate your supporting team's dedication / commitment staying late night to finish the issues.

Please accept my heartfelt gratitude.

Lawrence JD Ooi

Fast Respond From Technical Support Added On: February 15th, 2008
Posted By: Hamdan Bin Mohd Website: Sekolah kebangsaan IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Today i have some technical problem with my website and today i received superb and fast respond from technical support team. Basicly I'm very satisfied with the service provided by them. Thank you very much for keeping me from hustle and bustle of technical problem.

teknikal support yang bagus Added On: February 14th, 2008
Posted By: Mohd Ridzuan Harun Website: komputer IP:IP recording not yet implemented


Saya merasa puashati selama mempunyai webhosting di sini kerana pihak teknikl  dapat membantu menyelesaikan masalah website saya dengan cepat .

Terima kasih banyak saya ucapkan kepada .


Junior Technical Support
SKSA Technology (001448857-K)


Good service Added On: February 13th, 2008
Posted By: Raymond Website: Pusat Tuisyen Prestasi Cemerlang IP:IP recording not yet implemented

 I'm great that i found you guys to host my web page.  Really good service and rapid response.  I have already registered 3 domain with this company.  Thank you very much and will keep supporting you. Hope your service stays the same.

623 Added On: February 12th, 2008
Posted By: Jason Bourne Website: Alcarda IP:IP recording not yet implemented

It's efficiency.

Service Paling Bagus Saya Pernah Dapat Added On: February 1st, 2008
Posted By: Azham Zanal ( Am Starstre Website: Open Blog Concept IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Terus terang saya katakan sebelum ini lagi sememangnya banyak kali saya meminta bantuan dari team support disini ianya ternyata tak pernah menghampakan. Selewat-lewatnya 15 minit email saya dah dijawab.

Bayangkan dalam masa lebih kurang 14 jam. Masalah berkaitan database, backup dan hosting saya mampu diselesaikan sebaiknya. Sehingga keadaan menjadi seperti sediakala. Ada hosting lain mengambil masa 2-3 hari untuk menjawab soalan saya. Tapi disini 15 minit yang saya rasakan paling lambat.

Terimakasih sekali lagi pada Mr Irwan, Nik Zul, Feroz, dan semua teknikal staff yang bertungkus-lumus membantu menyelesaikan masalah saya.


Prompt and friendly support, every time! Added On: January 28th, 2008
Posted By: Universal Cynic Website: Almost Somewhere IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Every time I have to contact support at Internet-Webhosting, whether it's billing question or technical problem, your people (all of them!) are so supportive, prompt, and friendly. The support people like Irwan, Adi, Nik Zul always go out of their way to assist.

I experienced this even from the first support call when transferring my account from another host. The support personnel (I forgot who... probably Irwan) helped me transfer all my files from the previous host and set up my initial web site in less than a day.

This level of support I kept on receiving all these years. When I complained about my SMTP problem, they went out of their way and even set up a cpanel proxy so I can access my webmail. I didn't even ask for help there (since I already have my own cpanel proxy) and just mentioned in the support email that I'll test the SMTP later because my office firewall blocks port 25. However, the support people just help creating the proxy for me and now I don't have to set it up myself. Cool!

It's amazing and because of this, I kept on promoting Internet-Webhosting to all my friends. It's inexpensive, provides all the features that I need, have knowledgeable (prompt & friendly too!) support people, and is just all-round good value for money.

Actually, I don't feel like I am just a 'customer' of Internet-Webhosting. Most of the time, Internet-Webhosting makes me feel like a friend. And that's really cool.

Excellent Support Added On: January 26th, 2008
Posted By: Faizal Website: aplio IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Very fast action by Nik (support team)..thanks....really helpfull...

Very Good Support Added On: January 18th, 2008
Posted By: Simon Website: Fast RSS Reader IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Irwan and Fazli has been quick to response within 5 minutes by email after I submit a ticket on their tech support.

The Best Added On: January 18th, 2008
Posted By: Ustaz Saiful Muhammad Website: NICT IP:IP recording not yet implemented

I have to domain and hosting account with you all which are and Fully satisfied with your prompt support and friendliness. The best!

Great Hosting Provider With Excellece Fast Support Added On: January 1st, 2008
Posted By: khairulazmi Website: Khairulazmi dot com IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Internet-WebHosting has been helping up on any web hosting issue.
Just now their friendly support help me out solving site  hosting issue/error with a professional and fast support.
I'm damn right when choosing  internet-webhosting as my hosting provider.
Many Thanks

Excellent support Added On: January 1st, 2008
Posted By: Kok Seow Ming Website: Encelabs IP:IP recording not yet implemented

I think the support guys are excellent supporter.  They really fast support and I receive their feedback in 5 minutes after I sent out the email!
Thanks again, and continue your good job!

they're really fast.... Added On: December 31st, 2007
Posted By: Ali Amit Website: IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Insert your testimonial dont really know what ive done but i just cant log in...hehe and i just send the 'error' msg. Within only a minute ive got reply from mr irwan and the problem has been fix beyond 5 minutes... biar betul... thanks

Online support Internet webhosting -Memuaskan! Added On: December 31st, 2007
Posted By: Hyms Website: Home Based BusinessBlog Marketing IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Bagus dan tahniah kepada internet-webhosting kerana service yang cepat dan laju. Saya amat berpuas hati.


Seperti kebiasaan, bagus! Added On: December 17th, 2007
Posted By: Fauzi Website: MIAD Enterprise IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Saya tak perlu tulis panjang2.. seperti testimonial yang saya beri sebelum ini (, servis dan maklumbalas yang diberi sentiasa pantas dan profesional. Tahniah!

the connection speed problem fixxed Added On: December 12th, 2007
Posted By: mohd rasul bin abu hanipa Website: - bringging our idea into the reality IP:IP recording not yet implemented

today i got a big problem and it make my head really hurt because i need to finish up my blog problem. the problem is i got a very2 slow speed in my blog connection speed. it not my modem or my connection problem because i view my friend's blog who are host with internet-webhosting to and i not got any problem in speed connection view him blog. thanks for the internet-webhosting fast support for fix my problem when i need to fast to fix my web problem.. really appreciate it. i hope the speed can stay like now and i dont want the slow speed in my website. thanks again

Khidmat Sokongan Yang Bagus Added On: December 12th, 2007
Posted By: Zamruddin Website: Sesuatu Tentang Aku IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Terima kasih kepada En. M.Irwan dan juga pihak IWH. Khidmat sokongan dan pelanggan yang baik telah diberikan. Walaupun pada waktu ini jam menunjukkan 12.30 tengah malam. Syabas! :-)

great support in the world Added On: December 8th, 2007
Posted By: sham Website: Desquera For Members IP:IP recording not yet implemented

support yang paling bagus..

terima kasih.. kami amat berbangga..

The most reliable and best web hosting service in Added On: November 22nd, 2007
Posted By: Leong Website: Shell Lubricants Distributor in Malaysia IP:IP recording not yet implemented

I very suprise that the internet-webhosting company has been consistently providing the best services and yet value to the customers. One thing that make this web hosting company very unique is because the IT administrators are great and can solve problem as soon as possible. They DO NOT wait for another day, this is what i like the most of this web hosting company. I definitely will recommend all my friends to use this services.

the best of the best! Added On: November 20th, 2007
Posted By: Nik Ahmad Khalif Bin Nik Website: 4max Design IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Mula-mula waktu saya survey untuk beli hosting. Saya terkejut bila jumpa w'site ini kerana harga yang amat berpatutan, hanya RM80 untuk 3gb size hosting. Pastu, tanpa ragu-ragu, saya cakap kat parent sya lalu diorang bagi la duit sikit. Saya ni baru 11 tahun, banyak benda yang perlu saya pelajari, tapi dengan adanya support service saya sentiasa dibantu.

Great support Added On: November 20th, 2007
Posted By: Den Website: i share infos... IP:IP recording not yet implemented

What can I say...SKSA service is just great. Quick response. I don't need to wait for weeks to get my reply when I ask for help and support. If you browse the net to look for cheap and affordable web hosting, SKSA is the answer. Malaysian born hosting provider that can stand among the best hosting provider from all around the world.  

Quick response Added On: November 13th, 2007
Posted By: Liza Website: viagate IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Thanks for the quick response.My problem have been fix within an hour! A very supportive team form SKSA.Keep it up!

SMF forum eror Added On: November 11th, 2007
Posted By: khairizam kamis Website: Team Sublime IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Having problems with the server, even i figured it out myself just now (they do helped me finding the trouble tho ), i find their technical service are excellent ! very fast ticket and email reply ! thumbs up !

Testimonials Added On: October 31st, 2007
Posted By: Ustaz Hashim aka Abuyya Website: Doing Business The Halal Way | Halal Quest Dot Com IP:IP recording not yet implemented

I have using a number of hosting before the so called recommended and top rated hosting (unethical to mention them) but to my disbelief..I gave them thumbs down for their after sales service especially technical problem. Somebody has proposed me to try internet-webhosting hosting and I have taken 2 packages and to my surprise they are not only giving live support but the response time is excellent. It is no doubt, insyaAllah I will stay with them and recommend this hosting!!

Ustaz Hashim aka Abuyya (under construction) (under construction)

Very Good Customer Support Added On: October 30th, 2007
Posted By: Azizi Aluai Website: Pertubuhan Pemaju Rumah Rakyat Kelantan IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Terima Kasih Kepada Customer Support kerana sangat cepat menyelesaikan masalah yang di hadapi oleh kami. Sangat Mesra Pengguna dan masa memproses domain sangat cepat. Thank you Very Much Internert-WebHosting

Tahniah! Cepat dan Pantas Added On: October 24th, 2007
Posted By: Ahmad Fauzi Osman Website: Bynet Solution IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Terima kasih. Bukan sahaja server paling pantas pernah saya guna, respon juga amat pantas. Saya baru faks bukti pembayaran untuk hosting, belum sempat saya nak call untuk maklumkan, tengok dalam email dah dapat receipt dan maklumat mengenai password webhosting. Upload pun laju gila. Bagus bagus bagus, macam ni la servis yang saya hendak. Lepas ni saya tak akan guna lagi webhosting dari luar negara walaupun boleh dapat lebih murah.. tapi sukar diharap terutama bila ada masalah teknikal dsb.. InsyaAllah lepas ni semua web pelangggan saya akan saya transfer ke sini saja. Congratulations! Always be the best!

trustworthy without taking advantage Added On: October 8th, 2007
Posted By: Mohamad Saat Website: Pearl Webhosting IP:IP recording not yet implemented

I would like to share my experience with SKSA Technology regarding a payment. Accidentally I was transfered RM 1,000 to SKSA (instead of RM100) in the early morning (before 7 oçlock) for our monthly reseller package. Immediatelly I request for remittance through e-mail. I don't expect I'll get back my money within one week as usually the common corporate practice is take one week of processing after passing "ceo" - because it involve "money goes out". But I was verry impress because within one hour I already get back my money without having to undergo hectic red tape processes. Thank you SKSA for your prompt action. I really appreciate it. You show your trustworthy without taking advantage in my difficulties. Selamat Hari Raya & I will enjoy my RM900!

Dr Added On: September 26th, 2007
Posted By: Arniza Website: Webpage of Dr Arniza Ghazali IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Internet-webhosting crews have provided me with an impressively swift help - even in matters outside the scope of the services they have specified. I must say without doubt that  this webhost is really worth being recommended to othersTo the crews: keep up the excellent performance & BRAVO!

Owner Added On: September 10th, 2007
Posted By: Anthony Website: Tempts Boutique IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Internet-webhosting provides excellent support.  When I first asked for technical support on weekend late night, I was surprise that someone from Internet-Webhosting actually really help you and resolve your problem online almost immediately. I will continue to use your hosting service for many years.

Apart from the support, your hosting control panel like Plesk is definitely user-friendly.

Excellent Support Added On: September 9th, 2007
Posted By: borzack Website: Page Peel Ads - High CTR Advertising Solution IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Support staff are excellent. I recently asked for my hosting service to be transfered to my other domain, and this caused some of my sub domains are being not accessible. The problems are solve within 2 days.

Good Live Support Added On: September 8th, 2007
Posted By: Mohd Najid Website: Portal SK Desa Pandan IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Good live support service and quick response time. Customer representative able to speak in Bahasa Malaysia and English. Good service ever. I never had a breakdown before with Internet-Webhosting.

Thank You Added On: September 8th, 2007
Posted By: chahel Website: Pelajar-pelajar Institut Pendidikan Guru IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Hello there...anyway thank you to all staff for helping me. I hope internet-webhosting will more success in the future..

President Added On: August 31st, 2007
Posted By: Tausif Website: ShanzSoft - HelpDesk application Malaysia IP:IP recording not yet implemented

After 1 year hosting with, I decided to move web + email hosting + transfer domain to Malaysian based hosting.

But first question came in my mind, will they provide prompt support?

The support I received so far is awesome in a sense that it was not only prompt but also they know the technical part of it + try to fix the problem as soon as possible.

So far so good.

Thankx a lot...

Feedback from
Software house based in Malaysia
Best selling production - "eCRM - Helpdesk Application Malaysia" 

Servis perkhidmatan yang pantasssss sangat! Added On: August 25th, 2007
Posted By: Zharif Website: ZH@RIF IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Pantas, Cepat, Cekap dan Prihatin!

Memang diluar jangkaan. Servis perkhidmatan yang disediakan begitu memuaskan.

Tak sangka database yang telah corrupt dan sangat-sangat kritikal dapat di-restore dalam masa yg singkat.

Prihatin anda terhadap masalah yg saya hadapi begitu bermakna sekali. Saya amat berpuas hati.

Terima kasih kerana menyelamatkan keadaan., servis yang terbaik dan terpantas daripada webhosting yang lain!


Customer Service Tip Top Added On: August 24th, 2007
Posted By: Hairul Website: Pro-HRM Consultants Sdn. Bhd. IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Hosting Provider yang cukup cepat menyelesaikan masalah pelanggan, tidak rugi saya perkenalkan syarikat ini untuk menyediakan khidmat webmail kepada majikan saya. Saya sendiri ada memiliki website dibawah hosting provider yang sama untuk tempoh 2 tahun.

Sudah ramai kawan-kawan saya perkenalkan untuk mendapatkan hosting dari internet-webhosting, saya yakin mereka tidak akan menyesal.

Teruskan dengan perkhidmatan yang baik dan lebih baik dari masa ke semasa dan pelbagaikan lagi perkhidmatan seperti Email Hosting Provider.

Servis Cekap Added On: August 24th, 2007
Posted By: Ana Website: iklan wang dot com IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Servis Mantap. Cekap. Tahniah kepada Memang Unggul di Malaysia. Syabas jugak untuk mr. Irwan yang membantu secara terperinci.

Internet-webhosting the best webhosting ever Added On: August 19th, 2007
Posted By: Muhamad Syahir Bin Wahid Website: kaiba910 blog IP:IP recording not yet implemented is by far the best hosting provider i have ever used.There are rarely problems to occur during the time i am using their hosting service.If i have any problem, their support technical division will always help me to solve my problem.Very fast reply and action

Manager Added On: August 17th, 2007
Posted By: Raymond Website: Red Root Studio Web solution and advertising IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Its great to deal with you guys.  Rapid service, fast response, 99% uptime stable.  Would reckon friends to use your service.



Good Service and Support Added On: July 25th, 2007
Posted By: Felix Chua Wei Kee Website: Wiki Chua IP:IP recording not yet implemented

I have being using Internet Webhosting since 2 years ago. Services and Support so far is best. Thanks a lot to Irwan and Adi for helping and assist me always and to fulfill my requisition. Thanks again and hope in future more clients will support Internet Webhosting. God Bless~

Cool Staff Added On: July 20th, 2007
Posted By: fairos Website: Business IP:IP recording not yet implemented

They provide 24/7,wonderful. They have goals and i know,they will achieve their goals. For me,the best that i never seen before is

InternetWebhosting = The Best

Easy to creating blog Added On: July 19th, 2007
Posted By: dieordo Website: RadioTvLive.Net IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Firstly TQVM to Mr Irwan for your assistance. With the simple instruction now i can build my own blog after last couple day looking script how to setup to my host. Im very satisfied with your services and will recommend to my friends.

Quick And Reliable Support Added On: July 17th, 2007
Posted By: Admin Website: Sajoha IP:IP recording not yet implemented

First and most impressive web hosting I had ever use.Good and reliable technical support for the beginner like I am.Keep on the good work.

Excellent Service Added On: July 17th, 2007
Posted By: Mohd. Noor Helmy Bin Abdu Website: Paya Tani IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Thanks to Mr. Irwan from Internet-Webhosting (Online Support). Quick response and very friendly. I really appreciate all the response and help that you give to me

Domain setting Added On: July 16th, 2007
Posted By: Siber Website: Free shout URL IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Your customer service is excellence and solve within few minute thank M.Irwan

Laman web rasmi sekolah menengah teknik kualawang, Added On: July 14th, 2007
Posted By: Pusat ICT SMTKK Website: Sekolah Menengah Teknik Kuala Klawang IP:IP recording not yet implemented


Saya amat dan amat dan amat berpuas hati dengan layanan dan perkhidmatan yang diberikan oleh pihak internet-webhosting. dengan adanya live support dapat membantu saya dengan cepat, tanpa perlu menunggu... tidak lupa juga kepada m.irwan yang telah banyak membantu saya dalam memahami plesk bagi hosting ini..terima kasih..

dan, sekiranya saya ingin membuat laman web iaitu mencari hosting ataupun domain, saya tidak akan sukar lagi untuk memilih kelak...

terima kasih.. setakat ini, server pun tidak pernah down.. dah harga yang murah dan berpatutan..

terima kasih kepada pihak internet-webhosting..

Quick Support Added On: July 10th, 2007
Posted By: Faizul Website: Infocollections IP:IP recording not yet implemented

The Live support is friendly and quick in giving support

terima kasih Added On: July 7th, 2007
Posted By: rahimi Website: Profesionalmuslim IP:IP recording not yet implemented

salam alaik, this guys are giving some outstanding support. I'm having the same problem again and again but they treat me without hesitating. Good job...I will surely recommended this to my friends. thanks a lot.

Great Support Added On: July 6th, 2007
Posted By: Wiskurnain Ahmad Website: MyMode Support IP:IP recording not yet implemented

I'm really amazed by the support provided by your company. It's really fast and helpful.

Really thanx to M. Irwan! Great job.



The Best Webhosting Provider in Malaysia! Added On: July 4th, 2007
Posted By: Manager Website: An Official IB for InterbankFX IP:IP recording not yet implemented

A'kum & Salam Sejahtera to All Visitors..

What can i say about SKSA Technology? They are not only a VERY GOOD,

but they are EXCELLENT! Keep it up..

Best Regards,


Mr Added On: June 30th, 2007
Posted By: MH Nizal Website: IP:IP recording not yet implemented

What can i say?? GREAT PROMOTION, GOOD SUPPORT and WELLDONE JOB is  better description i can tell this guys.For a beginner "surfer standard plan" is already enough to   make your website fully integrated and fully functional system. With 3GB storage space  and 50 gb bandwith it is more than enough for a beginner like me.For me, i choosed linux platform so i can add more and more different domain name with diffrent content into my single account. So this package extremely save and cut my budget and as well make is my first choice to use!!

En. Added On: June 27th, 2007
Posted By: Ahmad Imam Bin Khalid Website: Soleh.Net IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Saya amat berpuas hati dengan khidmat pelanggan yang diberikan kepada saya, bermula dari saat saya membuat pesanan hosting dan domain lagi.

Setiap panggilan dijawab dengan segera, layanan yang diberikan pula sangatlah sopan dan bijaksana.

Begitu juga dengan khidmat pelanggan online, tak sempat saya taip lagi dah bagi ucapan selamat datang pada saya.  Cekap!

Setiap pesanan pula, hanya 2, 3 minit dah siap diuruskan, termasuk domain dengan hosting sekali.

Ini kali kedua saya buat hosting dengan termasuk web saya dan setakat ini semuanya berjalan lancar dan saya amat berpuas hati.

Tahniah, teruskan usaha murni anda, SKSA Technology!!!!

Best Added On: June 26th, 2007
Posted By: Fazli Website: Million Text Links IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Support yang amat bagus dan Pantas.

General Manager Added On: June 25th, 2007
Posted By: Buyers Guide Website: Buyers Guide IP:IP recording not yet implemented

The internet-webhosting team has surpassed by expectations as a premier web hoster.  Their team is always eager to help and resolves issues rapidly. They are indeed a world class team. Keep up the good work!

Thank you so much Added On: June 21st, 2007
Posted By: alfred bacon Website: IP:IP recording not yet implemented

My site is always getting messed up...thanks so much for the so fast action of webhosting online support to fix my problem for me....special thanks to M.Imran...;)

Cepat, Cekap & Pantas Added On: October 14th, 2009
Posted By: Wan Ahmad Azarimy Website: WIRASUTRA Tech Center IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Saya baru saja membeli dan menggunakan webhosting dan domain name dari internet-webhosting. Saya merupakan newbie dalam dunia penyelenggaraan website dan banyak perkara yang tidak diketahui.

Akan tetapi saya cukup teruja setelah menjadi sebahagian daripada pelanggan mereka apabila setiap pertanyaan dan permasalahan yang saya utarakan terus mendapat respon serta merta tanpa perlu menunggu lama. Malah segala penjelasan dapat difahami dengan jelas dan menjawab persoalan.

Tahniah dan terima kasih. Teruskan memberi perkhidmatan terbaik dan cemerlang.

EXCELENT AND EXCELLENT! Added On: June 19th, 2007
Posted By: Madzalan Website: IP:IP recording not yet implemented

What can I say, except WOW!!!. Their service was excellent right from my first glitch, lost my bank in slip, - they settled that in no time, even before  you get to worry!! Kudos to all the staff esp. M. Irwan.
    The next challenge comes from the cpanel, followed by the FTP login, the service was again proven excellent!!! Bravo, bravo n a bgi THANK YOU.

Madzalan Bin HJ. Zawawi

Programmer Added On: June 19th, 2007
Posted By: Muhammad Muhaimin bin Moh Website: Global Aero Network IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Very fast support service: I encountered a technical problem which I thought it would be solved after several days. But it was totally unexpected when the reply made by the support team was very fast. Thanks especially to Mr Adi and Mr Irwan. I as the user am very satisfied with the service.

This is my first time using a hosting for publishing website. And I am glad I luckily found

The Best customer Support Service! Added On: June 18th, 2007
Posted By: Zulkarnain Website: Zooltechnology Open Source IP:IP recording not yet implemented

As a client of this webhosting service, the most thing that i like is the technical service department that always support me,solved all my problems and very kind to me.  They act immidietly when i face any problem.Keep up the good work!

Mr Added On: June 18th, 2007
Posted By: Sazali Website: sazlie dot com IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Just to let you know that my problem have been solve. The best part that I could say that your response is very fast (timely manner). Although I've facing troublesome, but the response team communicate politely adn patiently. Just bare in my that the customer data is the most important and do provide specific problem. It might be the problem is on customer side. Why not just let them know what was happening other than "your problem is solved". Any way I do hope that this hospitality service will serve as your way of supprting users. Thanks.

Mr. Added On: June 16th, 2007
Posted By: Thomas Lee Website: MYGMAILER IP:IP recording not yet implemented

I requested online support for 3 times, what impress me is the response time from internet webhosting support team is out of my expectation. Can believe it my problem can be solved within few hours or even shorter.

I have tried few web hosting company before and this is the best service I can find so far. SoI think I no longer need to seek a new hosting plan anymore.

Finally, to internet-webhosting support teams, keep up your good work. Appriciate that you guys can do a excellent jobs.


Project Director Added On: June 14th, 2007
Posted By: Alex Hor Website: IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Internet-Webhosting has the most reliable and fastest support services in town. I hope to see more from them in the futures in which we may grow together with Internet-Webhosting

Mr Added On: June 13th, 2007
Posted By: Pembantu Minda Website: IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Tahniah kpd Irwan, Adi and the rest of  team. Memang banyak membantu, cepat dan mesra. Saya pasti akan recommend internet webhosting pada kawan-kawan. Terima kasih sekali lagi. 

mR Added On: June 13th, 2007
Posted By: aIMan Website: mathematic e- tuition IP:IP recording not yet implemented

The assistant given very excellence. I get help from every inch i need to enable me manage my website as i'm a dummies in website building. i'll trust them can help me anytime in the future.
congratulation..keep it on..

Fast Technical Support Added On: June 11th, 2007
Posted By: MOHD ZAIROL HISHAM BIN AB Website: beautifulnsexy IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Thanks to Technical support and all was help me change my server platform. Good and recommeded to all.



BolehVPN Positive Feedback Added On: June 11th, 2007
Posted By: Reuben Yap Website: BolehVPN IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Irwan (one of the guys who does live chat) has always gone out of his way to help me. His response time is good and is patient and friendly. Has a 'can do' attitude rather than pushing work aside, which is a very rare trait nowadays.

I highly recommend internet-webhosting as they are affordable and have pretty good support for a budget provider. Thank you and looking forward to continuing to do business with you.

Mr Added On: May 29th, 2007
Posted By: Loh Jie Xiang, Justin Website: Whirlpoolz Social Network IP:IP recording not yet implemented

I have been with internet-webhosting for quite some time and I am very impress with the quality of service provided. I would say that I am a very fussy customer and they just never got tired of serving me despite being bombarded with support tickets from time to time! You guys are one of the best value for money host that I can find in Malaysia, and also one that has very fast server response time. The ultimate solution for hosting in Malaysia! Keep up the good work!

Joomla Installation Added On: May 27th, 2007
Posted By: Sumri Mat Yajid Website: superheroes fan club IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Thanks to Mr Irwan for his quick solution and satisfaction explaination regarding installation of joomla at my website.

Mr Added On: May 26th, 2007
Posted By: Mohd Safri Saiman Website: Reality Bites | As Liberty Tie IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Why SKSA? Easy, efficient and secure so long as you know what you need and provide the correct details of your domain and hosting needs, their Sales and Support Services will entertain you professionally and efficiently. For this reason, I'll surely stick with domain and hosting service provider. Thanks, SKSA!

No regrets Added On: May 25th, 2007
Posted By: Aiman Zahry (RHFC) Website: Right Hand Fingers Creations : : Design Consultant IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Three words for, "FAST”, "EFFICIENT" & "WOW". Want more? then try it. Thumbs up to the team and their exemplary services

Mr Added On: May 20th, 2007
Posted By: Izzat Zainal Arifin Website: IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Very fast services..
good work..
good price for every package..

5 star for you!!

Excellent feedback! Added On: May 17th, 2007
Posted By: Shukri Website: Diary of Event IP:IP recording not yet implemented

In my opinion, internet-webhosting is one of the best webhosting I've ever usedVery fast response towards any enquiries fowarded.  Also instant in taking action should a customer needs assistance, 24/7 as mentioned.  Recommended to everyone especially those newbies to webhosting.


Tidak seperti yang digemburkan Added On: May 16th, 2007
Posted By: anas Website: IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Saya pernah mendengar cerita yang kurang menyenangkan mengenai syarikat ini. nampaknya ianya tidak seperti yang digambarkan. Terima kasih kerana menyelesaikannya dengan cepat apabila di minta.

Web hosting yang hebat & menakjubkan!! Added On: October 14th, 2009
Posted By: Zharif Website: IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Tahniah & Syabas!!

Dari banyak2 webhosting yang saya cari di Malaysia ni, hanya web host ini (internet-webhosting) saja yang mampu memberikan tawaran pakej yang lebih ekonomi serta penyediaan khidmat pelanggan (Live Support) yang terbaik!!

Sememangnya semua orang mampu memiliki webhosting ini!!

Saya kagum dengan perkhidmatan yang diberikan dan amat berpuas hati dengan semua servis yang disediakan.

Terima kasih juga kpd Mr Irwan yang dpt meluangkan masa utk membantu saya dalam menangani masalah teknikal webhosting yang saya hadapi..

Saya pasti dengan semua servis yang terbaik ini dapat memberikan saya meluaskan peluang pasaran Internet Marketing secara besar-besaran..

Terima kasih ~

Mr. Added On: May 10th, 2007
Posted By: Izham Website: IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Service is great! even after office hour still they work for me to activate my first account and i got it working less than 2 hour! after completing my payment from the web..

Excellent !! Added On: May 10th, 2007
Posted By: Mazni Omar Website: Eastern Supplies Marketing Sdn Bhd IP:IP recording not yet implemented

I`m so impress  !!  Thanks to Adi.S and all the team . 


Superb support! Added On: May 8th, 2007
Posted By: Ian Koay Website: IP:IP recording not yet implemented

I have registered a few domains and hosting account under and I will have to say that their support is Excellent!! After my registration, I paid with an online bank and I can say immediately after sending my email to them informing them of my payment, my account has been created and payment has been acknowledged! This speedy process is one reason why I chose

Earlier, I have some problems with my account and I uses the Live Support and the Support person was very helpful and friendly (especially M. Irwan). My problem was rectified at a timeframe that I feel is very satisfying and commendable.

Kudos for internet-webhosting for providing such a superb and wonderful support!

Mr Added On: May 6th, 2007
Posted By: Burhanuddin Website: Malaysia Real Estate IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Saya cukup berpuas hati dari segi live support...

Very Reliable Hosting and Support! Added On: April 28th, 2007
Posted By: Mohd Ramzan Bin Rozali Website: IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Very Reliable, friendly, and affordable hosting.

I am using this hosting service for 1 year and till now, i am very pleased with their support . When i need a problem, their only support always ON.Thanks for the support guys (Mr. Irwan, Mr Fadzli and another one, don't relly remember :P)

And if you ask me which hosting is better? I will always say "internet webhosting!, cheap and  have really good support")

Thanks internet webhosting  team.

Posted By: Norjehan Zainul Website: Muslim made. IP:IP recording not yet implemented

They are very helpful lot.

I dont believe any of their clients are dissatisfied with their services and quality.

They even called me when I was stuck in doing the web.

You wont regret subscribing with them.

Mr Added On: April 13th, 2007
Posted By: CK PIONG Website: IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Good support. Keep it up. I havent seen anyone has this kind of service than you.

Great support and service! Added On: April 7th, 2007
Posted By: Sek Mei Kuan Website: IP:IP recording not yet implemented

I wanna thank you for your great services, the support is always efficient and what's more.. they're LIVE - I can actually contact them straight. Solves a lot of unnecessary stress (as I'm a newbie at managing my own site hehe) THANK YOU!

Mei Kuan

Mrs Added On: April 4th, 2007
Posted By: linda Website: forum IP:IP recording not yet implemented

I mistakely delete some important file which cost my website can't work normally. With fast help from Fazli.M, I have solved this problem !

Many thanks!

Very Efficient Live Support ONLINE Added On: March 13th, 2007
Posted By: Shaharudin bin Zailani Website: Mycash-Financial IP:IP recording not yet implemented

I am writing from Kampar please to inform that your services is very efficient and i am very well satisfied with the Live Support Online. It helped me a lot. 

Superb hosting in Malaysia Added On: March 13th, 2007
Posted By: Mohd Amirol Website: Malaysian Best Classifed IP:IP recording not yet implemented

I'm very satisfied using as my web hosting provider. Now i have 3 domains and 3 hostings account with

I'm going to tell everyone that they should take as their webhosting provider if they want to have the best hosting company in Malaysia.

I will not suprise if will become no.1 hosting provider in Malaysia because of their professional services!

Good Luck Internet-Webhosting!

Excellent Service ! Added On: March 13th, 2007
Posted By: Matthew Chung Website: FirefoxDeviant IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Excellent service ! I registered late at night, and paid online, and the service was activated within 30 mins ! When I had some problems with my initial setup, tech support was replying my emails within 5-10 mins. I'm realli surprised and impressed !

Definately recommended !

You all are AWESOME! Added On: March 5th, 2007
Posted By: Norjehan Website: IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Thank you so much for being very patient  to answer my questions.I dont know much about technical terms. But you all have never tired to answer my questions even LATE at night and SUNDAY morning. I wish you all the best and I will inshaAllah recommend you to my family and friends. Keep up the good work !!

Helping Staff and proficient - Thank you Added On: February 22nd, 2007
Posted By: Mohammed Hazli Mohd Hassa Website: Anything About Adventure and Diving IP:IP recording not yet implemented

I was using your online live support today with one of your staff, M.IRWAN. From starting of the conversation until everything settled, Irwan have helped me at every inches of the problem.

Infact, when things get complicated (as I'm not IT savvy person), Irwan had tried to use the 'back door' to helped me and everything when fine after that.

One main thing that I really appreciate is, Irwan still helping me although it was lunch time at that time and several problems settled only few minutes.

Good job well done and M.IRWAN.

I will choose for my next hosting and domain registration.

Miss Added On: February 22nd, 2007
Posted By: Zuraida Website: IP:IP recording not yet implemented

I'm amazed by the online support feature and personnel as it is very convinient and fast. way to go!

Excellent! 1st class webhosting! Added On: February 21st, 2007
Posted By: lynn Website: Portal Untuk Wanita IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Memang hebat!. Terima kasih di atas layanan yang 1st class!. Masalah2 kecil dapat diselesaikan dengan begitu pantas.

your support team Added On: February 21st, 2007
Posted By: azam8840 Website: danafuturesgroup IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Saya nak ucapkan setinggi tahniah kepada kumpulan support anda terutama M.Irwan dan Fazli yang telah banyak membantu saya dalam banyak perkara teknikal yang  memang sukar kerana saya tidak mempunyai pengetahuan tentang web. kini web saya semakin bagus dan saya sangat berpuas hati dengan layanan yang diberikan semasa saya mendapatkan bantuan mereka. TAHNIAH!!.. teruskan kecemerlangan anda

Semoga terus success Added On: February 20th, 2007
Posted By: zie Website: IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Servis yang memuaskan...dan semoga terus maju....

Mr. Added On: October 14th, 2009
Posted By: Mohd Fuad Bin Abdul Latip Website: Myorionet & Scorea Online IP:IP recording not yet implemented

The very important thing when you want to buy web hosting is support by the provider. Makesure you will get fully support by provider when you want to decide to buy any web hosting or domain. It will make you satisfy and feel worth with your investment. give very good support. The provider will give you real times support and will not make you feel worry if you have problem. That is why i subscribe 3 domain and hosting will them. I will subcribe other domain and web hosting with them if i need new website.

Bantuan dan sokongan yang diberikan amat pantas. Added On: February 16th, 2007
Posted By: Mazri Zani Abdul Hamid Website: Dunia Iklan Anda. IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Sokongan dan bantuan yang diberikan pihak hosting memang pantas dan begitu membantu. Saya tak pernah lagi menerima maklum balas sebegini cepat dari pihak hosting lain. Terima kasih saya ucapkan. Servis yang anda berikan memang no. 1.

Royal Flush Asia Added On: February 13th, 2007
Posted By: AKSuited Website: Royal Flush Asia IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Always on hand to answer your questions and to provide support to even the new webmaster.  Competitive pricing for their services and being based in Malaysia, their web-host location is ideal for a Asia-based business.

most reliable service. Added On: February 6th, 2007
Posted By: faizul Website: blum tau ... IP:IP recording not yet implemented

  1. most reliable service !
  2. fast attack !
  3. real  24/7 service
  4. kira bagus lah everything setakat ni.

yang baru belajar IT,

Support yang efektif. Added On: February 1st, 2007
Posted By: razali hamzah Website: Kedai Maya IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Di sini saya nak ucapkan ribuan terima kasih pada semua warga kerana memberi support yang cepat..terutama Terima kasih, En. Shamsul, En, Irwan, & En. Fazli.

Semoga lebih berdaya maju dan cemerlang.

Terima kasih Added On: January 31st, 2007
Posted By: Ridhwan Bin Mohd Yunus Website: perkahwinan IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Hai Ape Khabar... Saya Ridhwan dan saya baru sebulan berpindah ke hosting ini..
saya rasa amat berbeza dengan hosting yang saya sewa sebelum ini....(dahulu saya melanggan hosting lain..........) bezanya adalah kepantasan menjawab email... iyer la..saya baru belajar dalam ebiz nie.. jadi tak tau ape pun tentang internet..  jadi web hosting nie la menjadi medan pertanyaan saya , nasib la diorang nie sporting dan amat membantu .. apa pun soalan yang saya tanya.. diorang jawab email saya dengan pantas.......

tahniah la.... tak rugi saya bayar RM120

Kepada yang baru-berjinak-jinak dengan Internet dan laman web ... saya amat mencadangkan hosting ini.... boleh tanya banyak-banyak...

Internet-Webhosting Added On: January 28th, 2007
Posted By: Ahmad Fizal Website: IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Internet-Webhosting support does exist and is really fast. Keep up the good work.


A Fizal

Provide Good Online Support Added On: January 27th, 2007
Posted By: Keith Website: smartplanetcms IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Hi, i wanna thank Irwan from Sales & Support Division for being understanding and tolerantly explain and answer to me on my questions. You guys are cool. Thanks again.

Thanks Live Support Added On: January 25th, 2007
Posted By: Xantheus Website: IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Thanks you guys at Live Support especially Mr. Adi.S for his patience attending to me at the ungodly hour of 11 pm at night.

This #1 Webhosting Added On: January 24th, 2007
Posted By: Gojira Muda Website: IP:IP recording not yet implemented


Dari pengalaman lalu, inilah satu-satunya webhosting yang agak memudahkan urusan seharian. Dari hal mendaftar, hinggalah ke bantuan teknikal yang diberikan.

Amat mudah, cepat dan mesra. Teruskan amalan anda.


Consultant Added On: January 22nd, 2007
Posted By: Nick Tang Website: Psychtific - Psychology to the Proteges IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Internet-webhosting has exceeded my expectation to excellent, in terms of their services, both the servers for webhosting and customer service!

The server is indeed excellent in terms of speed and quality. From the beginning till now, I never experience downtime, not even the Taiwan’s earthquake (26/12/2006). The server was still as smooth as usual.

Nonetheless, the most important is the customer service they provide. I bet you will cry for help when your homepage is not functioning. My personal experience was the technician worked until late in the midnight at 2am just to help me to solve my problem. They will never feel tired of helping you even your request seems trivial! Another thing is their action is QUICK and FAST!

Keep up your job. I will refer all my friends who are looking for webhosting to you!

thank you Added On: January 17th, 2007
Posted By: fuaad alattas Website: Fuaad Al-Attas Wedding Photojournalism IP:IP recording not yet implemented

being busy almost everyday makes me didnt realise that my domain is expired.stressed and confused not knowing what to do finally 1 gentlemen name m.irwan from the support department helped me .without any hassle.. i have been using several webhosting company. my opinion is that they really help you! i mean it!

fuaad alattas

Good hosting Added On: January 17th, 2007
Posted By: Melvin Wong Website: UrbanReality.Net IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Affordable hosting & they have good server uptime since the first day being with them. Prompt support response team. Not bad for a Malaysian hosting company.
 Recommended to those who are looking for hosting with minimum hassle.

Excellent Service! Added On: January 7th, 2007
Posted By: Lee Richfield Website: IP:IP recording not yet implemented

I am very impressed with your excellent and very quick level of service.

Well done!!!


With warmest regards,

Lee Richfield

Good response and Prompt Delivery Added On: January 6th, 2007
Posted By: Nokman Ahmad Website: Homi2u Online Store IP:IP recording not yet implemented

Good response and Prompt Delivery !!

Mr. Added On: January 4th, 2007
Posted By: Siber Website: Free Short URL Redirection IP:IP recording not yet implemented

You guys are great!,

Nearly 2 years with and found that their support team is truly the best and super express service's. Tested more then 5 others hosting since 2001 but this the best hosting which I never seen such professionalism elsewhere, they are getting better and better, keeping nice good works guys. Thank you.


Webhosting Added On: December 28th, 2006
Posted By: Hamzah IB Website: Internet For Business IP:IP recording not yet implemented

SKSA Technology is a greatest web-hosting  for the local Malaysian and also world class services Web Hosting that really makes me happy . Thank you to my close friend for the recommendation! Hyms BB