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Is your website or email down right now? Are you tired of bad service or paying too much? Or maybe you’re trying to run a
script on your website but your host is using some wacky server configuration and causing problems?

Or perhaps you’re thinking about changing to Internet-Webhosting, but you just pre-paid for time with your current host
and don’t want to lose your money... no problem!

Yes Month to month with your existing host? If you are on a month-to-month plan with
your existing host, then we’ll give you one free month just for signing up with us!
Yes Pre-paid time remaining with your existing host? If you have pre-paid time remaining with
your existing host (ie: you paid for a year in advance), we will give you free credit for your
remaining time! All you need to do is pay for the first year’s service with us and then show
proof of service from your old host. (Proof is generally a dated “Welcome Email” from your
old host, a payment receipt, or credit card statement showing your payment to them.)
We will honor UP TO SIX MONTHS of your remaining time with your former host. For example, if you
paid for a year of hosting and have 4 months remaining... we will give you 4 months FREE on your
contract with us. Your free time can be applied to any of the shared or reseller hosting plans listed on
our website.



ADVANCE PACKAGE – CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM ( CMS ) Plus -- Don’t forget about our free website transfer service!
  We believe in a few large pipes of quality providers to handle spikes in traffic and the occasional DoS attack as well as
unknown traffic patterns in the case of a primary link failure. This is why our network minimum Internet backbone
connection is 1 gig pipes. We currently have 5 backbone providers and are publicly peered with 12 providers including
earthlink. Our current network consists of Gigabit links to Abovenet, XO, PCC-BTN, Telia, Level 3 and the Atlanta Internet
Exchange public peering point. Your customers and you will not get bottlenecks due to small pipes.

To take advantage of our “refugee” special offer, just
signup now for any account with us and then send an
email to our billing department
( with the proof with
your old hosting login details. We’ll then add the credit
to your account right away!

Join thousands of other website owners by switching to
Internet-Webhosting today, and you’ll get free web
hosting from a proven industry leader (in business
since 2004) known for honesty, integrity, reliability, and


You will also get:

  Yes Rock-solid reliability and performance  
  Yes Expert technical support that is available 24x7x365. (Go ahead and try out our 24x7 helpdesk to see how fast our response is.)  
  Yes Honest information and straight talk; we don’t lie to our customers. You get what you see!  
  Yes Treated with respect; we aren’t a faceless acquisition-driven conglomerates.  
  Yes No-risk 30 day money-back guarantee. You have nothing to lose!  
We are the last host you’ll ever need.

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So what makes us any different from the 10,000 other
web hosting companies on the internet?

Lots! Here’s why you should choose Internet-Webhosting


Say goodbye to low quality hosting and take
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